The show opened with a Group Performance to ‘Acapella’ by Kelis with Choreography by Tessandra Chavez  (New Choreographer for SYTYCD).  Hmmm….I wasn’t a fan of this one.  It was just okay.  I’m hoping that the group number kills it next week, because usually I am a fan week after week.  I think that the dancers did what was asked of them, but just not feeling it or the music  or the moves too much.    Video

I always like how Cat takes the stage.  She acts like she owns it and then she opens up with her English Accent.  Girl Please!  She announces that the show is Live from Hollywood.  Tonight, we will see the bottom 3 dance to save their lives.

The Judges are introduced: Adam Shankman, Mia Michaels and Nigel Lythgoe.  I miss Mary.  Who is going to put them on the Hot tamale Train?  Nigel announces that there will be a National Dance Day on July 31st.  Napolean and Tabitha have created a dance for everyone to learn and you can download it on  I’m going to check that out!



Alex:  He wowed with his Contemporary routine with Allison.  And duh…He’s safe!

Robert:  He performed an African Jazz Routine with Courtney.  He’s Safe.

Lauren:  She struggled with  a Pop Jazz Routine with Ade.  She’s Safe!

Kent:  He excelled with a Cha Cha with Anya.  He is sooo safe!

The remaining 7 Contestants are shaking right now, because that means that only 4 of them are safe at this moment.


More Results

Melinda:  She performed a unsatisfying  Jive with Pasha.  And she is in the Bottom 3!

Cat was feeling a little Ryan Seacrest, so she asked if Nigel was surprised that she was in the bottom 3 and of course he wasn’t.  So he elaborated on why she wasn’t good enough this week.

Billy:  He performed a Broadway number with Lauren.  Billy is safe!

Ashley:  She performed  a  Contemporary  number with Neil.   Ashley is safe!

Alexie:  She performed a Hip Hop Routine with Twitch.  She is in the Bottom 3!

More Seacrest from Cat.  She asked for feedback from Mia to reiterate that being Cute won’t get you through all the time.

Jose:  He was successful  in a Hip Hop Dance with Comfort.  He is safe!

Adechike:  He performed a unsexy Contemporary routine with Kathryn.  He is safe!

Cristina:  She performed a Jazz Routine with Mark.  She is in the Bottom 3!


Guest Performance

From Twyla Thwarp’s Broadway show ‘Come Fly With Me’  Keith Roberts and Karine Plantadit dance to ‘That’s Life by Frank Sinatra.  Video


Bottom 3 Dance To Save their Life!

Melinda performs to I got That Feeling by James Brown.  She’s very good! 

Alexie performs to ‘Ive Been Loving You too Long by Otis Redding.  I think that this girl is more than cute.  She can groove!  Video

Cristina jams as she salsas to La Guarachera by Celia Cruz and Tito Puente. 

Guest Performance

Usher performs  ‘OMG’  Video  I am a fan of Usher, but I just wish that the Autotune in the world would just go away.  I don’t get it.  I can understand when someone who can’t sing does it, but this I don’t get.  Oh well, what do I know, the crowd was going wild and I know I am not the target audience!

Usher talks about his new album ‘Raymond Vs. Raymond’.  Then he introduces Justin Bieber’s new Video ‘Somebody to Love’ featuring Usher.  Video

Final Elimination

The Judges come back after deliberation and it is an unanimous decision.  Yikes, they all wanted to get rid of this one.  If I were ever on a show, I would want at least one of the Judges to say, I just want you to know that I was outvoted on this one and even shed a tear. 

Nigel ask Melinda to step forward.  He still would like to see some warmth from her, if she remains on the show.  Cristina brought the fire and they felt she was dancing for her life tonight.  Alexie was very contained in her movement.  She must learn to dance to the extent of your movement.  She is somewhat juvenile in her movements and needs to find her maturity.  She is the first to leave the competition.  Now the Judges take turns telling her ‘We love you’ ……Really?    Video