After 9 weeks, it all comes down to tonight’s vote!  Kent Boyd, Lauren Froderman and Robert Roldan will dance for your votes tonight.  Each dancer will perform 4 dances tonight.

Kent and Lauren.  They performed a Bollywood routine danced to Om mangalam .  with Nakul Choreography.  The dance is about a couple getting married and the groom has cold feet.  This was really fun routine.  Hmm…  Don’t know if Kent completely embodied the Bollywood style.  He looked a little too doe eyed and he had the faces going on.  Just okay on this one.  Nigel thought it was great fun routine with great dancing.  He was really happy and he thought that he captured all that was asked of him.  Mia thought it was the perfect Bollywood piece for him.  Very Kentish and it worked.  Adam thinks the energizer bunny should retire.  There was so much precision and energy in this dance.  Literally perfect.  Feel good dancer of the year.     Video    888.623. 7801


 Lauren and Twitch.  They performed a Hip Hop routine danced to Power by Kanye West with Naps and Tab Choreography.  This Routine is about struggle for power.  I really enjoyed this one.  Once again, Lauren brings it.  She is the last Lady standing and this girl wants it.  Hard and funky!  Go girl!  Nigel thought Art inspires Art.  Remarkable.  He commended the Choreography.  He acknowledged this is anybody’s contest tonight.  She borought out strength and transfixed us with everything that she does.  Good opening start.  Mia says that Lauren is filthy.  That’s a compliment right?  She acknowledged the great choreography.  Mia thinks that Lauren can do everything.  She is so consistent and trustworthy.  Lauren has not had one bad performance.  She loves her balance between masculinity and feminine.  Adam thinks it is ironic that she is campaigning in her routine.    She makes him proud to be sitting there.  She is one of his favorite girls that the show has ever had.   Video      888.623. 7802

 Robert and Mark.  They performed a Jazz routine danced to Whip it by Devo with Tyce Diorio Choreography.  They get Kudos for the song choice before they even start.  I wasn’t blown away by the choreography, BUT Robert danced his ass off.  This guy is so in it to win it.  His movements are so intense.  He rocks!  What else can I say.  Nigel thought this was an incredible routine (really), he really liked the style of this dance.  Nigel thinks it is such a close race, he doesn’t mind which one of them wins.  He is delighted with that.  The first 3 routines show why they are in the finale.  Robert feels that he has really grown and matured.  Mia thought that Robert and Mark look like they should be on tour with Adam Ant.   Mia thinks that Robert was Wowed by being on the show and now he is more grounded.  He is the most improved Dancer.  Adam thinks that this piece was a testament to the All Stars being on the show.  This element allows them to dance without competing.  He feels that he is excelling in his moves.  Video  888.623.7803

Cat has a sit down with each of the contestants before their solos.

Kent’s solo danced to The Finish Line by Train.  Video

Robert and Lauren.  They performed a Contemporary routine danced to That home with Dee Caspary Choreography.  All I can say is that this was a beautiful riveting routine.  Loved it.  Nigel complimented Dee on the touches of genius in the routine.  The one word that sums the two is the strength that the two of them have.  Robert’s strength shows in everything that he does.  Robert can say proudly that he can dance.  Mia complimented Dee as well.  She feels that this is Robert’s most delicious performance.  Amazing!  She thinks that something has helped him evolve into this great dancer and that is why he is embraced.  She thinks his is becoming.  Lauren is perfection.  Mia is so proud and happy that she came back to witness these young dancers.  Adam thought it was great that this number showed how tired they are.  He saw the magnificent beauty of the routine and how much they support each other.  Beautiful piece.  Magnificent.  Video 

Kent and Lauren.  They performed a Jazz routine danced to Hip to be Square by Huey Lewis and the News with Choreography by Mandy Moore.  I thought that this was a totally cute routine for Kent and Lauren. I loved the quirkiness of the dance.  Nigel thought that Mandy went for the geeky look, but no challenge.  Wasn’t enough dancing.  Did what was asked of them.  Mia wasn’t sure what to say.  She enjoyed the quirkiness and they danced it well.  She didn’t like it, not her cup of tea.  It was fun (but she didn’t really think it was fun.   Adam loves them and it was crazy!  Told them to get off the stage.  Kent and Lauren aren’t moving.  He tells them again.  Finally, the pair share how much fun they had doing the dance.  I think they can leave now.

Robert’s Solo danced to The District Sleeps alone by The Postal ServiceVideo

Kent and Allison.  They performed a Contemporary routine danced to Sundrenched World with Choreography by Stacey Tookey.  Fabulous Dance.  Nigel thinks that Kent’s lines get better and better.  The emotion was real.  Kent was perfect.  Mia thought that he was so emotionally invested.  She thought it was so cool and awesome.  Technique is flawless.  She gives some anal0gy of something that he did.  Adam asked what is going on and Kent says it is personal.  Adam gets dramatic and screams that Kent has just become an Artist.  Kent is definitely emotional tonight  and near tears.  He just wants to dance.  Video

Lauren’s Solo danced to I’m Going Down’ by Mary J. Blige.  Video

Robert and Kathryn.  They performed a Broadway Routine danced to Cool from Westside Story with Choreography by Spencer Liff.  It must really be great to be a dancer and get to perform to anything from Westside Story.  You could really see how much Robert was into this one.  Hot and pretty seductive number.  It is Ridiculous how good Robert is.  Robert split his pants.  Ha!  Nigel acknowledged this was one of his favorite scores.  He thought that Robert danced very well.  Such strength he has shown.  Gets better every week.  He is delighted with his growth.  Mia was initially worried when she heard the music.  She loved it.  Danced geniusly.  She wanted a little bit more simmer.   Adam was also worried, but he gave out props to Spencer for his work.  Robert was beautiful and did everything that was asked of him.   Video

Lauren and Pasha.  They performed a Cha Cha Routine danced to  Not myself tonight by Christina Aguilera with choeography from Melanie and Tony.  Wow!  This routine had tricks and was sure ’nuff pleasing to the eye!  Lauren is spectacular.  Loved it!  Nigel loved the fabulous routine.  Everything looked damn near perfect.  She is the best Contemporary girl that they have had do a Ballroom routine on the show.  Mia wondered who Lauren really is.  She is so happy that she stood up for Lauren this season.  If Mia were still dancing, she would want to be like Lauren.  Adam thinks that she feels music like no one else on the show.  She understands the music and embodies it in her every move.  Exhibition style perfect.  She dances as well as everyone else breathes….Damn!   Video