The show starts with America getting a little more insight into what the Contestants do to prepare for the show each week.  Tonight, the Contestants will also share a little bit more of their early years, so

We get a look at the contestants picking their All Star Dancers last week for this week.  Interesting.  Most of the Contestants look really uninspired about the dances that they will be doing this week.  Neal and Twitch were left out and will not be dancing this week.  Bummer.

Cristina and Pasha:  They danced ‘The Paso Doble’ to ‘Ira Deorumi Sanctus’ by James Dooley.  Choreography by Jean Marc Generuex and France.  Cristina shared that she was really shy when she was little and she relived a Wardrobe malfunction.  Still traumatized about it.    The rehearsal was really strenuous as they worked  to get the aggression and passion perfected.  Intense and powerful choreography!!!  These two really delivered and the music was a fabulous accomplice for this fiery Routine.  They did that!!!  Nigel reminded us that the dance needs Passion, Power, Fire and Yes, she brought it!  Great start to the show!  Nigel is happy that she didn’t go home.  Tremendous.  Mia thought that the dance had every element to it.  The whole package.  Perfect partnership.  Fabulous!  Adam thought it was mucho caliente!  Her Confidence and commitment to her character was fabulous!  She set the stage on fire.  866.623.7801  Video

Adechike and Allison:  They danced a Contemporary Routine to ‘Listen to Your Heart’ D.H.T ft. Edmee. Choreography by Mandy Moore.  Adechike shared that his Father was a dancer and he idolized him.  In 2004, the family lost many of their material memories and now he keeps those memories in his heart.       This week, there is no story to the choreography, Adechike just needs to connect to the song, his partner and the music. Beautiful dance and I really thought that they executed it wonderfully.  From my amateur eye, it looked like he nailed this one.  Nigel thought that he saw a major improvement in him tonight.  He has to make sure that he doesn’t think too hard when he performs, because that  gets in the way of his emotional connection.  He has to control that.  He has a beautiful style and good looks when you smile.  Mia agreed that he has to tap into that joy and be consistent.  Performance is better from last week.  He has to work on that dance is an art form.  But it is also an Heart form.  Adam thinks that he is so good.  Dancing from his head.  He has to dance from his heart.  Remember you have a beautiful girl dancing with you and you have to be there for her as well.   866.623.7802  Video

Alex and Lauren:  They danced a Broadway Routine to  ‘Summertime‘   by Sylvester.  Choreography by Tyce Diorio.  Alex had alot of energy when he was little and he started with Jazz and tap.  As he got more serious, his Teachers encouraged him to learn Ballet     Whatever this Fossey Jazz style is that Tyce taught them, it seemed like Alex struggled with it. He did a  great job and he kept up with Lauren, but he looked like he was really concenetrating.   Hmm… Tyce doesn’t look all that pleased.  Nigel is stuttering (not good).   Nigel encouraged him to look up Bob Fossey dancing  on Youtube to learn how to bring a little more power to his dancing.  He thinks he will have to work on learning the other genres.  Alex said that he did check out some videos already.  Mia thought that she needs more of something.  She wanted his moves to be smaller and sensual.  She loved the costumes.  Adam thinks that his talent is so huge.  But this contest is about versatility and growth.  All of the movement was big with no smoulder.  But….I love you (really) 866.623.7803  Video

Ashley and Mark:  They danced a Jazz Routine to ‘Wonderful’ by Annie Lennox.  Choreography by Travis Walls.  Ashley’s Mother wanted her to be really  girly, so she was always dolled up.  She did her first performance when she was around 7 years old.  The story here is about a couple breaking up. Last week, Nigel questioned Ashley’s ability to connect to a song emotionally, because of her inexperience.  I think she will satisfy him this week.  Great performance.  I loved it and Travis is yelling his head off.  Nigel thinks that she has to be carefl to seperate jazz from contemporary.  Great routine, didn’t feel like Jazz.  he doesn’t feel that he learned anything new about her.  He would like to see her pushed in new areas.  Congratulates her on good she is.  He loved the Dive lift. (It was pretty funky).  Mia loved the walk in the beginning.  She agreed with Nigel, the choreography was not jazz, but she is  one of her favorite girls and she delivered.  Adam is with Mia.  He thought that the dance  is about the stuff that the choreographers didn’t give you.  He would have liked to see her just breathe and lose herself in the performance.  He thinks she is great.    866.623.7804  Video

Billy and Comfort:  They danced a Krump Routine to ‘So u think you can Krump’ by the J Squad.  Choreography by Lil C.  Billy was a really chunky baby and it sounds like that he is unhappy with his parents letting him gain all that weight.  He was happier as he  Lil C is challenged with transforming Billy into ‘Billy B Buck’.    Okay, Billy did the moves and I know that he is really trying, but he cannot shake his very nice boy vibe.  He doesn’t come across as ‘Buck’.  But he handled his own and nice try. Lil C is Chuckling uncomfortably.  Nigel is speechless, but he manages to get out that he hates that music.  This is the toughest style that he will find on this program for you.  It’s a warrior dance, didn’t find it.  He celebrates that he gave everything that he go, but no.  Mia thinks that he knocked on the Warrior Door, but scared to go in.  Awkward  moment for her.  More like Billy be Whack.  Adam is laughing.  He acknowledges how hard he was trying.  Adam got no buck.  He thought it was a failed experiment.  Didn’t work.      866.623.7805  Video

