That’s right folks!  Florence ‘Mrs. Brady’ Henderson was eliminated tonight. 

Recap of the Show!


The Show started with the two lowest scoring couples of last night being told if they will make it through to next week:  Kyle and Lacey & Bristol and Mark are both safe.   I am really wondering who is in jeopardy now. 

Repeat Performance:

Brandy and Maks got the nod to repeat their fabulous Quickstep.

DWTS introduces us to ‘Bring it Like Bruno’ Instruction Videos where you will learn to bring it a little harder all for only $29.99.  Call 800-555-0199.  I’m praying this is a joke.

Guest performance:

Jay Sean Derulo performs ‘In My Head’.  Video


Highest Scoring couples of the night: Brandy and Maks are safe while Derek and Jennifer are in Jeopardy.  Really?  I’m finding that hard to believe, but okay.

DWTS Family Performs:

I’m not sure how Bernadette and Family were brought to the attention of DWTS, but the Family is from Africa and they escaped to America, after the Father was killed.  They love to dance and they are surprising their Mother tonight, by performing with the DWTS’ Pros.  Nice.  Video


Rick and Cheryl are in Jeopardy!

Kurt and Anna are safe!

DWTS Commercial:

David ‘The Huff’ Hassellhoff is the ‘Sledgehammer’ and he, Margaret Cho and The Situation are suing DWTS for the injuries they suffered on DWTS.  Cute skit.

Guest Performance:

Shakira performs ‘Loco’.  Good song, but remember when Shakira used to dance like her life depended on it.  Not anymore, she is real cool with it now, like maybe I will dance and maybe not.  Video

Jay Sean Derulo performs ‘Georgia on my Mind’Video


Florence and Corky are in jeopardy!

Audrina and Tony are safe!

Final Elimination

Jennifer and Tony are safe (we know)

Rick and Cheryl are safe!

Florence and Corky are eliminated!  I’m going to miss Mrs. Brady!  She is 76 years old and I honestly don’t think that it was her turn.  Maybe next week, but not this week. Video