Excited, Excited, Excited to watch our Top 11 Dancers take the stage tonight and see who makes the cut to remain in the competition tomorrow night after America’s vote.  Tomorrow Night, Usher will perform some new music and Justin Bieber’s latest Video will be premiered (joy).

Each Dancer pulled a name of an All Star Dancer to dance with tonight.  It’s good to see our old SYTYCD Favorites!

Our Judges are welcomed.  Adam Shankman, Mia Michaels and Nigel Lythgoe.  I miss Mary.

Videos and recap after the jump

Billy & Lauren.  They danced to Footloose by Kenny Loggins.  Tyce Diorio  BroadwayChoreography.  Bill  thinks America doesn’t know that he is really into Do it yourself projects.  He’s right!  I would have never guess that he is handy.    Okay, I like this little dance.  He is truly channeling Kevin Bacon  in this number.   I had fun with it and I thought that this was definitely a good pairing.   It was a little strange though, because they were moving quickly, but it seemed slowed down?  Not sure.   Nigel thought that Tyce was listening to different music and that he didn’t go for quick moves, but he seemed to go for long lenthening movements.   He thinks tht he had a good buddy relationship with Lauren.  Good Start.  Mia is so proud of him, since this genre of dance is so different for him.  He danced like a boy, but she would like to see him dance like a Man for the rest of the competition.    Adam thinks that his biggest challenge will be that he needs to stay in character.  He needs to fill in what is between the steps  and improvise.  Billy needs to give us more than what the Choreographer gave him.   888.623.7801      Video

Cristina & Mark.  They danced to Starstruck by Santigold.  Sonya Tayek  Jazz Choreography.  Cristina wants America to know that once she auditioned for a singing competition in Mexico.  Think American Idol.    Cristina’s biggest challenge is that she  has to practice getting loose with.  I love Sonya.  Her Choreography is always so very funky.  And I love the slowness of the moves;  goes perfectly with the music.  Nigel thought this was fabulous to see.  He thought she was tremendous, because even though Mark is such a powerful dancer, Nigel’s eyes stayed on her.  She filled the spaces.  The fluidity of her body and knowing what her style is was terrific.  Mia pointed out that Cristina was paired with the best dancer for this one.  Her technique and attitude was flawless.  She is so proud of her.  Adam is stunned.  He was so wrong, because he thought this would be a disaster.  He saw no trace of a salsa dancer.  The dancing thing is definitely working out than the singing thing. 888.623.7802     Video

Jose & Comfort.  They danced to ‘Beautiful Monster’ by Ne-Yo.  Tabitha and Napolean Hip- Hop Choreography.  Jose wants America to know that he stays  flexible by doing Yoga daily.   The story is that they are two predators ready to attack, but they don’t know who will be the attacker.   Wow!  I loved this Hip Hop Routine.  I don’t know who is the more aggressive.  That running Jump/ leap was so funky.  I’m feeling it.  The routine ended with some ‘Twilight’ action.  Nigel thought that Jose had new tasks this week, because he is a B-Boy who doesn’t do choreography, He learned how to become a character and count in a routine.  He loved the routine.  They did True Hood instead of True Blood. (bad joke)   But overall, he thought that Jose was absolutely outstanding.  He didn’t expect that.  Mia stars off her critique by saying that she thought that he had a fabulous weave in the beginning and then all three judges fell into some lame humor. (stick to the critiques please)  Mia’s only critcism was that she has for Jose is that when he does the choreography, he has a little reserve.  He has to bring it and be sure of himself.  Adam agreed with Mia.  His improvement from Vegas to now is huge.  He loves that he goes into character.  He has to work on moves that are powered.   888.623.7803      Video

