It’s the 2nd week of  DWTS and it loooks like the Drama will kick in tonight.  There’s alot of Acting up in the Preview of the rehearsals.  Hmmm….are Derek and Jennifer Grey already overly touchy feely?

Rick Fox  & Cheryl:  They danced the Jive to ‘Tush‘.  Rick struggled in practice.   An old basketball injury is trying to cause him grief.  I think that Rick did pretty well.   He is so tall that his height really shows in a dance like this, but he was still pretty light on his feet.  And he is just so very nice to look at.  Before Rick’s performance, Len said that he was concerned about him doing this dance, but he was fun, compact, full of energy and light on your feet.  Len feels that Rick is a contender.  Bruno thought it was a feat and that Rick  did really well, especially for week 2.  Carrie Ann thought he was better last week, because his posture wasn’t as good this week.  But she thinks that it was good (Yeah….Thanks).  (MAC-8)   Carrie Ann-7, Len-7, Bruno-7=21  800.868.3404  Video

Florence Henderson & Corky:  They Danced the Quickstep to  ‘Suddenly I see’ .  Florence is in fabulous shape but the Quickstep is whipping her behind in rehearsal.  She says it is one of the biggest challenges that she has ever had.  Mrs. Brady held her own.  I think that she danced pretty well.  She kept her form and even though she doesn’t want people to refer to her age.  She is 76 and she is out there grooving it.  What…Cindy Brady is in the audience.  Bruno loved her Grand Dame entrance, but he thought that at times she looked like ‘dragging Mrs. Daisy’ (ouch).  At moments she mis-stepped.  But lovely at times.  Carrie ann thinks it is incredible that she is 7 and dancing like this.  Not an easy routine.  She is doing well.  Len doesn’t care about her age or any other factors.  On this performance, he will see her next week.            (MAC- 7  )   Carrie Ann-7 , Len- 6  , Bruno- 6 =  19       800.868.3409   Video

Brandy and Maks:  They Danced the  Jive to ‘Magic‘.  Brandy hated that it was such a struggle for her to get the jive.  Her and Maks were at each others throats through much of the rehearsal.  Hmmm…..Cutesy jive, but I needed to see a little more dancing.  Oh, they went for the Solo, I guess since Audrina got some praise for hers last week.  I don’t think that it worked as well in this jive.  This routine was a little flat for me.  It didn’t excite, although, I think that she did what was asked of her.  Carrie Ann thinks it  is so cute and so happy. But…the energy was a little out of control and Brandy didn’t point her toes.  Overall, Carrie Ann thought It was a little sloppy.  Len thinks she has great coordination and that she will never dance bad.  But this dance was a step back from her performance last week.  He didn’t like the solo bit.  Bruno thought that she looked like a Gwen Stefani background dancer (ouch).  He feels that this dance was just ‘Okay’ and that  wasn’t good enough, she can do so much better.  This was just okay, not good.    (MAC-6   )   Carrie Ann-7   , Len-7   , Bruno- 7   =  21        800.868.3406   Video

Michael Bolton and Chelsea:  They danced the ‘Jive’ to ‘Hound Dog’.  This music is what I am talking about.  Good music that fits the dance.  It’s a no brainer that the Jive should be performed to this kind of music.  Uh-oh, Chelsea wants to do a skit thing with Michael coming out of a dog house to start the dance.  Len Hates skits!!!  Michael has laryngitis, so that is hard and I think making him a little crabby in rehearsal.  I think that they spent too much time getting started.  And, it is obvious that this is not Michael’s dance.  He is too flat with his moves and next to Chelseas’s high energy moves, it really makes him look stiff and tired. Surprise…another solo.  Len doesn’t think the world is ready for Michael’s interpretation of the Jive.  He needed a pooper scooper as well.  He didn’t think that this dance suited him.  Bruno thinks that Michael should have taken the bone and went back to the dog house.  He thought it was the Worst jive in 11 seasons.  He hated it.  Len chastises him and says he is being to harsh.(Is Len serious? He is mean as hell when he wants to be)  Carrie Ann hates to be hard, she respects what he tried to do.  But the dance was very awkward and full of stress.  Difficult to dance that way.  OUCH!!!!    (MAC- 4  )   Carrie Ann- 4  , Len- 5  , Bruno-  3  =  12   (I’ve never seen the 3 paddle)    800.868.3402   Video

Audrina Patridge and Tony:  They danced the ‘Quickstep‘ to ‘Love Machine’  Audrina feels that she is sacrificing everything for the dance.  She isn’t able to see her family or boyfriend, causing her to stress.  I understand that she is stressed, but if those were my biggest problems, I would be chilling with a Frappacino  as I prepared to dance with Tony (who is very easy on the eyes).   It looks like it paid off, because Audrina did excellent tonight.  This dance was fun with great energy.  Her technique was flawless.  This was her dance.  Definitely, better than last week. Bruno thought the show pony is turning into the secretariat.  Carrie Ann thought that  it was so much better than last week.  Fantastic performance.  One tiny mis -step.  Len thought it was the best dance of the night so far. (MAC-9   )   Carrie Ann-8   , Len- 8  , Bruno-7    = 23      Tony said that he would have to wax his legs if they didn’t get 3 8’s.  Hmm…I’d like to see that.      800.868.3401  Video

