Last week, no one was sent home, so tomorrow  there will be two who are eliminated.  How hard to watch!  Amazing, no one is injured tonight.  Everyone will be dancing 3 times tonight.

Guest Judge 4 times Undefeated Dance Champion Toni Reopath will be helping Adam, Mia and Nigel critique tonight’s performances.

Kent and Anya.  He Danced the Cha Cha with Choreography by Jean Marc and France.  Kent is happy because he gets to kiss Anya.  This is his second Cha Cha of the Season.  The story is that Anya is a school Teacher and Kent is her  Bad Boy Student!  They performed to ‘My first’ by  30H13 ft. Kesha.  This was a very cute and flirty Cha Cha.  There was alot of high energy  and style put into this one and they were moving super fast.  I liked it, but there could have been a little more to it.  Nigel thought that Ken is doing some Man dancing now (as opposed to his boy dancing earlier in the season).  He would like to see him control his hand movements a little more, but nonetheless,  Good dance (Yeah….thanks) .  Toni thought that this time, Kent’s Cha Cha was better than the first time that he performed.  Tonight, he was more grounded, with more beat.  She thought that he sacrificed his posture by trying to be a little too macho and it showed in his shoulders.  Mia thought that the whole piece was a little crunchy or choppy.  Didn’t flow as nicely as he would have liked it.  She feels that Ken needs to work on his facial movements.  Mia would like him to be a chameleon and control his face (as if).  Adam thought it was a super solid performance.  He needed more length and he should have allowed  his legs to stretch.  He would like to see him be confident and know how fabulous he is.   Video

Robert and  Kathryn.    They danced a  Contemporary  Routine with Choreography by Stacey Tookey.  The story is a couple’s last moment before going off to war and having to say goodbye to your loved one.  They performed to ‘Heaven is a place on eath by Katie Thompson.  This was a wonderful dance.  I see more and more why Nigel was pushing votes for Robert.  I enjoy him every week.  They completely sold the story with a twist on the end on who was going to war.  Loved it!  Nigel loved the connectivitiy of it not just in the dancing but the emotion. He loved the twist at the end.  Robert has been goofy , but now he has grown and matured to become even better than he thought he would be.  Toni looks for partnering skills and the ability to connect in her partner.  She would want to be the woman that Robert  is dancing with.  Nigel says that the hairs on her arm stood up.  Mia thought the beginning of the piece was sacred.  She thought it was really mature to allow the story to go forth.  She also sees Robert’s  maturity.  She advised him to allow his emotions to be the catalyst of his movements (he did).  She believes that he can take it to another level.  Adam is so proud of the dance community in general.  Their support is so magnificent.  Kathryn freaks him out  how stunning she is and Rob was right with her, he killed it.  Video

Tonight the dancers will give feedback on what they think about their fellow contestants.

The other Contestants feel that Jose is clueless, he is a wise tortoise.  He is smooth, explosive and kind hearted. He is focused and hard working.  He’s a fighter, He’s like a Brother.  Jose’s solo was performed to  ‘Giant Squid’  by RJD2. 888.623. 7201  Video

Adechike and Courtney.      They performed a Jazz  Routine with Tyce Diorio Choreography.  The story is that they are at a Night club in Spanish harlem and they are free of any hang ups and they are just letting go.  They danced to  Manteca by Dizzy Gillespie.  Another great performance.  I can see why Courtney felt sexy during this number!  It just looks like they were having the most fun as they danced..  Awesome movements!  Adam thought the dance was so much fun.  He thought that this was just dancing!  (Adam says a Blooper that is cut by the time, the show Airs on the Wesst coast.Adechike was a total joy.  He would like to see him loosen up his hips and back (I can see that) otherwise tremendous.  Mia thought that the music was everything and she feels that it was a great performance however Adechike needs to find a balance.  He has so much strength that he needs to tone it down and show more style and finnese.  Toni thought he looked like he had fun. She loved it.  She loved the weight that his athleticism brought to it.  Nigel needed more abandonment from Adechike.  He has to look like it is not being choreographed.  He advised him to forget it is a competition and just enjoy.   Video

