It looks like Amy Winehouse is on the right track finally.  It was reported that she is going to record a cover of Leslie Gore’s hit ‘It’s My Party’ for Quincy Jones’ upcoming CD ‘Q: Soul Bossa Nostra’.  Apparently, ‘It’s My Party’ was one of Quincy Jones’ early production hits in  the 60’s, so it is only fitting that it be included in his latest CD.    For this rendition, Mark Ronson is the Producer; he and Winehouse had some great collaborations on her past CD. Who knows, If it is a hit and she stays sober, they might finally allow Amy to come to the US, since her Visa was denied in 2008, when she was due to perform at the Grammy’s.

This should be interesting.  I know that Amy’s life kind of got on a shipwreck course that began to overshadow the great work that she did on ‘Back to Black’, but that CD was the bomb.  I love her voice.  I can’t wait to hear what her and Mark’s spin will be on this 60’s classic, because all I can think of is: