The 2nd week of Results should be interesting.  I think last week proved that anything is possible. Anyone can go home.  Last night millions voted last night and DWTS waste no time with getting down to the results!


Kyle and Lacey did well with their high energy Quickstep.  They are safe!

Brandy and Maks’ Jive needed to improve its technique.  They are in Jeopardy!  Really? Is this real?

Tom brings up Bruno’s harsh remarks about Michael Bolton, so that he can reiterate how horrible Bolton was last night.  Len was also allowed to show that he is a good guy after all again and continued to tell Bruno about his behavior last night.  Bruno tells him to wind it up!  Lol!  Can’t they all just get along?  Carrie Ann refuses to get into it. 

Repeat Performance

Kyle and Lacey get the nod to repeat their Quickstep.  Nice.  Video

Guest Performance

Janelle Monet performs ‘Tightrope’  Video


Brooke talks to Florence Henderson and Corky &  The Situation and Karina & Bristol and Mark to get some feed back on how they are feeling about the competition so far.

Booing Controversy

Brooke speaks to Derek and Jennifer about the Booing situation that occured last night.  It had been reported by the Media that Sarah Palin was booed last night as she came out to support her daughter Bristol.  But DWTS now airs footage that hadn’t been previously aired that shows that the Audience was actually Booing the Judges for each giving Jennifer and Derek a score of an 8 for a total of a 24.  It appears that the audience felt that the duo deserved a higher score.  DWTS wants it to be clear to everyone that the crowd was not booing Sarah Palin.


Florence and Corky did a proper Quickstep.  They are Safe!

 The Situation and Karina‘s Quickstep was a series of unfortunate event.  They are in Jeopardy!

Bristol and Mark pleased the Judges with their Quickstep.  They are safe.

Tony and Audrina’s Quickstep Dazzled.  They are safe.

Jennifer and Derek’s Jive was Killer!  They are safe.

Pro Rituals

The Pros give us some Insight into how they prepare for their performances.  Some of them have some rather odd rituals that they feel that they have to do to get ready.

Guest Performance

Macy’s Stars of Dance Perform  Video

Guest Performance

Seal performs  ‘The Weight of my Mistakes’.  I love his voice!  Video

Contestant Feedback

The Contestants provide some insight into what they are thinking about the Season so far.


Michael and Chelsie’s Jive was flat.  He is in jeopardy!

Kurt and Anna’s Jive was well received.  He is safe.

Rick and Cheryl’s Jive made them Contenders.  He is safe.

Margaret and Louis’ Jive showed that they are on their way.  She is safe.

Brooke speaks to Michael and Chelsie.  Michael is feeling optimistic.  He takes a moment to say that last night Bruno was disrespectful and inappropriate.  (ouch)

Final Eliminations

It is down to Brandy and Maks, The Situation and Karina & Michael and Chelsie

 Brandy and Maks are safe!

The Situation and Karina are safe!

Michael and Chelsie are going home!  Video

I think that America got it right!