This is SYTYCD’s 150th show!  Nice!

What is going on with Season 7?  It was announced tonight that Belly Bell will not be able to perform tonight due to a Knee  injury.  This is unbelievable.  Billy’s injury is the 3rd of the Season.   By now, you know the drill, Billy will automatically be in the bottom 3 and if he cannot perform next week, then he will automatically be disqualified.  I hope that Billy will be okay and be able to  continue in the competition.  Nigel thinks that with the way that the Dancers are getting injured, there will be a Survivor Dance off next year.  Alex is in the house and it is nice to see that he is recovering. 

Videos after the Jump!

Choreographer Kenny Ortega will join the Judges tonight and help them critique the performances.  Kenny is truly happy and Thankful to be in the house.  He is a fan of the show and very happy to have a front row seat. 

The Contestants will each be Dancing 3 times tonight!

Tonight, we will learn more about the families that each of our top 7 come from who have shaped them into the dancers that they are. 

Lauren and Twitch performed a Hip Hop Routine to Naps and Tab Choreography.  They danced to ‘My Chick Bad’ by Ludacris.  Okay,  Lauren is truly in it to win it!  This girl came and gave it 100%.  Her performance was just so Funky and so Hip Hop.  LOved it!  Great Choreography!  They picked the right song, because Lauren is one Bad Chick!  Adam thought that she tore it up.  Hot, Hot Hot!  He loves that she listens to the music!  She is in it and lost in the music and her character.  On Fire.  Mia thought that she went so hard.  She liked that Lauren  is so agressive, but that she keeps  it sexy.  She is completely letting go as she should, since she is the last Diva standing.  Kenny thought that her energy is so over the top.  Her performance is  funky, sexy and he  loved the choreography.  Nigel thought that she rises to every occasion.  He thought that she has done everything that she  was asked to do  She is nasty, bad and this was a sick routine.  He loved her Swag.  (he’s on a roll)   Video   888.638. 7801

Jose and Allison performed a Contemporary Routine to Sonyah Tayeh Choreography.  They danced to ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ by Jon Brion.   This song is about a couple who meet, but  it doesn’t work out.  The dance is performed mostly on the edge of the stage.  Sonyah thinks that this is symbolic that in relationships we are on the verge of falling off.  Hmm…I get the concept, but I don’t know if I am a fan of it.  In between all of that stage sitting, there wasn’t very much dance to it.  The Judges pretty much agreed that there wasn’t alot of dancing, but this played to Jose’s strengths, since technically, he is not the most skilled.  All agreed that what he did, he did well and he was committed.     video   888.638.7802

Robert and Lauren performed a Jazz Routine to Tyce Diorio Choreography.   Wasted Time by My Time with the Thrill kill Kult.  There isn’t a story, they just have to seduce each other as they dance.     All the guys seem to be lusting over Lauren this season, so I am sure that Robert will have no problem looking like he is into Lauren.  Great number.  I loved it.  Robert is a fantastic dancer.   Adam loved Robert’s performance, but he still managed to give him some critiques.  Mia loved that this was a strong clean jazz piece.  Very strong dancing.  She advised him to work on not jerking his head when he moves.  Kenny thought that Tyce’s choreography really worked for Robert and showed that he is grounded.  He enjoyed it and he thought they were engaged.  Nigel loved the flow of movement and the Choreography.  He also thinks that Lauren is inspiring the guys to want to dance this season.   Video    888.638.7803

Adechike‘s Solo performed to Maxwell‘s classic ‘Woman’s Work.  Wonderful and moving dance.   Video

Kent and Kathryn performed a Jazz Routine with Sonyah Tayeh  Choreography.  They danced to ‘Tightrope’ by Janelle Monet.   This routine is about having fun and accepting who you are.  I think that Kent probably did everything that was asked of him and he probably did it well, I just don’t think that the Choreography had a wow factor for me.  Again, Kent did well, but no wow factor for me.  Adam is blown away by the Audience professing their love for Kent who forewarned the rating would go up if he were on the show.  He feels that he is something else.  He thought that Kent kicked Ass.  Mia feels that he is a strong dancer, however, sometimes his face gets so animated that it takes the work to a juvenile level.  But the dancing was solid.  Kenny liked the Choreography.  He thinks that Kent is awesome and compared him to a young Gene Kelly.  Nigel thinks that Kent is a mix of great choreography and great personality.  Nigel feels that Kent has almost outdanced the All Stars tonight.  Nigel tells Sonyah, this dance was Superb.  I guess, I should rewind…  Video    888.638.7805

Robert’s Solo performed to ‘Parachutes’ by  Trevor Hall  Another beautiful solo.   Video

 Lauren‘s Solo performed to  Waves by Elisa.  I think I am really liking Lauren this week.  She should definitely go through to next week.    Video

