The Show starts with footage of the our Finalists’ Journey to this moment: Evan & Anna, Nicole & Derek and Erin & Maks.  Video

Wow.  All of the contestants take the Stage and do an opening number to ‘I’m So Excited’  Cute!  OMG, I’m totally reminded of how terrible Kate Gosselin was.  Chad is sitting out?  Wonder why?  Oh, Tom lets us know that he was injured practicing for Football.   Video

Last night, the Contestants received 2 sets of scores for their performances.  Tonight, they will perform two more dances and earn more scores. 

Round 1:  The Judges can only give one perfect score -30, The second highest couple will score 28 and the third couple will earn  a 26.   All 3 couples have picked ‘The Argentine Tango as their Favorite Dance.

Nicole & Derek:  Last night, Nicole’s Rumba Sizzled.  But they slipped on the Freestyle.  Their favorite Dance will be ‘The Argentine Tango’.  They need to bring their A-game.  Excellent perofrmance.  Len thought that great intensity, passion and artistry.  This is Argentine Tango.  Bruno is happy that the magic continues.  Rich, devastating and glory that is the A. Tango embodied in the two of them.  Carrie ann thinks each movement is artistry in motion.    Video

Evan & Anna:  These two have to really please the Judges tonight, because they were the lowest scorers last night.  Anna was in tears as she talked about how much it hurts to not do well.  This was also an excellent dance.  Bruno thinks that she dances like a real lady killer.  He kept the energy under control.  Carrie Ann felt that this dance was his redemption dance.  Beyond perfection.  Len thought this was the most fantastic season.  Such a high standard.  He is the only male Celebrity Dancer left and he did a Fantastic job.    Video

Erin & Maks:  Erin was strong in her Salsa, but her Freestyle was a little Risque.  She still tied for 1st place with her scores.  These two had drama in rehearsal, but I’m sure they worked it out.  Another great performance!  Carrie Ann thinks that they were amazing.  Great seeing all 3 perform the same dance.  Len  thinks that judging these 3 tangos is the hardest job they have ever had.  Erin proves that she is in this competiition on merit.  Bruno feels that she has the most spectacular growth.  Week after week, she has improved so much.  This is the hardest decision to make for the Judges.   Video

3rd place- Erin & Maks earn 26 points

2nd place – Evan & Anna  earn 28 points

1st place – Nicole & Derek earn 30 points!


DWTS Season 10 Alum return:   Shannon and Mark perform.  Shannon was definitely sent home too soon.  Aiden & Edyta perform next.   Buzz &  Ashley perform a theatrical number with him in a sparkly Astronaut Uniform.   Jake & Chelsie are joined on the floor by Jake’s real life Bachelor Fiance Vienna Giraldi & Dimitry Chaplin.  Wow…Vienna is pretty good, I think that she must have accompanied him to his rehearsals sometimes.  Cute.


1st Eliminations

The 1st couple leaving the Competition tonight and landing in 3rd place is  Erin & Maks!  They dance their way out.  Cute dance.

College Dance Off

Perdue University danced ‘The Cha Cha’  VS   Utah Valley University danced ‘The Samba’.  Hmm….  I think I’m feeling Perdue’s Cha Cha a little bit more.  but our Judges pick Utah Valley and they are awarded a  Junior disco Ball Trophy.   Video

Footage of What people are saying about DWTS this season.

Kate, Kate, Kate……she’s back!  She guessed that 90% of her Audience don’t like her.  She’s right, I think.  She is still incredibly stiff, but she actually looks happy, so the time off has done her well.

Footage of how the Contestants trained for their performances tonight.

Pamela Anderson performs with Tony and Dimitry before taking on a shirtless Damien.

Niecy Nash dances to ‘Bootilicious’ with the Men and shakes her jiggly parts. Niecy announces that she feels like a ‘Weave on a Stick’…..  Love it!  And Gladys Knight is in the house.

Final Dance Off: 

Nicole & Derek Dance ‘The Jive’ to ‘Proud Mary’.  Great performance again.  Such high energy.  I’m tired watching it as I sit on my bed.  Len thinks that she should be the winner!  Bruno thinks this has been the best season of the show ever.  This was the crown and glory of an amazing season.  Carrie Ann thinks that she is so incredible.  She sets it on fire.  Wow!  (MAC-10)  All the Judges score the performance with a 10 for a perfect score of 30.    115 out of 120  for both nights!  Video

Evan & Anna dance ‘The Quick Step’.  I think this was a good performance, but it just kind of pales in comparison to The Jive that we just saw.  Good effort and form.   Bruno thought that he has amazed him, because his performance level has always been good, but now is is dapper, sexy and so much more.  Carrie Ann thinks that he is a true Champion and he has captured everyone’s heart, even if  Nicole & Derek are leading with the points.  Len feels that he has been a joy to watch and he has done a fantastic job.  (MAC-8)   108 out of 120 for both nights.  Video

And The Winner is…..

Nicole & Derek  Video            Congratulations!!!