The Other Contestants feel that Lauren is a girl, crazy, hyper. loving, lives in her own world, imaginary horse, hyperactive, like a baby sister.  Lauren  performed her solo to Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin.  Loved it.  Loved it Loved it!  You can’t miss with ReeRee  backing you!  888.623. 7202  Video

Jose and  Comfort.  They performed a Hip Hop routine with Choreography by  Marty Kudelka and Dana Wilson.  The story is that they are in a super crowded club and he is trying to pick up on her and she is looking for love.  They danced to ‘Try a Little Tenderness’ by Otis Redding.   Okay, this is one of my favorite songs.  This is a perfect vehicle for Jose.  It shows off his personality and I thought that it was really cute.  But I would like to see more something something  to it.  It was definitely a more subdued Hip Hop routine (especially after the  memory of Lauren’s very strong Hip Hop Routine last week).  Nigel loved it. He thought that it had a  Cool vibe and old school feel.  He thought it would be the Color Purple when it started (Don’t know where that came from)  He loved the whole style of it.  Jose injured himself during this last week, but he danced anyway.  He didn’t think that he got his style in there.  He was a little sloppy with it.  A little uncomfortable.  Toni disagreed.  She was very into his performance.  She completely bought the dance.  Mia didn’t think that there was any swag in it and because Marty is the king of swag, she hoped that Jose would tap into that.  She thought Jose was goofy.  Adam can see their point of views.  Adam believes that he needs to learn to dance the intention of the piece and the character.  (hmmm, I really think it was the choreography).  Video

The other Contestants believe that Billy is messy, leaves clothing everywhere, helpful, focused, cracks jokes, he is loud, crazy, sarcastic, outgoing, awesome.  Billy perofrmed his solo to Lights go down by  Telepathe.  Excellent performance.  888.623. 7203  Video

Kent’s solo performed to ‘A song for you’ by Elliott Yamin.  Kent gets points for the song alone.  Pair the music with his beautiful dancing and we have a winner!   888.623. 7204  Video

Lauren and Allison.     They performed a Broadway Routine to Tyce Diorio’s  Choreography.  I Loved that they played the Wonder Woman music for the Baddest Chick still standing!  They dance to Who got the Pain by Damn Yankees.  This is the 1st performance with 2 girls this season and they did a fantabulous job.  Adam thinks of Lauren as an All-Star already.  She is so good, he doesn’t think of her as a contestant.  She is fantastic and he feels like he is watching 2 great Lady Dancers that  can do anything.  Mia thought there was nothing routine.  She has forged ahead of everyone.  This piece showed her strength and her ability to dance. Toni thought that their dance was sexy and strong.  She thought that Lauren hit it just right with her facial expressions.  Nigel makes a slip and says that this is the first time on American Idol they have seen 2 girls dance (Oopsy).  This wasn’t quite as excitting as the original, but she hit everything at the top level.  He doesn’t know if she will win, but she should be in the finale.  Nigel is embarrased that Cat called him Ryan Seacrest.  Video

The other contestants feel that Robert is the songbird, arrogant sideburns, goofy.  Robert’s solo performed to ‘A Beautiful Mess’ by Jason Miraz.  Wonderful   888.623. 7205  Video

Billy and  Ade.     They performed Contemporary Routine with Choreography by Stacey tookey.  The story is about observiing  2 men who are total opposites.  The sAde is a Business Man and Billy is a Homeless Man.  Through their journey discover old friends.  They performed to Mad World by Michael Andrews ft Gary Jules.  Great choreography goes well for theese powerful dancers.  Great story.  Standing O from 3 of the Judges (Nigel is still sulking after the Ryan Seacrest slip lol)  Nigel is very pleased that they made the decision to not send anyone hope last week and that they were allowed to see Billy perform tonight because of that decision.  He thought that there was  Alot of emotion and mature dancing.  He thanked stacey for her Choreography.  He thanked Billy for overcoming his cha.llenges.  Toni thought it was incredible.  Some parts transcended this dance.  Mia thought it was sheer perfection.  She thanked Stacey for keepeing her on her toes.  This was Bily fav performance for her.  His face and everything was completely .  respected as a very strong artisit in this community.  great.  Adam feels like he was just born on this show.  He has dropped into the zone.  He heard the music, knew what he was dancing aobut.  Magnificnet.  That was Art.  Video

