This is Dwight’s latest blog about the events that unfolded on RHOATL.  I love the way that he points out what everyone else has done wrong, but acts like he is a Saint trying to do a Good deed for a friend.  I would like to see him take some responsibility for his behavior.  He was running his mouth and it came back to him.  I do agree that he probably didn’t respond to Nene when she was screaming and yelling at him, because that only would have escalated matters and I’m sure that she can take him without breaking a sweat.  He looked her right in the eye and lied about what he said.  I love how he says that he is through.  Dwight is never through, he is the 7th Housewife of the show. Lol!  Read his blog, what do you think?

 I think it is embarrassing for adults to behave like children! It’s ignorant and very unfortunate. First of all Gregg came to me and asked me to lend him some money, $10,000, as a favor. I admittedly only had $500 to spare, and that’s what I lent him. Nene is married to Gregg, so Gregg needed to tell Nene that he borrowed money from me. If he could not tell her about the loan, then that speaks volumes about their marriage. And besides, it was a gentleman’s agreement. He asked that I not mention it to Nene, and in respect to what he was trying to do for his family, I honored his wish.

The bottom line is, if Nene needed to be in anyone’s face, she needed to be in her husband’s face … period! Now let’s get to my big picture. Gregg never paid me back in the time frame that he promised, and I made no fuss to Gregg about it. 

A few epiphanies here: How can you trust the word of Kim, the very person you argued with for being a liar. Kim twisted the truth. I did tell Kim that Greg asked me for a $10,000 loan. I never said I lent him $10,000! Hell, I was struggling like everybody else in this bad economy! And you know what the truth is, if I had $10,000, I would have lent it to the Gregg. By the way it is quite telling that Kim repeated what I (supposedly) had to say, but never told Nene what she had to say! Nene should read her own book where she decries domestic violence! Violence is violence sweetie. We must set the example for our fans, friends, family and particularly our children.

Now, I’m through … and Kim should just come clean about everything she had to say about Nene, Gregg, and Sheree.