Adechike and Comfort performed a ‘Lyrical Hip Hop’ Routine with  Naps and Tabs Choreography.  They danced to ‘Fallin’ by Alicia Keys.  This Dance represents the struggle that a couple goes through when they know that they should walk away, but they can’t.  Wow..that slap was really personal and it loooked like it hurt.   I really really loved this one.  Naps and Tabs are on fire this week.  What a powerful story, Adechike and Comfort told it so well.  Outstanding.   Adam felt like he was watching an intense, beautiful and horrifying movie.  He thought it was Unbelievable and he thanked the Choreographers for their work.  Mia thought that this felt more real than any contemporary piece.  Very real and unbelievable.  It felt Like she was watching a dance film at the highest level.  She felt he let so much out on the floor tonight.  So powerful.  She thinks that Comfort is like watching what Mary J. Blige would be as a Dancer.  Kenny gave props to the Choreographers.  He thought that this dance was Dramatic and heartfelt.  Beautifully connected and impressive.  Nigel thought it was on another level and it was hard to critique.  They have a great ability to put emotion into hip hop.  He really hopes that Alicia Keys gets to see this, because this performance is on the level of emotion that she puts into her work.  This was an honest rendition of a wonderfully choreographed number.    Video    888.638.7804

Jose‘s Solo performed to ‘Give It Up Or Turn in loose’ by James Brown.   Video

Kent‘s Solo performed to ‘End of The Road’ by Boys II Men.  Wow, Kent looks just like his Mother.  Beautiful Dance   Video

Robert and Lauren:   They performed a Samba dance with Choreography by Dmitri Chaplin.  They danced to Drummer Boy by Debi Nova.   The story is that the two meet at a Beach Party and they are getting their flirt on.  This Samba was danced really well and I thought that they had great chemistry.  Adam thought that Adam’s lines were so clean and great partner work.  Lauren’s footwork was unbelievable.  Mia is very pleased with Robert.  He looked like a Samba dancer.  However, she would like to see Lauren a little sharper.  Kenny acknowledged Dmitri’s hard work.  He thinks that Robert’s partnering was amazing and giving.  He is on fire.  Nigel confused me by saying that he was upset to hear how proud the parents were of their children tonight.  I guess I heard it wrong…  Anywhoo, Nigel thought that Robert’s upper body reminded him of Dmitri tonight and his  Hip action was good.  Nigel thought that the  birthday boy has done himself proud.  Aww, Robert is 20 today.  Lauren was enjoyable, because she made contact with everyone, not just his partner.  He loved it, although technically, he knows some people will attack it.  (Can we say Mia)  Video

Jose and Adechike:  They performed a Paso Doble with Choreography by Dmitri.  Two Males doing a Paso Doble…..I think I like it, even before it begins.  They danced to The Arrival.    Disappointing beginning.  There was no fire when they waved their capes.  However, the dance  improved, but it never quite got there.    Great music, but I think that I expected more.  Adam loved how committed they were and connected in their partnership.  Technically, outside of what they do.  He gave tech advice.  Adachike also .  Mia thought they did okay.  Beautiful to look at.  Technique was weak. Great commitment.  They didn’t fill up the music.  Kenny thinks it was a valiant effort.  Choreography was difficult.  Nigel agreed with his colleagues.  Valiant effort was right, but the fire, passion and technique was lacking in their performance.  It wasn’t everything that he wanted it to be.  Video

Billy and Kent.  They performed a Stepping routine with choreography by Chuck Maldonado.  Nice.  Kappas are in the house.  Now that Billy has hurt himself,   Twitch  will fill in for him in his absence.  They danced to Pro Nails by Kid Sister.  Look at Kent.  Wow!  I think I am a Fan of Kent.  I know that he has never done anything like this before and he straight attacked it.  I would have never have thought that Stepping would end up on this stage, but not bad at all.  I liked it.  Adam thanked the show for introducing new and exciting dances and Thanked Chuck for throwing down.  He also Thanked Kent for Kicking his ass.  No way he thought that he had it in him.  He kill a thing that was foreighn to him.  Mia had no idea that he had it in him.  This was disgusting and gross (wth)  Kent and Twitch’s chemistry was great.  Kent is the one to beat.  Kenny worked with Chuck 12 years ago bringing stepping to the opening Olympic show.  He feels that Kent’s performance is equivalent to preparenting for war.  Not the first time we had stepping on the show, with Chuck as the Choreographer.  Nigel is a fan of stepping.  Kent combats everything that is thrown at him, he is looking forward to seeing him Krunmp.  He feels bad that Billy was not able to perform and that if he had performed it would have been something to see these two white boys do this.  (My thoughts exactly).  Video

Weak Links:  Jose and Billy?