The other Contestants believe that Adechike is Man of many names , Mr personality, He is Best Friends with everyone, ladies man and  he is a magician.  Adechike performed his solo to ‘Pretty Wings’ by Maxwell.  That is another solid peformance!   888.623. 7206  Video

Kent and Jose.  They performed  a Broadway routine with choreography by Spencer Lift  The story is that  the guys are two guys at work watching the Ladies go by.  Kent is the younger eager worker.  Jose is the older more refined Ladies Man.  They perform  From this Moment on from Kiss me Kate soundtrack.  I really liked this routine, but unfiortunately for Jose, he is dancing it with Kent. Let’s face it, Kent could do Broadway in his sleep.  I thought that Jose did good, but Kent was perfect.  Adam thought that this was the first time he saw a 1940’s musical number executed so well.  Fantastic.  Adam believes that Kent is in it with Lauren.  He is born to do this.  He is amazed that  Jose is a  hip hop dancer who has grown so much and that he got throughthis routine.  What a journey.  Mia thought it was fantastic.  This style of broadway fits Kent like a glove.  He can even do his faces when he performs this genre.  She can tell that He is so everything in this.  Mia feels that  Jose is not the trained dancer that Kent is, but he kept up and he did a good job.  Toni didn’t know if the choreography was smart or lucky, but it worked out well.  Jose being older and wiser allowed him to get  by with doing less.  She feels that Kent is a contender.  Nigel feels that Kent is absolutely a contender.  He agrees with Adam, Kent’s Broadway Dancing is tremendous.  The worst thing for Jose is having to do this dance with Kent.  But Nigel feels that Jose has grown so far.  Nigel states the obvious,  This may be Jose’s  last week here, but he should be proud of what he accomplished.  Jose  will be going on the tour.   Video

Lauren and Adechike.  They performed a Foxtrot by Jean Marc and France.  In rehearsal, it was revealed that this dance will be very hot and sexy.  They danced to ‘Fever” by Beyonce.  Hmmm….I wasn’t wowed by this one.  I was definitely looking for more from the choreography.  Nigel thought that it seemed like a jazz routine more than a foxtrot. The performance just didn’t sit right with him.  It was a Sultry routine, but tonight, they have seen outstanding routines and this didn’t measure up.  Toni pointed out that this choreography doesn’t look like it should, because their dancing was off.  But at the same time, she felt like they got into the character.  Mia thought that Adechike had some great moments as a partner, but when he separates from his partner, he loses it.    Lauren’s grace and sensuality looks like she has done this dance a million times.  Beautiful.  Adam  thought that Lauren wasn’t competing, she was  just dancing.  Adechike looked very concerned about being there for his partner.  That is a good thing,  but he shouldn’t look like he is concentrating.  He has to work on  being natural.   Video

Robert and Billy.  They danced a Bollywood  routine with Choreography by Nakul Dev Mahajan.  They performed to Bombay Dreams Soundtrack.  The story is that these are  2 guys fighting for one role in the biggest bollywood movie.  I think that this round definitely belongs to Robert, because he danced his ass off.  His movements were so powerful and they just looked so authentic.  Billy kept up, but the stage was Robert’s.  Nigel thought that this is the best Bollywood dance that he has seen with two guys.  Robert’s movents were great and this was a great performance  for the pair.  Nigel is just glad there were no injuries.  Toni preferred Robert over Billy tonight.  She thought that he nailed it.  Mia liked Billy.  She thought the dance was so hard and was relieved that there were no injuries. Nothing wrong.  Congrats.  They both won the role on that movie.  Adam thought it was a huge night for billy and  Robert was brilliant.  He doesn’t want anything to do with this (voting off a contestant).  Video

Cat announces that Lauren had an injury tonight and she is with the Medic.  Billy is in pain and grimacing at the end of the Bollywood routine.  WTH!!!

Weak Links:  Jose and hmmm…who do you think?