Tila is shown here on the Red Carpet as she arrives to host  ChinaWhite  in London on July 22nd.  Apparently, Tila kept it moving and left London after the event.  She  tweeted:  Yayyy on my way home finally thank u baby jesus! Thank u #PositiveEnergy!!! Mama is comin home!!! Bye bye London! LA see u in 10 hours! Xox

I’m not at Mad for Tila Tequila for leaving and wanting to sleep in her own bed as soon as possible.  But one thing?  Where does the Baby Jesus originate?  I swear, a few years ago on Girlfriends, Toni thanked Baby Jesus for a blessing.  I don’t know if that is where it started, but that was comic relief….It’s just Jesus, in real life, right?