The first Results Show of the Season.  Tom announces that the first elimination shocked even the Producers, so I am really wondering who it will be. 

The Show opens with the Great Santana playing some vintage Classics and the Pros take the Stage.  Awesome.  (will update with the video when it becomes available)

Where The Contestants Stand

15 points:   3 way tie- The Situation and Karina, David and Kym &  Margaret and Louie

16 pointsMichael and Chelsie

18 points: Two way tie-  Bristol and Mark & Forence and Corky

19 points:  Two way tie- Audrina and Tony & Kurt and Anna

22 points: Rick and Cheryl

23 points: Two way tie- Kyle and Lacey & Brandy and Maks

24 points:  Jennifer and Derek


The four lowest ranked couples are up on stage.

The first couple safe is Michael and Chelsie

The next couple safe is Margaret and Louie

Two couples left are The Situation and Karina & David and Kym.  They are still in jeopardy.

Adam Corrolla’s Tour de Dance where he gives some background on the origins of some of the dances being performed on DWTS.

Guest Performance

Daughtry performs ‘SeptembeVideo

Brooke spoke Backstage with four of the highest ranking Stars: Brandy, Kyle and (my, my, my) Rick Fox and Jennifer Grey.  I’m pretty sure that all of this group are safe.

Tom gets some feedback from Len who says the same thing that he says each season.  You know the drill….This is the best season..


Jennifer and Derek are safe.

Rick and Cheryl are safe.

Kyle and Lacey & Brandy and Maks are still are in jeopardy.

Santana and India Arie perform ‘While My Guitar Gently weeps’.  Video 


Audrina and Tony are safe

Florence and Corky are safe

Bristol and Mark & Krut and Anna are still in jeopardy

 Daughtry and Santana perform ‘Photograph‘  Video

Feedback from the Pros discussing how difficult it is being sent home first.


David, Bristol, Brandy,  The Situation, Kyle and Kurt remain in jeopardy.  I honestly don’t know who will go home.

Brandy and Maks are safe.

Bristol and Mark are safe.

Kurt and Anna are safe.

The Situation and Karina.

It is down to David & Kym and Kyle and Lacey.  Wow…I don’t think that Kyle is going home, but Baywatch should have alot of Fans still….right?

Jinkies!  David and Kym are going home!  Wow!  I didn’t see that coming.  It really must be rough to get eliminated the first week.

Kyle and Lacey are safe and advance to next week.