This week  is Acoustic and  Ballroom  week on DWTS!  Tonight, the Celebrities will receive 2 scores:  one for Performance and one for Technique. 
Feedback from the Pros and Contestants about performing on a small and elevated stage and what challenges that they face.  I do agree that they are facing some real challenges with the unfamiliar ground of the accoustic music and small intimate stage setting.
Pros come out to do a demonstration of what the Rumba should look like.   Dimitri and Chelsie do the dances with ease to the Band’s slowed down version of Adele’s  ‘Chasing Pavements’.  I think I kind of like this very diferent version.  Video

Kurt and Anna:  They danced the  Rumba to Drops of Jupiter.   Kurt struggled with putting the sensuality  in the dance.  He is a Christian and feels uncomfortable dancing like this with a woman who is not his wife.   Anna’s husband and Kurt’s wife came out to give thir blessing for them to get into character and sell the dance.  I give Kurt an A for effort, but he still looks a little stiff and uncomfortable with the dance.  I thought it was a good dance with great music.  Len is happy that Kurt has a very nice hip action, but his pivots and posture need work.  He thought that he  pitched the romantic side of the dance  just right.  Bruno agreed with Len and is he is still not happy with Kurt’s hand movements.  He thinks that Kurt looks like he is catching a football.  Carrie Ann really loved the performance.  She thought that he seemed like he was dancing with everyone, but showed great chemistry with Anna.  She feels that his musicality was a bit off this week and  he does have to work on his hands.  (MAC-TS- 6, PS-7),   Technical Score:  Carrie Ann-5, Len- 5  , Bruno-5=15.  Performance Score:  7, 6, 6=19  Final Score- 34 out of 60…..Ouch!  800.868.3408  Video
Brandy and Maks:   They danced the Rumba to ‘Women’s Work“.      Brandy struggled with being sexy, she hasn’t been in a relationship for 6 years, so it was hard for her channel her inner Vamp.   Maks took her out on a fieldtrip Date to practice to being romantic.  Brandy had to check him on how to present Flowers and Candy to a girl to help her feel sexy.  She starts out laying on the floor….interesting.  Wow, Brandy has on a sheer sheet with a sequined swimsuit underneath.  She should feel sexy with this outfit.  I think that she is feeling it and I believe what they are selling tonight.  Sexy peformance!   Very Romantic!  Bruno loved the soft sensuality of the dance and he  thought it was like watching two lovers out in a garden.  He has some critiques though, but he thought that the performance was well done.  Carrie Ann feels that the real Brandy has finally shown up.  She thought hat there were some movements that she could improve.  Len liked the performance and technicality of the dance.  But he thought it was a little too hot and spicy for his taste.  Are we surprised by this?      (MAC- TS-8 , PS-9  ),   Technical Score:  Carrie Ann- 7 , Len-8  , Bruno-7  = 22.  Performance Score:  Carrie Ann- 9 , Len- 8, Bruno- 9 =   26  Final Score   48 out of 60    800-868.3406  Video  Video

The Pros demonstrate how the Argentine Tango should be performed.  Video
Rick and Cheryl:  They danced the Argentine Tango.  Rick has to be dominating in this dance and he has to own it.  He is worried about dropping Cheryl with the elevated stage.       Another great performance.  Rick looks the part and the passion is there in the beginning.  It appears that throughout the dance, Rick seems to be very concerned about being too close to the edge of the stage and possibly following off.  They do some great sweeping lifts in this one.  I’m still amazed at how his height doesn’t hinder him, but he seems to be thinking hard on his movements towards the end.  Passionate dance.  Both of  his kids are there tonight sitting with his girlfriend Eliza Dushku.    Carrie Ann thought that they looked sexy, but it felt one dimentional.  She felt the stage size was an obstacle and that the movements were not flowing.  Len though the lifts were excellent.  He thought that the dance started full of drama, but it lost that energy.  But this was an  All around good performance.  Bruno thought he came out like Clark Gable and was quite intense like he didn’t give a damn.  But it didn’t flow all the way through.     (MAC- 8,  TS- , PS- 8 ),   Technical Score:  Carrie Ann-6  , Len- 7 , Bruno-6   = 19.  Performance Score:  Carrie Ann-6  , Len-7 , Bruno-7 =20   Final Score  39 out of 60.  800-868.3404  Video  Video
 Kyle and Lacey:  They danced the Rumba to ‘Beautful Girls’.    Kyle really needs to pratice on his footwork and technique.  Kyle’s young age (18) is  a hindrance to pulling off the necessary sexiness of  the Rumba.  He is going to have to bring more than his charm tonight.   Amazingly I think that his hip action was pretty good.  You can see that he is really making an effort to control his movements, but it is very difficult to take him seriously, all I see is Disney, when I look at him  Len thought his footwork was much better.  But it was too sharp and it didn’t flow.  He thoiught the performance was excellence.  Bruno thinks that he plays it well.  Kyle has moments of fluidity, but sometimes it was too much.  Carrie Ann liked the flow of the dance.  She could thell that he paid attention of the detail of the dance, but that caused his perormance to be uneven.  She loved the performance and thouht that he still lit up the room.   (MAC: TS- 6, PS- 8 ),   Technical Score:  Carrie Ann- 6 , Len-6  , Bruno- 6  =18.  Performance Score:  Carrie Ann- 8 , Len-7 , Bruno-7     = 22  Final Score 40  out of 60  800-868.3403  Video 

