Fiennes Basement’s Annual Wedding Dress sale welcomed hundreds of Brides to Be (with their own shopping Helpers) as they stormed the store searching for their perfect wedding dress at reduced prices.  Nicole Christos (above) of  Raleigh, N.C. is shown grabbing a rack of wedding dress while she informing her Mother that other dresses that she wants are being taken.  Look at the look on her face, I think that she would cut you, if you posed a threat to her getting the dress that she wants.  Lol! 

Lauren Chechak and her Mom are clearly unsatisfied with this gown.  I guess if you wait and then run to this sale, you are really really disappointed when it doesn’t work out.

Look at the Employees.  They look like they just got an intense briefing on how to handle the situation and now they have manned their Posts.

I just didn’t know that it was that serious!

Man, you could really get hurt.  That lady in the green is probably delirious.  If she was in her right mind, she would have been terrified and unable to smile.


Success!  It’s all worth it!