It is story Night on DWTS!  Each Dance will tell a Story, it is up to the Dancers to sell it!  And they are allowing/encouraging Props!  Last week, the Contest lost Michael Bolton.  But he’s back!  Susan Boyle was scheduled tomorrow for the DWTS Result night, but she is unable to perform.  Michael Bolton graciously will stand in.  Wow!  NeYo will also perform.

 The Pros Take the Stage to demonstrate  the dances that will be performed tonight: The Foxtrot, The Waltz and The Samba.

Jennifer & Derek:  They danced the Samba to  Brazil.   Their story is that  Jennifer is the Teacher and Derek has a crush on him.  They are acting out some fantasies this time.  Excellent dance.  These two move so very well together.  Derek is one of the best Choreographers on the show.  I love their wardrobe tonight, it really compliments the dance.  She’s pretty good with that ruler.  Len really enjoyed it.  He loved that they continued the story throughout the dance.  She wasn’t as clean and crisp in her moves.  Bruno thinks she is the sexy mistress of cougar town in samba school, but Len is right, she is  fluttered a little, but he thought that she was great.  Carrie Ann- thought they were a little out of sync, but they told the story well.  Derek and Jennifer recreate the moves to show that they can do it.  (I don’t know, I really liked this one)   (MAC – 9  )  Carrie Anne-   8 ,  Len-  8  ,  Bruno- 8   = 24     1-800-868-3411  Video

Florence & Corky: They danced the Waltz to ‘Edelweiss’.  Their story is  right out of The Sound of Music; two people finding out that htey have this great attraction, but it is frightening to them to trust and give in to it.  I thought that Mrs. Brady did well and that she truly captured the essence of her story.  Great job.  Bruno thought it was simple, effective, he could feel her emotional connection.  At times, it felt that she stopped, needs to have continuous movement.  Carrie Ann feels that her husband is smiling down on her.  She really had a real story.  The dance is a little on the simple side and she would like to push boundaries more.  Len thought it was poignant, emotional,  sweet.  He feels that the Technique in her feet is non existent.  He would like her to work on her footwork.  Mrs. Brady isn’t happy.  (MAC -7  )  Carrie Anne- 7   ,  Len-  6  ,  Bruno- 7   = 20    1-800-868-3409   Video

Kurt & Anna:  They danced the Foxtrot to Bad Day.  The Story is to start with someone having a bad day and at the end of the dance, they will end on a high.  Kurt struggles with his siz and being graceful.  To prepare for his Dance and being graceful, he is ordered to attend a Tea Party with his little daughters.  Kurt did pretty well tonight, but he definitely looked like he was thinking too hard at some points.  But I enjoyed him and he is very likeable.  Carrie Ann thought it was so charming and that worked wonders.  She loved it and she thought that they had Great chemistry.  Len lacked musicality, everything else was fantastic.  Bruno thought that everything was great, except his frying pans hands.  He thought that he nearly dropped her.  (maybe he did)    (MAC – 8   )  Carrie Anne-  8  ,  Len- 8   ,  Bruno-7  = 23    1-800-868-3408  Video

Margaret & Louis:  They danced the Samba to Copacobana.  Margaret has to learn to control her facial expressions.  Their story is about expressing pride and happiness.  She is coming out as beautiful and confident.  Margaret is definitely coming out as a Rainbow Dancing Machine.  I think that she started out really strong but about half way through, she  got scared and lost her step a few times.  Cute, her parents are so proud.  Len was encouraged at the start with good rhythm, but as the dance progressed, she lost her timing.  He couldnt quite get the story.  Bruno praised her for waving the Rainbow flag, but she lost her way.  They cannot overlook it.  Carrie Ann loves the story that she came out a Rainbow.  Margaret agreed that this is the gayest thing that DWTS has seen.  Carrie Ann declares that DWTS has gone gay.  Carrie Ann would like to  see her work on her arms.   (MAC – 6   )  Carrie Anne-  6  ,  Len- 6   ,  Bruno- 6   = 18    1-800-868-3405  Video

Audrina & Tony:  They danced the Waltz to  Let It be Me.   Their storyline is that Tony is a Marine who is Dead, but come back from beyond for one final dance with his love.  Good Dance.   Bruno thought it was compelling and touching story telling.  Beautifully danced.  Carrie Ann thought it was beautiful, but she needs to point her toes more.  Len thought that it was the most touching dance of the night.  He says, ‘You Walk with your feet and dance with your heart’.   They show a clip of Tony waxing his legs last week after failing to get 3 8’s last week.  He won’t have to worry about that this week.   (MAC -8    )  Carrie Anne-8 ,  Len-   9 ,  Bruno- 9 =  26    1-800-868-3401     Video

