Fantasia discusses the struggles in her life that led her to being so overwhelmed that she attempted to take her life with an OD of Aspirin 2 weeks ago on Good Morning America.  She is quick to let her fans know that what happened is not just about her troubled relationship with Antoine Cook who is a Married Man, but rather a culmination of all of the heartbreak that she has suffered through in the past 6 years since winning American Idol.  Fantasia appears to be speaking from the heart and I wish her well.  She now has a Life Coach to help her deal with challenges. 

If I am bring honest, I wanted to hear more about the Antoine drama.  She only mentioned her relationship  briefly,  but since she may be fragile right now, it is probably best that she is keeping the intimate details private. I kind of wonder about her performing and making appearances before she might be ready, because she could  be opening that door to the Public too soon.  Sometimes, it is nice to chill and take care of yourself.  But, if she is ready….I wish her peace and success & that she make her Daughter her priority, so that none of these external stressors can ever put her in such a space again that she wants to end it all.

Fantasia performs ‘Bittersweet’