Nene is tripping off her life and how things are going for her right now. Her solution? Get some plastic surgery.  She is having quite a few things nipped and tucked!  She consults with her Plastic Surgeon to see about getting liposuction to her stomach, having her breast and nose reduced.  What is all of this about?  I guess that it is true that more people would get plastic surgery, if they had the money to do so.  I don’t like pain, so I can’t see any amount of money making me sign up for pain.  Greg is not on board with the Surgery and he is not even available by phone, so Nene’s friend Diane and Kim are there to provide her with some physical and emotional support.  At this point, I’m thinking that Nene and Greg are getting a divorce soon, since he is not there for her, I think that she will have some major issues about that when she is coherent.   Greg does not respond to Nene’s call from the Hospital bed.

Kim’s Parents come to visit her and the Grandkids.  Kim is very much like her parents.  They are very money conscious and seem to encourage her relationship with Big Papa.

Kim visits Kandi who is working on her songs for her new CD.  Kim appears to be being supportive and would like to hear the album.  I’m thinking that Kim will steal some of Kandi’s  material.  She is fishing for some new material and she would like her next song to be about her ring  from Big Papa didn’t mean a thing.  Kandi proposes that they do a tour together to promote their music.  Kim wants to do more country Music, but she is still not willing to sing in front of Kandi who is making jokes about her being materialistic.  Kandi wants to be paid for any producing that she does for Kim for now on.  Look for the giant clash in the next few shows.

Sheree is smitten with her ‘love Doctor’ and she talks with her trainer about him as she works out.  She is pretty happy that he appears to have some act right about himself and some money too.  The Good Doctor Muhammad will be conducting a seminar about why Black Women can’t find a man.  He has 5 books out about relationships and keeping it real.  Sheree is hilarious and she is dead serious when she says ‘I’m all real, but if I did dishes, that would be fake’.  During the seminar, the good Dr. calls Sheree up to participate on a panel.   He is really pursuing Sheree and things seem to get sticky when they discuss money issues.  She likes that Dr. Muhammad can take control.  Side-note- I’m thinking that the Good Doctor has some money issues and he is feeling Sheree out.  Also, I read that there are some rumors out that he does not hold a license as a Doctor.

Cynthia goes to the Steeple Chase (event similaar to the Kentucky Derby) with her Man Peter.    Somehow, Phaedra the Southern Belle and Dwight are attending this event with Cynthia and Peter.  The ride over is  interesting.  Phaedra is hating on the fact that Cynthia is a Model.   Cynthia is right on with her comments that Phaedra looks like Tammie Faye Baker and Dwight looks like Willie Wonka.  Phaedra proclaims that she is an Equestrian and the Daughter of a Minister.  The couples get on the subject of Religiion and marriage. 

Cynthia and Phaedra get catty on the way.  Phaedra starts talking about how  she cannot stand all of the drama that Men with children and various baby mama’s bring to a relationahip and she prayed for a man  with no baggage.  Peter has five children, so he is not feeling  the conversation.  Cynthia is showing more personality this episode and she is trading comments with Phaedra.   Side comment from Cynthia who points out that Apollo has plenty of baggage since he has been in jail showering with men. 

Although Phaedra has  gotten on Cynthia and Peter’s nerves on the ride to event by the time that they get there, they are all friends.  Phaedra invites Cynthia to her Shower which is on  Sunday and she will have 200 guests or so there.  Cynthia feels that Phaedra talks about herself way too much and she is not digging the self absorbed thing.  Phaedra thinks that Cynthis is not that bad for a model.

Phaedra’s shower is  best described by Kandi as Boughetto (Bougie + Ghetto).  The event is coordinated by Dwight, because he  can provide Southern charm.  The event is over the top.   But Phaedra is satisfied with her high maintenance self.    All of the Ladies and the event is quite glitzy.  There is a Dress code!  All of the Ladies must wear hats. I cannot imagine a Baby Shower needing to be all of this.    Phaedra feels that the shower reminds her of her wedding day.   I can see why.   I was surprised and glad to see Lisa Wu is there.  Nice to see her.  Phaedra makes a dramatic entrance and there are Dancers and all kinds of fanciness that I have never imagined occurs at a Baby Shower.   There is so much ridiculousness going on that even Apollo refused to participate in some kind of Southern (traditional?) dance that Phaedra does with the ever willing Dwight.    Kim showed up late and hatless and Phaedra makes a remark about she didn’t think that her wig counted as a hat (ouch) .  There is way too much going on.    Cynthia ask for someone to please stab her and put her out of her misery.

Nene has a little hater-aide moment about why Phaedra is not all that.  This is completely out of the blue.