USmagazine is reporting that ‘Jersey Shore’s Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi, 22  has found love in Iraq War Vet Jeff Miranda, 24.  Apparently, the two clicked immediately after meeting.

The pair met last Friday, naturally, at Karma, the local nightclub often featured on MTV’s reality hit. “We hit it off really, really good,” Miranda tells Us. “Nicole is actually really cute and seems like a cool a** person, even though she’s drunk most of the time. She’s a real sweet girl.”

Jeff is telling the truth that it doesn’t matter if she is drunk most of the time, because the drunker Snooki gets, the more camera time she gets and if she is on his arm, he is getting some camera time too.  The Paps may have nothing to do with the instant chemistry the Reality Star has found with Miranda, but I’m sure that it helped seal the deal.