Another Dramatic beginning from Ryan descending the Stairs with the Crystal, Lee and Casey standing on the steps.  It is pretty exciting though being down to the final 3.  Next week, we will be at the Nokia Theater for the Finals.  Tonight each Contestant will sing 2 songs.  One song picked by the Contestant and one picked by the Judges.

The Contestant’s Pick

Casey James:  He sang:  ‘It’s Okay, it’s alright with me’  by Eric Hutchinson.  Casey chose to sing solo with his guitar, so we can focus on him?  For the semi-finals, I expected more from Casey.  This is the same song and dance that we have heard so many times before.  Randy thought that it was funny, because that song was just alright to him too.  Just Didn’t work for him.  Ellen agreed with Randy.  She wished he would have brought it.  Needed something bigger than that.  Kara agreed that it was hard to pick a song that everyone knows.  This is a song that no one knows.  Simon pointed out this was the most important night of his life.  If this were a dinner, that would be the salad.  He felt that she should be thankful that he has another song to sing.  No one will remember this song.  It’s a Dud, but you sounded good.  (yeah thanks)  866.436.5701 or 866. 436. 5704 or 866.436. 5707      Video

Crystal Bowersox:  She sang ‘Come Into My Window’ by Melissa Etheridge.  She chose this song, because she has always loved this song cause it is about Passion and love’.   Classic Crystal.  She sounds good, but it doesn’t quite seem to be Semi-final ready.  Randy is looking for someone to blow a song out the box.  He didn’t love the arrangement, but he loved the vocals.  He thought it all worked in the end.  Ellen agreed.  Good song choice.  Melissa would be very proud of her.  Kara agreed.  She did get a little lost in the arrangement.  Accoustically, would have been better.  Her voice is not as raspy as Melissa’s, so an accoustic performance would have worked here.   Simon agreed.  Not the most stunning version.  He likes that she has never compromised herself from the time that they met her.  He thinks that she made the right decision tonight and he congratulated her.   866.436.5701 or 866. 436. 5705 or 866.436. 5708      Video

Lee Dewyze:  He sang ‘Simple Man’ by Lynyrd Skynyrd.  If this is a round, I say that Lee wins this one.  I really enjoyed his performance and he seemed into it and his voice is so strong.  Great!  Randy thought it was a great song choice.  Brilliant.  He loved that he sounded amazing and that someone here is feeling that he can win.  Ellen is so proud of him.  When they met, he was a little baby lamb, but now he is a giselle or an Impala (what).  Kara loved that he showed everything that he has and in her opinion, round 1- for Lee (told ya!).  Simon asked why he chose it. Lee replies, ‘Because he can get into it’.  Simon thought that song was absolutely on the money.  He didn’t just win Round 1, he crushed the other 2!  Damn, but he is telling the truth!      866.436.5703 or 866. 436. 5706 or 866.436. 5709      Video

Judge’s Pick

Casey James:   Kara and Randy picked ‘Daughters’ by John Mayer, because this is a good direction for him.  Kara feels that his audience is Women and Girls and he has to sell this song and show that he is singing to them.  Good Performance, but again, nothing sensational.   Casey sounds good, but this song is pretty steady without a peak.  I think that ‘Gravity’ could have showed more range, if they wanted to give him a John Mayer song.  I thought that his guitar upstaged him.  That boy can play a guitar.   Randy thought that this one fits him like a glove.  Continue in this direction.  Ellen agreed.  She liked it alot.  Kara thought that this showed the more artistic side of him.  He shined.  He did a good job.  Simon is laughing.  He thinks this was a much better song choice.  He holds Kara and Randy responsible for not giving him a bigger song with a climax that showed off his vocals.  The song didn’t have a wow factor.  Kara and Randy debated back that this song shows his sensitive side.      866.436.5701 or 866. 436. 5704 or 866.436. 5707      Video

Crystal Bowerson:   Ellen Chose ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’  by Paul McCarthy.  Crystal thinks that Ellen picked a good one.  Crystal put her all into this one.  Great vocals, but  not the level of  emotion that she can deliver.  Still, she rocked it.    Randy thought it was a great song with great vocals.  He tells America that someone else is in it to win it.  Ellen says that she couldn’t have asked for more.  Kara thought that we saw more of her voice than before and she is performing without her guitar.   Huge risk, but it paid off.  Simon was surprised at the song choice, but now he gets it.  She went out of her comfort zone and proved that she has soul.    He thinks that she will be thanking Ellen for a place in the finals next week.          866.436.5702 or 866. 436. 5705 or 866.436. 5708      Video

Lee Dewyze:     Simon picked ‘Hallelujah for Lee, because he like him and he wants him to have a moment.  Although we have heard this song so many times on Idol, Simon is sure that we have not heard it like Lee will bring it.  And he is right.  Lee shut it down.  Excellent.  I’m Loving that  Lee delivered such a strong moving performance!  Randy says that he  has been waiting to see who is going to throw down to win the whole thing.  He feels that this was Lee’s biggest moment and he was unbelievable.  Lee thanks Simon for picking this song.  Ellen thought it was stunning.  Kara thinks that he is what the show is about.  She feels that Lee started this competition at one place and he is ending in a different place.  He owned the entire night.  Simon is very very proud of you.  With this performance, he proved that he is a fantastic singer, a great person and he really hopes that he makes it to the Finals.  Lee is really moved.  He says that this moment is amazing for him, especially to have the crowd react the way they did.  He is really moved.  I like him so much!    866.436.5703 or   866. 436. 5706 or   866.436. 5709      Video