Tonight will be DWTS’ first TV Theme night. I’m betting that Florence will hem up the Brady Bunch Theme for sure.

The judges give us some feedback on what the contestants will need to win the competition. This is interesting and all, but this is a lot of time that the Judges are using with the critiques. 

Brandy and Maks:  The danced the Quick Step.   TV Theme: ‘Friends’.  Very fun and cute dance.  Excellent choreography for this music and Brandy looks like she is having great fun.  She has great form and I think that even Len wll like this one.  Len is so impressed with the dance.  He thought that it was full of sass and this was Brandy’s best dance.  Bruno thought that they got the right formula and that they were on it.  Didn’t lose count and it was so fast.  Carrie Ann feels there is such an amazing new bond and their dancing is at another level.   (MAC-10  )  Carrie Ann- 9  ,  Len- 9  ,  Bruno-9   =27      800.868. 3406   Video

Judge’s Point of View:   Carrie Ann feels that Brandy has all of the ingredients to be a great dancer.   She feels that she is working really hard at perfecting he moves. Brandy has learned to work her long arms.  The speed of her moves don’t match her mind. Her insecurities limit her. If she feels more confident in what she is doing, she could go straight to the top of the scores.   Her Rumba was her best dance.

Florence and Corky:  They danced The Tango.  TV Theme (shocker):  The Brady Bunch.    Barry Williams (AKA Greg Brady) drops by Florence’s practice where she reveals that he always had a crush on her.  Yeah, I heard that thy had a full affair years ago (but I’m not one to gossip).   She is not confirmng or denying any kind of relationship.  They play at the idea of their past and Greg tells him that Cory is a little young for her, he’s younger than Bobby.  Lol.  Okay, I think that everyone will like this once.  How can you not?  Mrs. Brady dancing to her theme music works for me and she looked pretty good too.  Bruno thought the beginning was beautiful, but then she went into a ragdoll mode.  He thinks that She is good enough to just do the dance, she has the means to do something great.  Carrie Ann liked it.  She liked that Carrie Ann did the moves just like the younger people.  She is a Sexy Senior.  Some of the moves through her timing off.  Len feels that she has got to week 5 on her merit.  Parts of the dance was excellent, some of the moves were erratic.  Len thinks this is her best dance.  (MAC-7  )  Carrie Ann- 7  ,  Len- 7  ,  Bruno- 7  =  21    800.868. 3409    Video

Judge’s Point of View:  Len feels that at 76, Florence has still got it. She  is a great entertainer. She has improved in so many ways. Particulary with her Rumba. She can’t complete with these young people with some of the movements. She has to dance with a little bit more artistry. She needs more smoother transitions from one move to the other.   He feels that Florence’s  best dance was the Rumba.

Kurt and Anna:  They danced the Quickstep.  TV Theme:  Bewitched.   I thought that this dance was full of personality and it was just full of  fun.  In my opinion, this is his best dance.   Did he drop her at the end?  Was that part of the plan?  Either way, Great Dance!  Carrie Ann thinks she saw the spirit of Gene Kelly enter into him.  Len thought after last week, the only was to go was up and up he has gone.  Bruno likes it when he is Bewitched.  His posture went sometimes, but  the magic is back….brilliant.  (MAC- 8 )  Carrie Ann-8   ,  Len-  8 ,  Bruno-8   = 24     800.868. 3408   Video

Judge’s Point of View:  Len feels that Kurt is a true Champion and he shows us that dancing can look Macho. Len hated Kurt’s moves in his first week, but he liked that he takes critiques like a man. He would like to see him disguise his hands when he dances and work on his footwork.   The Jive has been Kurt’s best dance.

Audrina and Tony:  They danced the Rumba.  TV Theme:  The Hills.   They are hoping to bring more passion to the Dance floor tonight.   This dance didn’t work tonight.  It was lifeless and kind of boring.  I expected more, because she is a good dancer.  I think that the Choreography let her down.  What a shame!  Especially, since she ate that raw onion in hopes of decreasing her anxiety about being sexy.  Since I almost fell asleep during the performance, Len loved it and thought that it was an excellent Rumba, but at times she appeared to be a little intimidated.  Bruno feels that technically, she has improved, but he wanted the dance to pulsate with passion.  He urges her not to be plastic, be fantastic.   Carrie Ann thought the lower part of Audrina’s body was gorgeous.  She pointed out that she saw a lift.  Carrie Ann gets paid a bonus, when she points out lifts.  JK.  (MAC- 6 )  Carrie Ann-7   ,  Len-   7,  Bruno- 8  =   22   800.868. 3401  Video

Judge’s Point of View:  She has to get her foot work together, better hip action and he worries that Tony will push her too much. He feels that she is talented as demonstrated in her best dance- the Waltz.

