The show starts with some footage of the Idols when they went to their hometowns for their Homecomings.  Over 47 Million votes came in to determine who is in the Finals next week.  Ryan announces that he and the Judges will be on ‘Simpsons’ this week.

Ryan ask the Idols to have a talk and lead them to the couch.  He ask how their lives has changed since Idol.  Casey feels that his life has changed forever, because it is so much more than before.  Crystal feels that her perspective has changed because she didn’t realize how hard the Contestants worked.  Lee agreed and he thinks that it has made him a better person.  But he has stayed true to himself.  Crystal concurred that it definitely makes you a stronger and better person.  Casey didn’t think that he would get this far.  But this is just so much more than he ever thought.  Crystal is cool with whatever happens, but she would love to win.  Lee wants to win and at this point, he has never wanted to win more than he does right now.  Crystal agrees. 

All of the Idols agree that their lives are so hectic that it is almost impossible to respond to all the calls or texts that they receive each day.  They still have to adhere to their health, families while doing Idol.  So, every day is a challenge.  Crystal reported that she is getting excellent care for her Diabetes.  Better than before the contest.  Awesome.

Randy feels that all 3 of the Idols have grown and found some direction in their Careers.  The Idols are grateful for their support and critiques.  Simon looks bored until Casey says that not all the critiques were helpful.

Ford Music Video:  ‘Real Wild Child’ by Iggy Pop  Video


Casey James in Texas for his Homecoming.  Casey is blown away by his reception.  He literally stopped traffic and he definitely enjoyed the ladies attention.  He says that it is a Dream come true for him.  I always love the Homecomings, I can’t even imagine how overwhelming it is for the Contestants.  During his visit, he goes to the Texas Health Center to Thank them for saving his life 6 years ago after a terrible Car Accident.  Nice.    Video

Guest Performance:

Perez Hilton comes out to help introduce Travis Garland  who he discovered after seeing a clip of him singing a Justin Timberlake song and he thought that he sounded better than the original.  Wow, must be nice. 

Travis performs   ‘Believe‘      Video


Crystal’s Homecoming in Toledo, Ohio.  Crystal is excited overwhelmed by her time there and she is more playful than I have ever seen her.  She received the Key to the City.  She had a BarBQ at her Dad’s with her family.  Nice!  She is speechless and unable to describe how she feels.  Crystal is crying just watching the clip.   Video

Lee’s Homecoming in Chicago, Illinois.  Big City welcome.  He really made the rounds, even appearing on the local News.    I think he might have been the most juiced when he went to his old Elementary School and saw the kids welcome.  Lee is teary eyed through the whole thing.  He says the day is more than he ever expected.  Wow.  He feels that was the best day of his life.  Nice.  Ryan wants more tears, so he ask him how does it feel to make our Father so proud.  He feels it is awesome to have his Parent’s support in doing something that you want to do is everything.   Video

Guest Performance:

Justin Biebler performs ‘You Smile & ‘Baby’.  Usher smiles everytime he thinks of Justin and Thanks God every night that Justin is signed to his label.   Video


Recap of performances:

Lee’s performance proved he is a fantastic singer.

Crystal’s performance made her proud.

Casey’s performance helped Randy and Kara see the Performer in him.

The 1st Contestant in the Finals is Lee Dewyze (yes)

Joining Lee is Crystal Bowersox.  Mamasox seems in disbelief.

Casey graciously exits and sings his way out.  He takes his time singing and walking out to the Crowds and the Judges.  After last night, I don’t think he was that surprised.  Funny, but I think that he did a better job tonight than last night.  He definitely put more into this performance.  Such a cutie.  I’m sure it is not the last time that we will see him.  Video

Lee Dewyze & Crystal Bowersox are headed to the Finals!!!