It is Rock Week on DWTS!  Sounds Scary!  Last week, we said goodbye to Florence and Corky!  Tonight, our remaining Contestants will Dance to Rock Songs.  But first, the Top 10 performances of all times will be revealed out of the nearly 1,000 dances of all time.
10.  Shawn Johnson & mark Ballas Freestyle dance to ‘Do Your Thing’.   Hmmm…this was a good dance, but it really freaked me out with the mask at the beginning of the dance.  Not too sure if this would have made my top ten.

9.  Donny Osmond & Kym Johnson Argentine Tango danced to  Tango A Pugliese

8.   Helios Castroneves and Julianne Hough’s Quickstep to Hey Pachuco.  Now this was a great dance!  I would have picked this one for sure!
7.   Apollo and Julianne Hough ‘Freestyle’ to Bust a Move.  Another great one.   I miss Julianne’s Choreography.
6.    Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough’s Paso Doble performed to Living on Video.  Very funky choregraphy!
5.   Mel B. and Maks  Paso Doble to ‘Free Your Mind’.  Loved it!
4.  Nicole Scheringer and Derek Hough’ Paso Doble to Spanish Girl.  This is why Nicole is the Reigning Champion.
3.  Apollo and Julianne danced ‘The Samba’ to Move it.  Apollo was getting his groove on.
2.  Gilles Marini and Cheryl’s Tango   performed to Assassin’s Tango.   Mmm, Mmm, Mmm….this man is delicious….oh and he can dance too!
1.  Drew Lachey and Cheryl’s Freestyle danced to Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy.   Hmm…Number 1?

This week’s Performances:
1.    Tony and Audrina.  They danced the Paso Doble to ‘Another One Bites The Dust’.    Tony encouraged Audrina to stop thinking so much and perform with Authority.  She is so sweet that Tony took her to Martial Arts training to learn how to project her training.  Lol at her punching the plastic mask of Bruno.  Audrina looks the part, but she failed to capture the intensity that makes a great Paso Doble.  Again, a prett flat performance.  I wasn’t feeling it. Len flat out said that Audrina is getting on his nerves, because she has the potentioal to blow them away, but every week, she lacks the character of the dance.  Bruno feels that Len is absolutely right.  Audrina has to be a Man eating beauty like Eva Mendes.  She has to get to the next stage in the Latin dance.  Carrie Ann agrees with them, but she feels that she  has really improved.  Truly impressive with her moves.  She has to master the intensity and understand why she is pushing and/or leading Tony.   (MAC- 7 )  Carrie Ann-8   ,  Len-8  ,  Bruno- 8   =24 +8= 32  Video

2.    Kyle and Lacey.  They danced the Tango to ‘If I Had You’.  Kyle would like to redeem himself this week.  I’m not sure why Kyle’s brother had to dress up like a woman including with faux boobs, but he did to help Kyle practice (pretty dedicated sibling).  Kyle is back!  But he is so serious and obviously concentrating so much that he doesn’t bring that fun quality that he usually does.  No smiles for the crowd.  Oh wait, he is being serious for the intensity of the Tango?  Not sure.  Good performance though.  Bruno can tell that he put alot of work into this.  Footwork so much better.  Way to go.  Carrie Ann loved his performance. Len isn’t sacking him, he backs him tonight.  His dance is performance driven.  Much Improvement from last week, but Len would like to see balance and technique.    (MAC-8  )  Carrie Ann-8   ,  Len-7  ,  Bruno-8    =23 +7=30   Video

3.    Jennifer and Derek.  They danced the Paso Doble to ‘So What’.   Jennifer fell out of 1st place last week and the Paso Doble has the passion that she exudes.  This is definitely Jennifer’s dance.  I was really  Loving  it at first.  Then things got a little crazy.   She actually looked like she was having too much fun though, so that was a little out of character.  They almost fell a couple of times towards the end.    Carrie Ann chastized her for not knowing her limits and she wonders what is going on with her, she has lost her way.  Len thinks that she has the aggression.  She lost a bit of the control.  Bruno thinks that she has the rage right, but she lost the quality of movement.  She has to tone it down a bit.  (MAC-7  )  Carrie Ann-6   ,  Len-7  ,  Bruno-7    =20 + 9= 29   Video
4.    Rick and Cheryl.   They danced The Tango to ‘You Really Got Me.     Rick is determined to show that he can be passionate.   Tonight, Rick is sporting a silver mohawk and I forgive him for it.  Hmmm…this dance didn’t work for me like I hoped it would.  The music is off putting for a Tango.  Rick is so determined that he is kind of robotic with his Tango.  Len thought he did an excellent job.  Bruno thought he needed more control and romance.  Carrie Ann thought that he  balanced it well and it was amazing.  She thought that he was too stern with his expressions.                (MAC-7  )  Carrie Ann-  8 ,  Len-8  ,  Bruno-8    =24 +6 =30            Video

5.    Bristol and Mark.  They danced the Tango to ‘According to him.    Last week, Bristol scored the lowest score after she performed in a Monkey suit.  I blame Mark for the Gorilla costumes.  He should know better.  They have an ‘Air Guitar’ piece.  (Len hates skits) that Bristol insisted on to show their personality.    This dance  works much better for her and I think this is definitely her best performance..  Bruno says that she is all woman and this is her best performance.  Carrie ann thought she created drama with her movements and this was ridiculously amazing (really).  Len thought that she dropped her hold, but he appreciated the dance very much.  He says that last week, Bristol was a Chimp and this week she is almost a Champ.      (MAC-7  )  Carrie Ann-8   ,  Len-7  ,  Bruno-8    =  23 +5= 28    Video

6.     Kurt and Anna.  They danced the Paso Doble to ‘Final Countdown.’       Brett Michaels came to Kurt’s rehearsal to inspire him to find his inner Rocker.  This just didn’t work.  Kurt didn’t have the passion and charisma of the Paso.  A for effort, but his moves are not sharp or intense.  Carrie Ann admired his intensity, but the dance was not polished.  Len thought it just didn’t come together.  Bruno thought that his moves were all wrong.   (MAC-6)    Carrie Ann- 6  ,  Len- 6 ,  Bruno-6    =   18 + 4 =22   Video
7.   Brandy and Maks.  They danced the Tango to “I Need a Hero.          Brandy is a Drama Queen in rehearsal, but it all pays off!  She completely nails the dance and Len sums it up for everyone when he says that it is the best dance of the evening.    (MAC-9  )  Carrie Ann-9   ,  Len-8  ,  Bruno- 9   =  26  + 10=36    Video

Rock and Roll Marathon: All of the couples try to outdance each other.  The couple who last the longest will receive a 10.  Video

Kurt and Anna-4

Bristol and Mark-5

Rick and Cheryl-6

Kyle and Lacey- 7

Audrina and Tony-8

Jennifer and Derek-9

Brandy and Maks- 10

I actually think that Jennifer and Derek outdanced Brandy and Maks.


Weak Links?  Kurt, Bristol and Jennifer (low score, but she’s not going home)