Robert and Anya:  They danced an Argentine Tango to ‘LiberTango’ by Bond Quartet .  Choreography by Jean Marc Generuex and France.  Robert says that he was crazy when he was little, he was always jumping off the walls.  In his first performance, he remembers thinking he was cool, but he was so not cool.  Jean and France would like Robert has to translate his passion into the dance.  He is out of his comfort zone this week.  Hmm…I think that Robert did well enough.  But I really felt like he was thinking too much and did not look  relaxed.  Nigel thought  that Roberto played the role.  He looked magnificent.  Great choreography to work with.  One of the best of the night.  Mia didn’t get chills at all.  She expected him to be flawless.  But Anya devoured him instead of vice versa.  Anya speaks up for her partner.  Adam agrees with both of them.  He thought he had beautiful footwork, but he looked stressed out to him.  He has to stretch his steps.     866.623.7806  Video

Melinda and Ade:  They danced a Contemporary Routine to ‘Squander’ by Skunk Anunzie.  Choreography by Stacey Tookey.  Melinda says that she was a quirky kid, since her parents stressed that their kids being involved in the Arts.  Her first performance was at a Community College, but she felt like it was Broadway.  What a wonderful dance.  I loved it.  Melinda was good, but Ade stole the show.  Nigel thinks she has fantastic lines, but with this she has to be on it.  It was tremendous tonight.  He loved Ade too.  Remarkably strong.  Mia loved the concept and the story, but she admitted that Melinda’s dress was distracting for her. (that’s the 2nd time tonight that Mia got hung up on the costumes) But she loved the concept and she thought taht her feet and lines were Yay!  Adam thought she was great and just fantastic. Maybe Adam should give Nigel and Mia some instructions on how to give feedback when you like someone.  They were giving compliments, but they were acting like they were at a funeral.   866.623.7807  Video

Jose and Kathryn:  They danced a Bollywood Routine to ‘Marjaani Marjaani Kasame’ from the Billu Barber Soundtrack.  Choreography by Nakul Dev.   Jose was very athletic when he was little.  When he was 13, his friend showed him some Break dancing moves when he was 13 and he performed the first time when he was 14.  Tonight, they will dance with a Genie in the Bottle Theme. I thought that Jose did really well.  When I think about the fact that he is a Break Dancer, I am amazed at when he is doing in the competition.  Nigel thought it was fantastic.  He didn’t get all the way to India, more like South Africa.    He has to be consistent and go for it.  He has a really great talent and this performance was tremendous.  Mia loves him so much.  She thought that he was he was so wrong, but so right.  Was it really bollywood?  She doesn’t know, but she knows that it was fun.  Adam feels that   Jose would get the prize for the brightest light in this competition.  He is an Absolute joy.  It was totally wrong, but so right.  He thinks Jose is amazing.     866.623.7808  Video

Lauren and Dominic:  They danced a Hip Hop Lyrical Routine to ‘If I were a Boy’ by Beyonce.  Choreography by Tessandra Chavez. Lauren was really talkative and all over the place when she was little.  This dance was about an abusive relationship.  Lauren and Dominic really have to connect this week, since the Judges called out out last week for little emotion.   I really enjoyed this one.  I liked that it was a slowed down hip hop routine.  The pace allowed you to really focus on what was going on.  Some of Lauren’s moves might be a litle exaggerated, so that the Judges can tell that she is into it, but good job.  Nigel believed the performance.  On the technical note (thanks Tessandra for dance) he gave her some pointers on improving her dance.  Mia thought it worked so well and she really felt her tonight, but she wanted to feel more of the abuse part.  They needed to get more into the abuse and not concentrate on the dance as much.  Adam thought that technically she is adept.  He thought that she got better from listening to their critiques last week  and that she took their advice.  Congratulated her on her extraordinary performance.   866.623.7809  Video

Kent and Courtney:  They danced a Jazz Routine to ‘Amy, Amy, Amy‘ by Amy Winehouse.  Choreography by Tyce Diorio.  Kent believes that his head was huge when he was little.  In his first performance, in his clip, we see that he had so much energy.  In practice, Kent was really cute and struggled with getting used to having a girl in his hands that he can have his way with artistically.  Okay, surprisingly, Kent pulled this off!  I thought it would be a repeat of Billy’s failed attempt.  But this one worked in a big way!  Kent was passionate and I really felt that he wanted this girl.  Nice!  Nigel thought that his journey from the Farm is moving very fast.  He enjoyed it.  This was a Jazz routine (what is with all the digs at Travis Walls?  Is he on punishment).  But he didn’t think that Kent had as much fun tonight as he did last week.  He has to work on having fun as he improves each week.  Mia is not sure how she feels about the dance.  There were great moments.  It kind of stayed in a Kent Moments.  Kent needed to eat her alive, but insteat she ate  him alive.  Adam agreed.  He has to find that connection with his partner.  Whatever!  I thought he did a great job.  Kent admits that he needs to stop being cute Kent and be sexy Kent.  Hilarious  866.623.7801  Video

Weak Links: Billy, Robert and Alex?