 The Situation and Karina:  They danced   the Argentine Tango.  The Situation was really worried about getting the steps right.  Karina knows that they have to go for the performance piece to get their points.  He is so much nicer on this show than he appears to be on Jersey Shore, so I guess that must really be an act.  He’s likeable on DWTS.  But ooh…niceness wont fix this performance The situations biggest problem is that he calls attention to his mistakes.  He recovers from his mistakes with uh-oh facial movements and he mouths an apology to Karina more than once.  Bruno tells the Situation that was a terrible mess that never quite made sense and that  (ouch)  he made so many mistakes.  Bruno thought it was really, really, really terrible.  Carrie Ann agreed it was a rough ride, but she sees improvement and intensity.  Len thought  it was consistently bad throughout.  He congratulated Karina for the wonderful work that she is doing with The Situation, because it is easy to get a good dancer and have them perform well (That was a big Clown on the Situation, but he just said it nicely).     (MAC-4, TS- , PS- 5 ),   Technical Score:  Carrie Ann-4  , Len-  , Bruno- 4 = 12.  Performance Score:  Carrie Ann-6  , Len-5 , Bruno- 5    = 16   Final Score  28 out of 60   800-868.3410  Video  Video
 Florence  and Corky: They danced the Rumba to Yesterday.  Mrs. Brady is ready to match Corky’s sexiness and intensity.    They have Florence’s Daughter and Corky’s son Mark come out to rate their dance moves.  Cute.  The beginning is extremely awkward. Extremely.  They recover and the dance gets better.  I have to give it to Mrs. Brady, she is definitely in the competition.  Some really rough footwork out there and Mrs. Brady is doing too much hip gyrations for me.  Peter Brady is in the house tonight!  Carrie Ann is wondering what just happened with Mrs. Brady out there?  She proved that age doesn’t matter when it comes to being Raunchy.  She felt that it went a little too far and at times and she was a little uncomfortable.  Len thought it was much better than he thought it would be. (how bad did he expect it to be)  Bruno thought that the performance went through all emotions and less would have been better.   She lost her timing many times.   (MAC: TS-5 , PS-6  ),   Technical Score:  Carrie Ann- 6 , Len- 6 , Bruno-5   = 17.  Performance Score:  Carrie Ann- 6 , Len-6 , Bruno-6     = 18   Final Score 35  out of 60.   800-868.3409  Video


 Jennifer and Derek:  They danced the Argentine Tango.      Jennifer hopes to hold her own against Derek.  She has a pinch nerve in her foot and a neck injury.   Derek believes that she is aweome and she can handle the hard moves inspite of her injuries.  I guess that he is right, because tonight, they are Excellent.  Definitely the best of tenight.   I think that she matched him move for move.  Sexy and intense.  The moves are so difficult. Wow!!  Len thought it combined excellent technique and great performance skills.  The dance was  Beautifully played.  Bruno thought this was prime time delight. Fantastic &  Incredible.  Carrie Anne thought it was A-Ma-Zing!  (MAC:  TS-10 , PS- 10 ),   Technical Score:  Carrie Ann- 9 , Len- 9 , Bruno-9   =27.    Performance Score:  Carrie Ann-10 , Len- 9, Bruno- 10 = 29   Final Score 56  out of 60!  First 10’s of he season!   800-868.3411  Video

 Bristol and Mark:  They danced the Rumbato Umbrella .   As a teen Mom, Bristol worries about finding her sexy side.  Bristol probably has the worst spot of the night coming on to dance after Jennifer.   Uh-oh…..This dance is uninspired and slow.  I think tht Mark should have pushed her more, this choreography doesn’t do anything to excite .  Bristol’s Mom & Dad and little sister are there for support.     Bruno thinks that technically, she is clean, but the moves don’t go anywhere.  She has to sustain all the way.   Carrie Ann thinks that she has all the making.  But she feels that Bristol is not putting in the effort, because  this is week 4.  Carrie Ann calls her out and lets her know that she wants more from her, she also feels that Mark’s shirtless move was a distraction.  Len also didnt like the shirt bit.  He would like to see more we and less me.    (MAC:  TS-5 , PS-6  ),   Technical Score:  Carrie Ann-  6, Len-6  , Bruno- 6  = 18.  Performance Score:  Carrie Ann-4  , Len-5 , Bruno- 5 = 14 (ouch)   Final Score  32  out of 60   800-868.34 07  Video
Audrina and Tony:  They danced the Argentine Tango.   It was really difficult f0r Audrina to prepare for the passion on the small stage and she worried about getting wrinkles from the intensity of the performance.   This was a pretty good performace.   I think that it had some chllenging moves, but there was no fire to it.  It definitly didn’t seem like there was any passion between them.  Great technical moves, but I was looking for more.   Carrie Ann enjoyed it, but she feels that Audrina  is so close, she needs to work on perfecting and extending her toes.  She  felt it lacked energy.  Her dismount from their lifts were a litte sloppy. Len thougt it was clean performance and that routine was very good.  But he  didn’t get that feeling of being transcended to a seedy nightclub during the dance.  Bruno agreed and he thought that she performed like the Ice Princes, she did her moves well, but it wasn’t sharp.    (MAC- TS-8 , PS- 8 ),   Technical Score:  Carrie Ann-8  , Len- 8 , Bruno- 8  = 24.  Performance Score:  Carrie Ann- 8 , Len-7 , Bruno- 7    =  22  Final Score 46  out of 60  Video  800-868.3401

Weak Links:  Florence, The Situation, Bristol