Kyle and Lacey:  They danced the Foxtrot.  TV Theme:  Charlie’s Angels.    Hmmm….This was a strange Foxtrot.  I will say that Kyle and Lacey completely embraced the theme, but their wardrobe may be a bit of a distraction.  The dance starts with some really strange slow moves.  Definitely not his best dance.  Bruno likes that Kyle alway brings the feel good facor, but he felt that this foxtrot was possessed by the disco fever.  Not enough foxtrot in it.  Carrie Ann disagreed!  She liked Kyle’s groovy Charlie (really?) and that he was focused on his technique.  Len hated that dance.  He thought that it started out badly and got worse and worse (ouch).    (MAC- 6 )  Carrie Ann- 8  ,  Len-  5 ,  Bruno-7   = 22     800.868. 3403  Video

Judge’s Point of View:  Bruno feels that Kyle is the Star Entertainer. They love him and feel that he has a Great interpretation of the dance. He has so much intensity, he loses some of the style. He loses the frame and tries to get it back by lifting his chin. He has to learn to  perfect his feet technique. Kyle and Lacey have mastered their chemistry. Kyle and Lacey’s best dance was the Cha Cha. It showed off all of his strengths.

Rick and Cheryl:  They danced the Rumba.  TV Theme:  Hill Street Blues.  Bruno kind of got to Rick last week, when he called him Megatron.  He hopes to turn into Rick the Lover.  Mission accomplished.  Megatron is gone.  Sexy Rick is delivering the smoothest Rumba that I have seen in a while.  I like watching him so much!  Carrie Ann was flirtatious and thought that it should be a crime for Rick to look that good dancing the Rumba.  Len thinks that his dancing is elegant and smooth, but he didn’t see the passion.  The dance was more like the couple was staying together for the kids (ouch).  (In reference to Len) Bruno says that the kids will be gorgeous.  Rick went from Megatron to Mega smooth.   (MAC-9  )  Carrie Ann- 8  ,  Len- 8  ,  Bruno- 8  =  24    800.868. 3404      Video

Judge’s Point of View:  Rick can dance.  Not just eyecady.  Len admits he was so concerned when he heard Rick was to be on the show.  He embraces all of the characters.  Tricky Ricky, he calls him.  Rick tends to be a little slow at times.  Rick also has some lasting affect from injuries from his Laker days.  He is one to watch.  His Samba is his best dance.

Bristol and Mark:  They danced the Jive.  TV Theme:  The Monkees.   Bristol is just really happy that she is still there.  Mark brought in some  unconventionaly  methods to get her into character.   This may be Bristol’s worst dance.  Such a low energy jive.  I know that she is not a entertainer, but…..    Len liked the Monkey Suits.  He thought that they could have kept them on longer.  Higher degree of performance for Bristol.   Bruno loved them dressed as gorillas  doing the twist (really?).  He awknowledged that  she tried, but her  techniques went down the swanee.  Carrie ann saw a really big transition and that made her happy.  She thought that Bristol forgot  alot of the moves though, but this was a big step forward (I need to rewind)……(MAC- 4 )  Carrie Ann- 6  ,  Len- 6  ,  Bruno- 6  =  18    800.868. 3407     Video

Judge’s Point of View:  Bruno feels that Bristol has got guts from coming from Alaska on her own when she has never performed. She is a natural mover with great  musicality and she is light on her feet.  but she is not an Entertainer. Her face has to tell a story and she has to learn to be sexy.   Bristol needs to be comfortable with it yet.  Mark is working hard trying to get it out of her.   She has to believe that she belongs here.   He would like to see her explore with blood, sweat and tears. He would like to see her explode out there and let the little minx out. She excelled with her Quickstep.

Jennifer and Derek:  They danced the Foxtrot.  TV Theme:  Married With Children.   Jennifer and Derek argued in practice and brought the dama that I expect from them.  She walked out of rehearsal pissed off, but then she came back  really happy, like she got a pick me up outside of the room.  Okay, tonight they look like June and Ward Cleaver, I was expecing the Bundys. Very Cutesy dance.  I don’t know if I was wowed by it, but good dance.    Bruno thought it was like watching the perfect housewife perform and it was beautifully danced.  Immaculate.  Carrie Ann thought it was good, but not nearly her best.  She thought it was a little out of sync.  Len thought it was too theatrical.  She didn’t need to waste 12 bars with a feather duster.  I knew he would say that.   (MAC- 8 )  Carrie Ann- 8  ,  Len- 8  ,  Bruno- 9  =   25   800.868. 3411  Video

Judge’s Point of View:  Jennifer and Derek may have the largest age gap between them, but they have true chemistry.  Jennifer always impresses Carrie Ann, especially with her her Argentine Tango.   She has a tendency to wear her emotions on her sleeves.  But her emotions can get the best of her and sometimes  it works against her.  Carrie Ann worries that she will re-injure one of her previous injuries.  She has set the bar really high and she will have to keep on delivering with her dances.  Her Argentine Tango was her best dance.