Adechike and Kathryn.  They danced to Addicted to Love by Florence & the Machines.  Travis Wall Contemporary Choreography.  Adechike wants America to know that he went to Laguardia Arts.  The Fame School where Tyce Diorio went too.  The story is that he is an office worker and he fantasizes that this beautiful woman comes over to him while he is falling asleep to seduce him.  Additied to love.  Florence & the Machrines.  This was a hot dance.  I completely bought the story that they were telling.  I think that I would have liked to have seen the routine at a faster pace, but overall.  Goldstar!  Nigel thought the choreography was wonderful, but although,  Kathryn was giving him everything.  He didn’t quite believe that this was his fantasy.  Didn’t believe that he wanted it, like she was giving it (As if).  He knows that he can perform better than he did.  Mia advises him that she  will be harsh.  She thought that this was a great piece of work, but there was no sexual chemistry between them although Tyce gave him a huge venue.  He brought nothing.  Adam agreed he had this great opportunity.  Technically, he was on it.  But he didn’t go that extra step.  He needs  to become a different kind of partner who gets that extra in there.   888.623.7804      Video

Melinda and Pasha.  They danced to L.O.V.E. by W. Brown.  Melanie and Tony Jive Choreography.  Melinda wants America to know that she is an actress.  She has worked on ‘As The World Turns’ and she writes music.  The story here is that she has to be in love with Pasha. L.o.v.e. by W. Brown.  I don’t know why it seems like all of the choreography is going so slow tonight and not very exciting.  This is the Jive, it should be high energy all over the place and this is not.  No wow factor for me.  It’s the jive, I expect alot, but this doesn’t deliver.   Nigel thinks that Melinda is vivacious.  Sometimes, she is over the top.  Her movements didn’t look comfortable.  Didn’t think this style suited her.  He thinks that she will be tap dancing to save her life tomorrow.  Mia agrees.  There is something about her legs.  she comes across as pigeon toed.  Not sexy.  They love her, but she has to make sure that she is not over the top.  Adam feels that she is a good Actor and Performer.  She used that to mask her shortcomings and wanted America to  look at her face, not my legs.  She has to work on the purity of lines with her hand movements.  Adam finishes by telling her, But we love you (really).    888.623.7805     Video

Alex and Allison.  They danced to Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley.  Sonya Tayek Jazz Choreography.  Alex wants America to know that He loves to sing and play the piano.  It helps him calm down.  The dance is about when you need peace and salvation.   Okay, I love this song, so it already had me at the first chord, but I absolutely loved this performance.  Sonya does it again.  Couldn’t take my eyes away from them.  Wonderful.  Mia and Adam give a Standing O.  I think Nigel is crying and he is speechless.  Nigel thinks that he has just set a new standard for SYTYCD.  Now Alex is crying.  Sometimes we forget the poetry of dance, but tonight, he has shown you can have structure and the poetry.  Absolutely fantastic piece tonight.  Mega light years ahead of everyone else.  And Sonya…OMG!  He has to say that she has also raised her game, because she had two dances to choreographed.  Mia thoguht that the pain that exuded from Allison and him.  This is the best SYTYCD dance up to this date.  Sonya has completely outdone herself.  She thinks they are genuis.  She is shaking, with out brilliant they were tonight.  Adam thought that the dancers made Sonya a different choreographer.  Now he knows why his former Teacher didn’t want him to leave the Ballet.  He is incredible.   888.623.7806  Video

Alexie and Twitch.  They danced to Butterfly by Jason Miraz.  Tabitha and Napolean Hip Hop Choreography.  Alexie wants America to know that she was on Star Search as one of the ‘Hip Hop Kids’ in 1991 and Adam Shankman was one of the Judges.  This dance is about after hours lover who are trying to have a late night rendezvous.  Very cute flirty dance.  This loooks like something out of an Usher Video.  I don’t know if this should followed the last number.  I think that Twitch outdanced Alexie.  Nigel pointed out that Alexie was good, but she was too cutesy.  Twitch had resistance, but her just kind of missed the mark.  Mia thought that she danced like a young adorable girl with Twitch Aka Mr Swagger.  But Alexie had No hip hop swag, she was just cute.  Adam asked if he was nice when he judged her when she was little.  The retro clip was pretty funny, it looked like Adam was really trying to be sexy.  Adam thought that her performance was won over by charisma.  But he advised her that Tabitha  dances with the senuality of a woman and the swagger of a guy.  She has to get into it.  She needs to bring the power.    888.623.7807      Video

