Last night’s Rock Night on DWTS didn’t go over so well!  Most of the performances seemed to be pretty challenged and looked awkward!  Tonight’s show starts with the 3 lowest scoring couples taking the stage.


Bristol & Mark, Kurt & Anna and Jennifer & Derek

Bristol’s Tango was well received with a score of 28.   Safe!

Kurt’s Tango wasn’t polished enough with a score of 22 Safe!

Jennifer’s Paso was flawed & all over the place with a score of 18.  In Jeopardy


Repeat Performance

Bristol and Mark get the Nod to repeat their  Paso Doble.

Guest Performance 

Heart Performs Barricuda  Video


Kyle and Lacey’s  performance pleased the Judges.  30  In Jeopardy

Rick and Cheryl’s Tango lacked the passion the Judges wanted to see.  30  Safe

 Brett Michaels, Alice Cooper and Dee Snider provided some feedback on the pressure that the Celebs are under as they take on the Character of a Rocker Dancer.


Guest Performance

Macy’s Star of  Dance Performed with a Medley of Rock Songs. Choreography by Travis Walls.

Guest Performance

Kylie Minogue performs New Song.  She Rocked!!  Video



Brandy and Maks’ Paso Doble was the best of the Night.  36  Safe!

Audrina and Tony’s Paso Doble wasn’t aggressive enough.  32  In Jeopardy!

Feedback from the Contestants about how hard it is to be on the show.  We get it.  I think that they can omit this part of the show every season.  We know, it is hard.  Very Hard. 


 Final Eliminations

Kyle and Lacey are Safe!

It’s down to Derek and Jennifer & Audrina and Tony.

The Judges are all irritated and shocked that 2 of the best couples are on the final elimination block.  Yes, DWTS continues (as is the tradition of all Reality Competitions) to be a Popularity competition. 

Not looking good for Audrina.  I don’t think that she can send Baby home. 

And she can’t!  Audrina and Tony are Eliminated!  Jennifer and Derek are safe to advance to next week.

Check Derek’s smile……He knew that he wasn’t going home this early in the Competition.   Video 

Side note- WTH is going on with Carrie Anne’s Hair?