This is the Results recap, so I guess from the picture, you can see where this is going…., but here is the recap anyway!

The Results show starts off with a surprise!  Karina and The Situation got the nod to repeat their dance.   Video

Dance Recap:

Brandy & Maks did well in their Funky Samba!

Jennifer & Derek’s Samba was entertaining.

Rick and Cheryl’s Samba was hot & Sexy!

All three received a score of 24 out of 30.


The first couple safe is Audrina and Tony.

Kurt and Anna are also safe.

Kyle and Lacey are in jeopardy!

 Guest Performance

NeYo performs ‘One in a Million’  He knows how to make an exit.  He learned that move from watching Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ video a million times.  Video

 Donny Osmond on the Streets of Las Vegas interviews  random fans.   It is a trip to me how much being on a Reality Show can put a Star back out there.  So many of the DWTS Alum are so present now in the Entertainment world. 


Dance Recap:

Audrina and Tony’s Waltz was beautiful with the highest score of 26.

Kyle and Lacey’s Foxtrot pleased the Judge’s inspite of the atrocity and earned 23.

Kurt and Anna’s Foxtrot was inspiring with a score of 23.


Jennifer and Derek are safe!

Rick and Cheryl are in Jeopardy (Aww… they thought that they were safe and were slapping high 5).

Brandy and Maks are safe!

 Talent Competition

Mark Ballas and Val Chmerkovskiy  continue their competition and showcase their musical and dancing abilities!  I didn’t know that these guys were so multi-talented.  Pretty Excellent!  Video

 Guest Performance

Michael Bolton is seriously a Good Sport!  In spite of getting the boot last week, he fills in for Susan Boyle (who pulled out reportedly due to an illness) and sings ‘Hallelujah’.   Video

 Dance Recap

Bristol and Mark’s Foxtrot was ill received with a 19.

The Situation and Karina baby stepped to a 20.

Florence and Corky’s Waltz was emotional and earned a 20.

Margaret and Louis’ Samba lost the way with a score of 18.


The Situation and Karina are safe!

Bristol and Mark are in Jeopardy!

Florence and Corky are safe!

Margaret and Louis are also in jeopardy!

 Video clip that gives us more insight on the emotional toll of being on DWTS

 Final Eliminations

Kyle and Lacey are safe!  Lol, upon hearing the news, Lacey punches Kyle in the arm.  He is still caressing his hurt arm as the light dims on them.

Rick and Cheryl are safe!

Bristol and Mark are safe!

Aww….Margaret and Louis are eliminated!  I really like her!  Video