The Show started with a Group Performance to ‘Royal T’ by Crookers Ft. Roisin MurphySonya Tayeh Choreography   Video  One thing I will say about Sonya, she always gives your something different.  I don’t know how much I was in love with this one, but it was different than any other dance I have seen and it was interesting.

National Dance Day is pushed.  July 31st.  Nigel urges America to get the Dance that Naps and Tab Choreographied.  Also, you can send in a video telling them what you plan to do on National Dance Day.  Your video if selected can land you a trip to SYTYCD.  Hmm, I will be trying to get my chill on on July 31st!!!  They probably won’t pick me.

Eliminations: Cristina, Adechike and Kent take the stage. 

Cat starts with Kent who got close and personal with his  Jazz Routine, but the Judges thought he wasn’t sexy.  Kent is safe!

Next, Adechike’s Contemporary Number still lacked some emotion although his performance was beautiful.  He is safe.

Cristina’s Paso Doble was passionate and Mucho Caliente!  She is in the Bottom 3!  Why doesn’t this girl have fans?  2nd week in the bottom 3!

Adam gives feedback on Cristina’s position.  He is shocked and urges her to fight.  Then he defends the Judge’s harsh critique and reminds them that the true Entertainer will take that critique and excel.  True That!

Eliminations: Alex, jose, Ashley, Melinda take the stage

Alex performed Broadway and failed to bring the heat.  He is safe.

Jose did a Bollywood Routine that charmed all of the Judges.  He is safe!

Ashley performed a lovely Jazz Routine, but the Judges wanted more.  She is safe.

Melinda performed a beautiful Contemporary Routine and wowed the Judges.  But she is one of the Bottom 3.

Nigel thought that Melinda  is in the bottom 3 because there is something missing since this is the 2nd week in the bottom 3.  She has to find that something for people to connect to.


Eliminations:  Lauren, Robert and Billy

Lauren truly did her thing on her Hip Hop dance.  The Judges believed her performance.  She is safe.

Billy wasn’t able to find the Warrior in him with his weak Krump dance.  But he is safe.

Robert pleased the Judges with his dynamic Argentine Tango.  Somehow, he is in the bottom 3!

Mia is a little shocked that he is in the bottom 3, inspite of her harsh words last night.  She encouraged him to fight with everything that he has got.


Guest Performance

Brian Gaynor and his crew Remote Control perform Video.  Brian is from the Atlanta Auditions and although he didn’t make the show, he is so inspirational that Nigel promised him and his crew that they could perform on the show. 


Cristina performs solo to ‘Quimbara‘ by Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco.  I love the way this girl dances.   Melinda performs her solo to ‘Heels’ by  Q-‘Tip’s. Video

Robert performs his solo to ‘Everywhere I go’ by Lissie  Video

Guest Performance

Costa Rica Star Debbie Nova performs her new song ‘ Drummer Boy ‘   with 6 All-Star Dancers: Ade, Neil, Courtney, Comfort, Mark and Lauren.  Video

The Judges go deliberate.

Final Elimination

Nigel says this decision is not unanimous.  Robert steps forward and he will get another chance after Nigel creates drama with how easy they could have sent him home.  Melinda steps forward.  Nigel reminds her public is not on her side.  Neither is Nigel, he thought that she should go home.   But his Co-Judges want her to stay. 

Which means that Cristina is eliminated.  Wow, America really missed the Ball on this one!  This girl can Dance.  Video