Javier Bardem is super sexy in the October issus of Esquire Magazine.  Congratulations to him and his Wife Penelope Cruz on the confirment of her Pregnancy.  Their Baby is due in the beginning of the year.    In Esquire, Bardem speaks Candidly about his life, career and his  latest role.  Check out the excerpt:

They are only movies,” he says, “but I want to make movies that count for something.” The character he plays, a dying man named Uxbal, has scratched out a life on desperate margins, but he is a man who has also maintained an unlikely moral center — like Anton Chigurh, like Bardem himself. “I believe in a man having a code,” he says. Bardem is unforgiving when wronged; he believes in doing a job well; he commits entirely, but he does not commit himself often…

Because Bardem believes in what he is doing, he had trouble separating Uxbal from himself. He started to wonder whether some awful stain was growing inside him, spreading to his liver, his brain. “I think it is a very powerful movie,” Bardem says. “I would like you to see it. I hope it makes you cry.

I’m sure that it will!