The Show started with a Group Performance to ‘When We Dance’ by Sting.  Choreography by Mia Michaels.  Hmmm…not wild about this one!!!  2nd week in a Row, that I wasn’t a fan of  the Group Dance.  Video


Adam got 12 Nominations for his Choreography/Producer  on the Oscars!  Stacey Toukie and Mia Michaels got Emmy Nominations as well for their Choreography.  Former SYTYCD Contestant Chelsie Hightower got a Emmy nod for her Choreography on DWTS.  Nice!


Billy and Lauren take the stage.

Billy is in the bottom 3!!!  Lauren is safe.  Cat ask Adam to explain why he thinks that Billy is in the bottom 3  (after giving a shout out to fellow Oscar Producer) and he really cannot imagine why Billy is in the bottom 3 and advises him to forget he is in a competition and just bring joy.

 American Idol has a nice little advertis


The remaining 5 Contestants take the stage.

Kent’s Contemporary Routine and Hip Hop Routine pleased the Judges and America!  He is safe!

Jose’s African and Contemporary Piece got mixed reviews.  But he is still safe!

Robert’s Jazz Routine and his Quickstep were hot and cold respectively.  He is safe (for the first time)!

Ashley’s Hip Hop Routine and her Quick Step  both wowed the Judges.  Even though, I wasn’t feeling her Hip Hop, I’m surprised that she is in the Bottom 3!

Adechike’s Jazz routine and his Bollywood Routine did not satisfy all of the Judges, especially Mia.  Surprisingly, he is safe!

Mia encourages Ashley to excel and keep her spot.  Mia apologizes for Adechike for her harshness last night….tough love….Mama Mia…..or a reaction to the Audience booing her comments?


Ballroom Dancers Pasha and Anya perform Magic Carpet Ride by Mighty Dub Katz.  Nice.  Video 

Guest Performance

 Broadway Dance Cast from “In The Heights’ perform.  Video  I’m going to have to check this out when it comes to town.


Billy Performs to ‘To Build a Home’ by Cinematic Orchestra.  Lovely Performance.  Video

Ashley Performs to ‘Lost’ by Anouk.  She is a wonderful Dancer.  Video

Such a shame that Alex is in the bottom 3 and cannot perform to Dance for his life.

Guest Performance

Natasha  Bedingfield performs ‘Touch’ with The All Star Dancers Groovin behind her.    I really like Natasha and all, but she truly looks like she is channeling her inner Solid Gold Diva.  Video

Decision Time

Awww….Now this is just sad, Alex has a lacerated Achilles Tendon.  He will need 3 months of rest following a simple operation.  Alex is forced out of the Competition!  Bummer!  Such an excellent Dancer.  Aww…He is crying!  I feel pretty bad for him!  Video