The MTV Video Music Awards brought out Tons of Celebs to the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.  It definitely looks like there was a conscious effort to dress up the White Carpet.  I don’t know if I have ever seen so many suits and nice dresses.  Chelsea Handler is hosting.  Eminem is opening the show and Kanye West (he’s back) is closing it.  Should be an interesting show.

Check Here  complete list of MTV VMA Winners.

Check for Updates here of Celebrities as they arrive on the White Carpet.


Lady Gaga came as a Peacock.  Toned down look for her  indeed.  This is just the first of her outfits tonight.  She will be changing as the night progresses.


Drake rocked a nice suit

Audrina’s dress and shoes was hot!

Joe Manganiello came casual, but he is so sexy, he can wear whatever he wants.


Akon was all smiles.

Miranda Cosgrove looked cute.  I like her she is about 16 and I have never seen any naked tweets of her and I have never seen her perform on a stripper pole.  She’s okay with me.

Former Porn Star Jenna Jamison was blowing kissing.

Jason Derulo

Ron Artest didn’t get the email about the Dress Code

Stephanie Pratt’s gown looks too old for her.

Ice Cube either didn’t get it.  He always looks good, but it seems that everyone stepped up their game this year.

Although she looks nice, I’m not a fan of Lauren Bosworth’s dress pick tonight.

Jessie Williams

This young lady looks less than thrilled to be there.

I’m so glad that Snookie got rid of the Pompadour.  She looks so much better.

Sean Kingston arrives

Kirsten Prout

DJ Deadmau5…..I don’t know what to say.

Travis McCoy also didn’t open the email.

Haylie Williams and Paramore arrive

I really liked Emma Stone’s cool, simple, but classy look

Penn Badgley arrive

Ashley Greene is stunning on the White Carpet, but she sure doesn’t look happy.

Selena Gomez looked lovely as well.

Usher with his young Protege Justin Bieber.

Katy Perry looks more like she performing at the Ice Capades.

Hmmm…Not liking Eva Pigford’s dress tonight.  She usually kills it.

Jane Lynch arrives

Katy has some fun with the Moon Man

I loved Ciara’s dress

Dane Cook doesn’t read his emails

Justin Timberlake has just taken a serious break from music.

Kesha had the worst look of the night.  She announced that her dress is made out of trash bags.  How Ironic.

Rosario Dawson looked Fantabulous

Ronnie Ortiz-magro and Vinniy Guadagnino

Singer Shin Shin and Laker Ron Artest

Ice Cube and his wife Kim

Maria Menounos attended

Neyo was flawness.  He dresses like this every day.

Trey Songz is a chick magnet

You can’t tell Florence Welch nothing.  She is feeling herself.

Bethenny Frankel looked nice.

Glee’s Cory Monteith

Yeah!  Lil Jon

Funnyman Craig Robinson

Hmm….Bonnie Mckee made quite a colorful entrance.

Amber Riley.  Only 4 Gleeks were out tonight.

Sofia Vergara sparkled on the White Carpet

Quinton Aaron arrives

Jay Sean got smooth for the White Carpet.