Alright! The finale is finally here!  I honestly don’t know who will take it, because both Crystal and Lee deserve it.

Ryan says that less than 2% separate the finalists after the votes came in last night.  Wow!!!  Either way, we know that they both have a record deal.

Ryan introduces the Judges and while everyone focuses on Simon and that this is his last night on American Idol, I am more focused on Randy’s Wardrobe…..WTH?  Every season, he dresses up for the finale and he is a mess, year after year. 

Ryan checks in Toledo, Ohio where Crystal Fans are going crazy.   In Mt Prospect Illinois, Lee’s fans are equally excited.

The Top 12 take the stage and perform ‘School’s Out’. Well at least this will be the last of the group performances for the year.   Orianthi is playing the guitar.  Okay, this is just wierd now…They have all of these school Kids looking like Goth Vampires…Oh, Alice Cooper takes the stage.  I guess that explains the make-up.  Video

Kris Allen performs ‘The Truth’.  Video

Ryan puts his hand on Simon’s shoulder who offers him a Breath Mint.  Ryan introduces a video tape of the Simon that we have grown to love over the Seasons.

Siobhan  Magnus & Aaron Kelly sing How Deep is your love and they are joined by the The Bee Gees and everyone is on key!  Cool beans.  Video

Michael  Lynche takes the stage and he is singing ‘Taking it to the Streets’.  Oh man, that can only mean one thing!  Michael McDonald is there.  Or maybe the whole group?  No, just Michael McDonald, but I will definitely take that.  I love his voice.  That man has so much soul in his voice, it is ridiculous!  Video

Dane Cook performs a medley of Simon’s greatest Insults.  Oh damn…I guess the people who interrupted the song are American Idol wannabee’s who didn’t make it?  Not funny and sooo corny.

The Top 12 girls  come out singing ‘Beautiful’  Does this mean that Christina is here.  Oh wow, American Idol is bringing it.  Now they are singing ‘Fighter’, but no Christina…..And here she is!!!!  Hell to the Yes!!!!  And she is fierce…..Yes!!!  Christina rocks some of her new stuff  ‘You Lost Me’.   This woman’s voice is so powerful, it doesn’t even make sense.  Video  Video

Funny clip of Ricky Gervais saying his Farewells to Simon.

The boys take the stage and they are singing ‘I can’t go for that’.  Hall and Oates?????  Seriously????  I don’t know who did this line-up tonight, but this line-up is the business.  The boys kind of crucified Hall and Oates music, but who cares?  As long as John and Darryl are there, it’s okay.  Video  Video

More footage from Toledo.  Crystal is about to take the stage.  Ryan walks over to Crystal’s Dad to get some words from him about how proud he is.

Crystal starts out singing ‘Ironic’ and she is joined by the fantastic Alannis Morrisette.  Wow!!!  Video

Carrie Underwood performs ‘Undo It’   Video

Kris Allen Presents Lee and Crystal with their own Ford Fiestas that they designed earlier in the Season and the Ford Commercial:  My Wish.  Video

Casey performs ‘Every Rose Has it’s Thorn’ and he is joined by Bret Michaels.  This Man is a machine.  How is he doing all that he is doing with how sick he has been?  And he sounds great and looks good.  Wow.  Casey is super juiced to be performing with Bret.  Video

Ryan announces the next row of Auditions and how to access them @

Lee Dewyze performs with Chicago.  Video

Mt. Prospect fans are shown and yes, I believe that the whole town is out there.

More footage of Simon.  Pretty Corny stuff.

Okay, stop!  General Larry Pratt takes the floor and he now has a  Pants on the Ground Posse.  And he is joined by William Huang….WTH is going on?  Video

Paula gives her tribute to Simon.  She is looking really good tonight.  I think being away from Idol must agree with her.  And after time goes by, she falls into true Paula form.  She started babbling and after a while, it is like she never left.  oh, i do miss Paula.   Video

More Simon footage to the music of his idol Frank Sinatra’s ‘I did i my way’.  The clip ends with Simon saying that this has been the best 10 years of his life.  He will miss us and he Thank us.  Nice.

All 7 Idols take the stage:  Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, Jordan Sparks, Taylor Hicks and Kris Allen.  and they are joined by just about all of the past top 12 idols on the stage.  Wow…  I will give this group performance a pass.  It is nice to see all of the past favorites.  Nice tribute.  Video

Simon takes the stage and he is quite emotional.  He gives a fitting speech.

The Top 12 take the stage performing Janet Jackson’s ‘Nothing’.  And Janet Jackson is there singing some new music.  This is the best American Idol ever.  I guess this is for Simon’s last show, cause I never remember all of this.  Janet is rocking her new very short hair do.  Oh, Thank God, that long drabby dress she is wearing is just a coat that she pulls off to reveal a catsuit.  Whew, I was worried.  She breaks into ‘Nasty’.  Wow!  I love me some Janet and I’m so glad that she rocked the house!    Video

Footage of the Finalists is shown, before they take the stage and sing ‘A little help from my friends’  with Joe Cocker.  Wow, American Idol is doing things.   I love his voice.  Video  Video

Edward Bottington Founder and Chairman of Telescope  hand the certified the results of last night’s vote to Ryan. 

And the Winner is Lee Dewyze.  Video  He pulled it off.  I liked both of them, so either way, I’m happy!