PallBearers Carry the Casket  into the Church of St. Ignatius in New York, New York on May 14th for the Funeral of Lena Horne.

Lena Horne’s Daughter Gail Buckley (2nd from right) and Granddaughters Jenny Lumet (far right) and Amy Lumet (4th from right) are surrounded by Friends and Family after the departure of the Casket.


Jenny Lumet embraces her daughter Sasha

Ms Horne’s Daughter Gail Buckley is supported as she exit’s her Mother’s funeral.


Cicely Tyson attends

Former NYC Mayor David Dinkins watches as Congressman greets Onlookers


Diahann Carroll arrives

Director Sidney Lumet attended.  Mr. Lumet  was Ms. Horne’s Former Son in Law and Father to her two Granddaughters Jenny and Amy.

Author Walter Mosley

Governor David Patterson

Opera Singer Jessye Norman

Vanessa Williams

Dionne Warrick Arrives

Jessye Norman and Jenny Lumet

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