Bristol & Mark:  They danced the Foxtrot to Just The Way You Are.   The story is that Mark is a homeless person on the streets and Bristol is not interested, but then she has a change of heart.  They show a clip of Bristol doing public speaking on the importance of abstinence.  This dance was a little odd to me.  I don’t think that they told the story.  She did the dance movements, but there was no excitement to it.  It warmed up on the end and then it was over.  Carrie Ann thought that was a hard one.  Her movement quality was good.  The story didn’t happen for Carrie Ann.  Len didn’t like it that much.  Too contemporary for his taste.  Bruno thought the execution of the dance is clean, but she is not Meryl Streep yet, she has to feel it.  He knows that there is something in there, but he needs her to show it to him baby!  Wow…… Bruno             (MAC -6  )  Carrie Anne-  6 ,  Len- 6 ,  Bruno-7   = 19     1-800-868-3407  Video

Brandy & Maks:  They danced the Samba to  Put  it in a Love Song.    Brandy brought some tape to Practice to help her  keep her mouth shut, since she was kind of whiny last week and she threw Maks under the bus in front of the Judges.  Their story is from The Bodyguard movie.  In real life she is a Singer and he is her Body Guard in the competition.  Maks is on her in the rehearsal (is it me or is he slapping her behind every 5 seconds)  and Brandy keeps her Mouth Shut.  I liked this fun Samba and there is  much improvement from last week.   It’s good when Brandy listens to Maks.  Len thought it had energy, punch and some improvement from last week, but he didn’t feel that they told the story.  He points out that, ‘Slapping her on the ass is not being a Bodyguard’ (ouch).  Bruno sees the comeback of the Diva.  He thought she got it at the end.  So much better this week and he urges her to keep fighting and to Come back a bigger Diva next week.  Carrie Ann tries to slap Maks’ behind, calls him a ‘Naughty Boy’  because she doesn’t condone that kind of teaching, but she pointed out that it worked.      (MAC -8    )  Carrie Anne-8    ,  Len- 8   ,  Bruno- 8   = 24    1-800-868-3406  Video

Kyle & Lacey:   They danced the Waltz to ‘Falling in love at a Coffee Shop’.    Kyle would like to show everyone that he can be smooth and nail the technique of the Waltz.  The story is about two strangers falling in love in a Coffee Shop.  You know what keeps Kyle going for me is that his face is endearing.  He has such a look of joy on his face and I think that he did very well with this Waltz.  Again, he just looks so very young that it is hard to see him in this dance, but Bravo.  Bruno feels that this is the happy picture of a blossoming Teenage romance.  He feels that his Arms are better, but he should work on his feet.  Carrie Ann says that ‘Everything he does, brings fun to the dance.  She loves the way that his arms are expressive.  Len thinks that his acting and performance is great, but his footwork is atrocious.    (MAC – 8   )  Carrie Anne-8    ,  Len- 7   ,  Bruno-8    =23     1-800-868-3403  Video

The Situation & Karina:  The danced the Foxtrot to ‘Boom Boom Pow‘.  The storyline is about a time machine and that is all that I got out of the description.  Karina is really surprised at how dedicated that The Situation is to learning the movements.   Interesting song for the Foxtrot.  I find the music distracting.    The Situation is still pretty stiff, but I definitely see him getting more comfortable.  If he makes it to next week, he is going to have to step up his game.  Carrie Ann thinks he is babystepping his way to becoming a dancer.  Wonderful improvement.  Len says if that is the future, he is glad that he lives in the past.  Len doesn’t want to be nasty, but if he was dancing in his backyard, he would have to draw the curtains.  Bruno thought in a very weird way, it was very entertaining.                      (MAC – 6   )  Carrie Anne-  7  ,  Len- 6   ,  Bruno- 7   = 20    1-800-868-3410  Video

Rick & Cheryl:   They danced the Samba to Whine Up.  The Story is about Rick just cost his team the game and no one wants anything to do with him.  Rick has to learn to trust Cheryl in practice.  Rick Fox proves that he is more than a pretty face.  He is bringing sexy back tonight and clutch the pearls….he has his shirt open.  I heart him.  Oh, and he nailed the Samba  as well.  I am still amazed at how well he moves with his height.  Len is glad that he brought it up a notch tonight.  He thinks that the dance was Well done.  Bruno thought that he got pretty hot and encourages Rick to continue to bring it on.  Carrie Ann thought it was hot and sexy and gooood!  (I concur)  (MAC – 9 )  Carrie Anne- 8 ,  Len- 8 ,  Bruno- 8 = 24    1-800-868-3404  Video

Weak links:

The Situation