Jennifer Grey and Derek:  They danced the ‘Jive‘ to ‘Shake it’.  During rehearsal, Jennifer reveals that she is a Cancer Survivor and her moves will be somewhat limited because of surgeries.  Jennifer worked it out.  You definitely couldn’t tell that she is limited and unable to make  some movements.  This dance was great fun. Jennifer and Derek but 20 on it and act like they are so tired that they can’t stand.  Carrie Ann thought she was a sexy hot energizing Bunny out there.  Her Energy never let up.  Len thought it was a full on fabulous job.  Bruno thought it was a killer jive and she nailed it.  Wicked!  In the scoring room, she is still on the floor (WTH)  (MAC- 9  )   Carrie Ann- 8  , Len-  8 , Bruno- 8   =24         800.868.3411  Video

Sarah Palin is there and she has a moment with Tom.  She is rooting for ‘Bristol….the Pistol…

Margaret Cho and Louis:  They danced the Jive to  Dreaming.  Margaret really wants to prove herself this week, since she just barely made it through last week.  DWTS is helping her to be vulnerable and that she is really a dancer.   Margaret was so much better this week.  She looked like she was happy and enjoying herself.   Good energy.  Len appreciates that she took the comments last week and used them.  He thought it was a proper Jive.  He would like her to work on her kicks.  Bruno says that she has to keep it tight and he advised her to smile, because it changes everything. Carrie Ann thought she was so much better this week and would like to see her work on her facial expressions.  (MAC-7) Carrie Ann-6, Len-6, Bruno-6= 18  Video Video

Kyle Massey and Lacey:  They danced the Quickstep to I Want You too.  Kyle is hoping to have another good week.  He struggled with this Traditional dance, so Lacey added some hip hop moves to it.  Look at Kyle  He is definitely in this to win it.  He is going to have to work on his facial expressions, but I thought that they did really well.  Kyle’s dances are extremely fun.  Bruno thought that he is a powerhouse of energy  Started out a Quickstep and ended up a Jive.  He needs more control in Ballroom.  More technique.  Carrie Ann loved it.  He was on fire.  There is something about him.  Len thoght it was hardly a proper Quickstep.  Len pointed out that he was flat-footed and that his arms were out of control, but he liked it (yeah…Thanks(MAC- 7  )   Carrie Ann- 8 , Len- 7  , Bruno- 7  =   22       800.868.3403  Video

 Kurt Warner and Anna:  They danced the Jive to Danger Zone.  Pretty good Jive and I enjoyed Kurt completely.   Is it me or have all of the Jives been a little flat tonight?  Carrie Ann Loved it.  She thinks he has great musicality.  Everything seems like it is easy for him.   Last week, Len thought his dance was an outhouse, this week it is a Penthouse.  But he thinks that his Kicks are a bit soft.  Bruno thought he was a cool guy who does a cool jive.  He thinks that he has got it and he cannot wait to see his progression over the competition.   (MAC- 7  )   Carrie Ann-7   , Len- 7  , Bruno- 7   = 21         800.868.3408  Video

The Situation and Karina:  They danced the ‘Quickstep to We no speak no Americano.  The Situation is pretty funny in rehearsal.  Karina says that she enjoys kicking The Situations’s behind, because not many girls get to do that.  This dance worked okay for The Situation, but I think that he needed a little more rehearsal.  He missed one of the Kicks and there were a few mis-steps, but you can really see that he is trying hard.  Len thought it was a series of unfortunate events (ouch).  The Quickstep is a tough dance, he thought that he did a good job.  It was Better than next week.  Bruno could tell that he wanted to do so well.  You could tell he was thinking and counting so hard.  Carrie thinks that he has to work on his musicality.  Advised him to listen to an IPOD and learn to feel the music   (MAC- 6  )   Carrie Ann-6   , Len- 6  , Bruno- 6   = 18         800.868.3410  Video

Bristol Palin and Mark:       They danced the Quickstep to You Can’t Hurry Love .  Bristol took Mark home to Alaska to meet her Mom and family and get some more votes.  They used up alot of practice time travelling to Alaska, so they have alot to learn in a shorter amount of time.   Bristol did well with her Quickstep, but she is still a little stiff.  Once,she learns to relax, I think she may be a Contender.   Bruno thought that there was a fresh quality about her that is charming.  She has to become an Actress and engage everyone with what she is doing.  Carrie Ann thinks that she is an enduring spirit and compares her to Kelly Osbourne.  Len says it is neat and precise, but she has to come out and wow us and take chances.  (MAC-7   )   Carrie Ann- 7  , Len-  8 , Bruno- 7   =  22        800.868.3407  Video