Tonight, SYTYCD will say goodbye to 2 of their bottom 3 tonight!  I’m pretty sure that Jose will leave us tonight, but  it’s up in the air for the 2nd to leave, because everyone is so good.

The Group dance was performed to ‘Every little thing She Does is Magic’ by Sting.  As I watched, I completely believed that this Awesome Choreography was definitely some of Sonja Tayeh’s work!  Love it!  Oops, credit goes to Mia Michaels.  Video

 Last night it was announced that Lauren injured herself, but it looks like Lauren is fine. 

Toni Reopath returns as Guest Judge.

Nigel announces the prizes that the Contestants stand to win: $250 million and featured on the cover of a Dance Magazine.   For the 1st time, Gatorade is recognizing Dance as a Sport and the Season 7 Winner will be featured to represent the best of Dance in their Print Campaign in the fall.  Wow!  What an honor!

Guests tonight includes  Allison Iraheta from American Idol   and a performance from the Step Up 3 Dance Cast.  Adam is pleased as punch that his babies will be performing.


Jose and Kent come to the stage.  Seriously, I think it’s pretty clear where this is going and I think Jose has made peace with it.  He’s smiling.

Kent‘s Cha Cha pleased the Judges inspite of his facial expressions.  His Broadway routine proved he is a Contender.  He is safe.

Jose‘s Hip Hop Routine didn’t quite get there for all the Judges.  His Broadway routine brought him back and the Judges enjoyed him.  Unfortunately, he is in the bottom 3.


Adechike and Billy take the Stage

Billy‘s Contemporary routine  was moving and sheer perfection.  His Bollywood Routine was a crowd pleaser!  He is in the bottom 3.  I’m a little shocked.

Adechike‘s Foxtrot was smooth, but flawed as well.  His jazz routine was a crazy amount of fun.  He is  Safe!!!


Lauren and Robert take the stage

Robert‘s Contemporary piece touched everyone’s heart.  His Bollywood performance rocked the house!  He is safe!

Lauren‘s Foxtrot highlighted her grace and sensuality.  Her Broadway number had her looking like an All-Star.  She is in the bottom 3!  This is Lauren’s first time in the bottom 3. 

I definitely think that Robert deserves to be safe.  But I pretty much thought that Lauren would be safe as well, before the show began.  I thought it was a no brainer.

Sneak Preview of Step-Up 3d film.  Hits Theater on August 6th.

Dancers from Step Up 3 take the stage.  The dancers include Lil C and Tony Bellissimo.  Video

There is a performance from a young man named Chris.  Not sure what he sang, but I didn’t really feel that I needed to investigate. 

More talk about National Dance Day.  I still cannot believe the hype!  People are really excited and are sending in all kinds of videos and they seem to be genuinely excited about the phenom.



Jose‘s solo is performed to ‘Hot music’ by SohoVideo

Billy performs his solo to Szerencetlen by Venetian Snares.  Awesom Performance.  Still a surprised that he has to save his live.   Lauren’s solo is performed to ‘Lets Get it On’ by Marvin Gaye.  This is one Bad Chick! I can’t let go of making the reference to her Hip Hop Dance.    Loved it!  They have to keep her!  Video

Guest Performance

American Idol Alum Allison Iraheta takes time from Adam Lambert’s Glamnation tour to performs her new single ‘Don’t waste the Pretty’.  This girl’s voice is so strong, it is ridiculous!  Orianthi rocks the Guitar! 

Final Eliminations

Nigel says that the vote is unanimous for who will go home.  This will be the Judge’s last vote of the season.  Next week, it will be up to America to decide who goes and who stays.  Nigel says that the Judges feel that  Jose’s growth has been the equivalent of him learning 3 different languages in the same time.  The Judges didn’t anticipate he would be as good as he has turned out to be.  Billy is in the bottom 3 again and the Judges are not sure why.  Nigel thinks that maybe it is his androgynous style that is not working for  America.  (really?  I cannot imagine that anyone would not for Billy because of his perceived sexuality!!!  I’m hoping that that is not it, because this guy has so much talent! )  However,  Billy’s style is working with the Dancers, Judges and Choreographers who enjoy his style and appreciate his talent. 

Nigel announces that the Judges choice is Lauren and they are keeping her in the competition.  Video