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This is truly the feel good story of the day.  Hayward Demison had just scored  the winning  touchdown for Central Catholic High School and to calm his rapid heart beat, he took a puff of his inhaler to breathing (he was diagnosed with athletic Asthma two years ago).  The inhaler actually made his heart race even faster and Demison collapsed.

Linda Liver who is a Cardiac Nurse was in the stands watching and she went down to see if she could help.  By the time that she reached Demison, his heart had been stopped for 2 minutes.  Liver performed emergency CPR on Demison to get his pulse re-started.  Demison was taken to the hospital for further treatment.  It was determined that Demison has a heart defect that will require surgery later this month.

What a blessing for the Demison Family that Linda Liver was there and did the extra to make a difference!  Nice!