Lauren and Ade.  They danced to ‘Oh Yeah’ by Yello.  Mandy Moore Pop Jazz Choreography.  Lauren wants American to know that  she is passionate about working with a bunch of Kindergartens.    The story is that she is getting the moves put on her by Ade.  In practice, Lauren worked on her sexiness.   Initially, I was really feeling this.  They might have spent too much time on the couch.   But unfortuantely, I didn’t feel like they did too much once they got off the couch.  Maybe the best moves were on the couch?  Nigel thought it was a really well choreographed routine.  She had great confidence in her partner, but there was no chemistry.   He thinks the performance was a bit sterile.  She needs to improve her performance.  He doesn’t think that she is in danger of being unsafe.  He feels that she is as safe as Kobe’s position on the Lakers (really).  Mia felt that she needed to fill in the space, but she is very powerful and flawless in her technique.  She is missing what is going on in between.  Adam is a little concerned that she seems to not be listening as they give her feedback.  She is only focused on performance.  No cat and mouse.  She is only concerned with how she looks, not the dance.  She needs to look deeper into who she is and who the character is she is portraying.  Lauren is looking like ‘Yawn’.  888.623.7808      Video

Kent and Anya.  They danced to Lady Marmalade by Diva Invasion.  Melanie and Tony Ballroom Choreography.  Kent wants America to know that he was Homecoming King, but there were only 14 other guys.  In rehearsal, Kent struggled with being  older and maturer when he dances.  After this dance, it is official.  I like Kent.  At times, he was a stiff at times, but overall, great performance and he looked like he was having a ball.  He was so into it!  He says he was nervous, but I didn’t see it.  He is sooo cute!  He was all the way into character.  Nigel loved that he enjoyed it.  The farm that he came from should be proud of him.  Nigel let him know that the Cougars want him.  Halfway through, he ruined it with an one terrible move.  But he loved it.  Mia was all smiles.  She thought that he committed to everything and that he actually looked kinda like a ballroom guy.  Other than the move that Nigel hated, this was a great routine.  Adam reported that he did do that terrible  move at homecoming.  He feels that he is one of the 3 guys that danced out of his genre tonight  and blasted past any weaknesses.  He feels that he  did good.  Awesome.    888.623.7809      Video

Ashley and Neil.  They danced to ‘For All We Know’ by Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack.  Tyce Diorio Contemporary Choreography.  Ashley wants America to know that she does some crazy voices.  Okay….she is a little strange. The story here is that they have the greatest gift that anyone can have: Love.   This was a Beautiful dance.  Very strong performance paired with great music.  Nigel felt that this was about transcending above the steps.  She tears up when Nigel ask her if she has been in love.  Actually, Asheley says that she is right now.  Oops, not the answer he was looking for to make his point.  He thought that he would tell her that she would be a better dancer when she has experienced strong emotions.  Funny!  He recovers, by pointing out that  America found out what a beautiful dancer she is tonight.  Mia says that she really  felt her tonight.  But she couldn’t tell what she was feeling.  Happiness or sadness?  Whatever it was just wasn’t coming as loud as she would have liked.  She feels that Ashley is a special little bunny (really) and that she brings something innocent.  Mia wanted to hug her, but in the interest of time, Cat gives her a hug instead.  Adam feels that technically she is there, but not in emotion.  He didn’t connect with her emotionally, he feels that she will see what he is talking about when she watches the playback.   888.623.7810       Video

Robert and Courtney.  They danced to African “Norweg’.  Sean Chessman African Jazz Choreography.  Robert wants America to know that he really wanted to become a Professional Baseball player, but after he discovered dance, baseball became secondary.   This dance is about two mystical creatures where one minute in the year they become human.  This was a different African routine than I thought it would be, but I enjoyed it.  He thought Sean’s routine was fabulous and he loved the way they danced it.  He is a dark horse in the competition.  Nigel thinks that he will be so good.  Congratulations.  Mia loves so many things aobut him: his Beauty, he’s technical, an Athelete, a Comedian.  Mia can’t wait for him to dig deeper.  Adam thought that this all star thing is really going to work well this season.  Seeing him dance with Courtney was fantastic.  Adam thinks that he is one of the best contemporary dancers that they have every had and this is only the tip of the iceberg that  they have seen tonight.  Adam thinks that Robert  is going far.   888.623.7811      Video