Wow……Another video tape of people acting up caught on video tape.  This fight apparently took place at the McDonald’s on Third Street in San Francisco byPac- Bell during the World Series.  Seriously?  I’m not sure what started it, but the Video states that it all started over an order of Chicken McNuggets……I also heard that it started when one woman was speaking inappropriately in front of another Woman’s child and when the disrespectful woman was asked to stop speaking in that manner, she threw a soda can at the Mother of the child.

I’m always amazed that everyone who has a phone is using it to video tape.  No one is calling the police, I don’t even think that Staff was calling the police.  Anyone who knows SF is aware that the Police Station is literally around the corner.     I mean, we should be celebrating that the San Francisco Giants are on their way to winning the World Series, not fighting in McDonald’s over nothing?    We gotta do better people!