I finally was able to see the hugely anticipated Sex and The City’ Sequel on Friday.  Several girlfriends and I got together, broke bread, had drinks and prepared to see what Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda had in store for us.  And after all things considered…I think that I liked it.

SATC2 is released 2 years after the 1st SATC  movie and the girls are settling in accordingly to their lives.  Carrie is married to Big and she is downright bored and having a difficult time adjusting to humdrum-ville.  Charlotte is coping with being the perfect Wife and Mother to 2 kids while keeping her husband from focusing on their  bra-less Nanny (I never understood why no one told her to put a bra on).  Miranda is challenged dealing with the Boss from Hell while still trying to have a life.  Samantha is still getting her groove on with anyone that she pleases, but Menopause is putting a Monkey wrench in her Carnal Plans.

Are these story lines believable?  Yes.  I think so. 

Initially, when I first started watching the movie, I was kind of irritated with Carrie.  She was whiny, ungrateful and looking for ‘Sparkle’ in her marriage.  Then I got it.  Throughout the series and much of the SATC Movie, Big was unattainable.  Carrie was either chasing him,  trying to forget him or doing what it took to have him in her life.  He was Grade A.  But now, she finally has him, and she has decorated the house and there is nothing else to do…..but be a normal couple and watch TV at night.  Big has become plain old Hamburger.  Carrie is mortified, because her whole relationship with Big has been full of hard earned ‘Sparkle’.  So, it isn’t too hard for me to believe that she would be pining for the drama that defined their relationship.  She also got on my nerves when she created that drama with Aiden (there was some bad acting going on during the confession).  Hopefully, she has grown up, Sparkle eventually dulls.

I enjoyed  the growth of Miranda’s character.  I think that it if Miranda wasn’t married or a Mother, it would be pretty unbelievable that a Partner at a Law Firm would quit her job.   Motherhood changes priorities.   In 1998, Miranda would not have quit her job.  For that matter, she probably would not have married Steve in 1998.  But it is 12 years later.  Is anybody the same person that you were 12 years ago?  I loved that she found a job where she can be happy and not be disrespected on a regular basis. 

I love that Charlotte is not such a Stepford Wife anymore and that she was able to admit that everything is not perfect in her life.  I read a review that criticized Charlotte and Miranda for the scene where over Drinks, they both wonder how Women without Nannies manage to take care of their kids.  That Writer felt that Charlotte and Miranda were looking down on less fortunate Women.  Or maybe they were just being honest?  I’m a Single Mother and I have had several Couples tell me that they don’t know how I do it alone and it must be so hard.  And you know what?  It’s true, who wouldn’t want help?  It makes life easier.

Samantha….is Samantha.  Still giving it away willingly and living her life the way that she wants.  I admit, she was a little over the top and unrealistic aobut how Sexuality would be seen in the Middle East, but when isn’t Samantha over the Top? 

I think that the biggest problem in SATC 2 is that they chose to leave New York City and go to Abu Dhabi (courtesy of a Samantha Jones’ work hook up).  What was the pupose of leaving the Big Apple for most of the Movie?  I’m not sure what point they were trying to make, but I don’t think that it was made.  And in Dhabi, they have the worst scene in the Movie, when they sing ‘I am Woman’ at a Karoake bar.  Totally unrealistic and just flat all the way around.  I guess that they are trying to make a statement about their power  in a Country where Women are seen as second class Citizens.  It really didn’t work.

One of the best scenes in the movie is when Liza Minelli performs a very entertaining version of Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ at Stanford and Anthony’s Wedding.  This was great fun. 

SATC 2 is not the same movie as SATC.  SATC 2 is not  the SATC series, but the Characters that I have grown to love are still there.  Have they changed?  Yes.  Are they at times, Whiny and unrealistic?  Sometimes.  And truthfully, that is what I have always enjoyed about the show.  They are spoiled and pampered Women who seem to get what they want and they have alot of fun along the way.  SATC 2 was not perfect, but the whole Theater was laughing out loud for most of the movie and that makes it alright with me.  I am a Fan.