The Show started with a Group Routine Choreographed by Tyce DiorioCharleston from Billion Dollar Baby performed by the Top 7 (minus Ashley) and The All Star Dancers.  Very entertaining number.  All the stuff that we love about Broadway Musicals.  Finally, the Group Video is back for me!  Video

Cat enters (in a very cute retro mini) and announces that we are live in Hollywood.  She reminds us that Ashley was injured yesterday and will automatically be in the bottom 3.

Video clip of the Preparation for National Dance Day….This will be pretty interesting!  The Pregnant woman with her belly out is just wrong  on so many levels.  Lol!  Apparently, all kinds of people are sending in videos of them doing this National Dance Day number that Nap & Tabs choreographed.  I agree with Nigel, this thing is getting bigger than I ever thought that it would get.  Wow!   Check out for more details.


Kent and Lauren enter. 

Lauren‘s Jazz and Tahitian routines really pleased the Judges.  She is safe!!!

Kent‘s Contemporary and Broadway numbers hit a homerun with the Judges and America!  He is safe!!!

4 dancers are left and 2 of them are in danger!!!

Guest Performance

Two of Mary Murphy’s Students from her Dance School perform.  Fernando, 11 and Lauren, 10 do a very lively Jive to  Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley.  Seriously, these kids rocked! 



Billy and Adechike

Adechike‘s Salsa and Contemporary Dances brought him back into the Competition!  Adechike is safe!

Billy‘s Jive and his Jazz routines were stellar performances!  Aww!  Billy is in the bottom 3!  I really like Billy and he can really move, hope he makes it!

Mia thinks that last night was Billy’s best night!  All the walls are down and his personality is really shining through.  She is shocked he is in the bottom 3!  (me too)


Jose and Robert

Jose‘s Broadway Number missed it’s mark, but his B-boy routine redeemed him.  But not enough…..Jose rounds out the Bottom 3!  This is Jose’s first time in the bottom 3!

Robert‘s Disco performance got mixed reviews from the Judges, but his Contemporary routine was beautiful!  America thought so too!  He is safe!

Adam ask how does he feel getting this far.  Jose says that it is a honor.   Adam tells him that he knows what he has to do….Go Compete!!!


Guest Performance

 Jamal Roberts and Rachel McClaren from The Alvin Ailey Dance Troupe perform to Gravity’s Angel by Lauren AndersonVideo


All Star Performance

Comfort and Twitch do an encore of their Fantabulous dance to ‘Forever’ by Chris Brown.   Video


Dance Solos

Billy performs to Stand by Me by Ben E.  King.  This boy can dance.  Like him alot.  Video

Jose performs Chicken Bone Circuit by RJD2.  Wow!!  He can really move and it looks like Jose wants this.   Video  (has anyone ever noticed how much Cat is always kissing Jose?)


Guest Performance:Christina Perry.  I’m sure that you never heard of her, because this young Lady got the break of a life time 2 weeks ago, when Stacey Tookey used her song to choreograph a routine, the song has sold over $100,000 copies on Itunes.  Nice story.  She was a Waitress two weeks ago and now, she is doing SYTYCD.  Video


Nigel ask Jose to step forward and says that he can tell that Jose showed that he is fighting to stay on the show.  He tells Billy that he almost went to a default last night, but he has the ability to prevail.  He encouraged Billy to push deep and dosomething  more when he dances to connect now.   (I have to check, but wasn’t Nigel singing Billy’s praises last night?  I’m just sayin’)  Nigel says that  Ashley needs to have 3-5 weeks rest to heal properly from her injury, so she is leaving the show this week.  Bummer!!  Two weeks in a row an injury forces a Dancer out!  Ashley is completely broken up about leaving on a default.  I feel bad for her.