The show opens with Kim and her assistant Sweetie arriving at Kandi’s Webcast ‘Kandi’s Koated Nights’.  I’m still trying to figure out why Kim has an Assistant.  Kandi’s topic tonight is ‘Cheaters’ and Kim is the Special Guest.  Apparently, Kandi’s show talks frankly about sex.   They discussed ‘Beef Curtains’ which is a term referring to extra meat in the vagina area…..really? Hmmm….I’m with Kim…..who talks about that?  And how do you know?  I guess your guy would have to tell you?  Kandi and her assistant Neeq have a bet to see who can go without any sex for 1 year. So, Kandi’s remedy for no actual sex is to talk about it.   Kim is taken aback that Kandi wants to question her about cheating and views her relationship with Big Poppa as one of a cheating nature.  Kim seems shocked that anyone would call her relationship cheating.  Really?  Gotta love her.

Nene is in the Doctor’s office for her  follow up to unveil her new nose and she loves it.    The appointment is for an overall check up for her surgeries.   She is recovering nicely and I think that she must be pretty thrilled that about her body, because they show the audience a good amount of it.  Cynthia joins her after her appt.  Cynthia reveals that she liked her nose before (me too) but she supports her friend being happy.  They decide to go to Cynthia’s for a drink, because Nene reports that things are not good between her and Greg and that that the two have been arguing alot.  Nene loves Greg, but she says that because  he has hurt her so much, all of the trust is out of the window.  Cynthia is worrying about taking the next step with Peter, and she feels that Nene’s relationship is  like a red flag.  Nene doesn’t want to put up with any B.S. and she is thinking about divorce.  I think that all of the dynamics in their relationship have changed and now that Nene is the Breadwinner in the house, Greg is faced with this reality daily. 

Sheree is visited by her 24 year old daughter Tierra that we never heard of before this season & her boyfriend.  This new daughter is kind of like when Sondra returned to The Cosby Household and we didn’t remember anything about her.  Sheree is excited that Dr. Tiy-e will be cooking her what sounds like an intimate dinner.   Sheree is uncovering some lies that Dr. Ty-e is telling like he doesn’t actually have a house in Atlanta, but she appers to be okay with it, although she really would prefer to go out to eat.

Phaedra is getting her look together for a Pregnancy photo shoot.  She speaks of herself in the 3rd person.  Her photographer arrives and Phaedra tells her what she is looking for in the shoot which includes her being handfed pickles by Apollo.

Dr. Tiy-E puts Sheree to work when she arrives, so that she doesn’t feel left out of the manual labor it takes to prepare a meal.   He also wants them to make cookies together and coaxes her to lick cookie dough off his finger  I’m with her ‘Who does that?’  She doesn’t know where his hands have been.  Their conversation gets on his wanting to get more into body building and he is able to gets her to take off his shirt, so he can show off his physique.   Sheree gets uneasy when he  continues to talk about how he is really into ‘love’ while She is really into Money.  This isn’t going to work.  No wonder why he is trying to get naked around her, he’s thinking that he is going to have to put it down very soon, if he is going to keep her after she learns that he is broke.  Just kidding, but I may be serious, if he is broke.

Kandi spends some quality time with her daughter and they sing some songs together, she is hoping to develop her into a little Diva.  Riley’s Great Grandma passed and she needs to make contact.  Riley’s Dad has reached out to her lately, but after being absent from her life for so long, Riley isn’t feeling him and she doesn’t want to attend the funeral and she doesn’t care about connecting with her Father.  Riley really misses A.J. and she hopes for someone like him to be in her life again. 

Kandi goes to visit her Mother Joyce and discusses Riley’s relationship with her Dad.  Joyce is pissed that the Dad has been inconsistent with Riley.  And apparently, Kandi has not had a consistent relationship with her Dad.  Kandi is very emotional and she breaks down in tears. 

Cynthia and Nene go out for some shopping and prep time for her wedding, although Peter has not officially proposed.  Nene begins to look for a bra to compliment her new boobs.  Cynthis is planning to have a  Girls Night Out and would like to invite Phaedra and Apollo as well.  Nene is not too keen on having Phaedra and her ex-con husband there.  Since when do ‘Girls Night Out’ include Men?  Wow…..Nene wears a 34F and Cynthia wears a 32D….who is making these Bras?  I would not have guessed those sizes for either one of them. 

Kim goes shopping with her daughter Ariana to upgrade her room.  Ariana is acting up and tells the Sales person that she likes to eat chicken when asked what she likes in terms of furniture.  At least, she is honest.  She’s a kid!  She doesn’t care what the furniture looks like!

Cynthia is a little stressed that it is raining on the day of her Mother’s Day Celebration.  She instructs her  servers that the guest are not easy to get along.  Kim calls and cancels, because her little girl has a fever.  I guess that was after the Furniture shopping?  Peter looks secretly pleased that Kim can’t come.  Kandi, Riley and Joyce arrive.  Phaedra arrives although she points out that Cynthia  lives in a rehabilitated hood.  Peter is looking forward to meeting Apollo.  Any man who can can put up with Phaedra, must be something.  Peter is still a little irritated with Phaedra since she called him dirty for having kids.  Nene arrives with her son Brent.  Sheree brings her daughter Kaleigh.  This is actually a nice little function that Cynthia has put together. 

 During Dinner, Kandi becomes aware of Nene’s new nose.  Nene comes clean after Sheree prompts her to.  Sheree also thinks that she could have left the nose alone. 

The conversation drifts to Phaedra’s due date which is supposed to be due  in July, but she announces that the baby is so uncomfortable for her that her Doctor is going to take the baby early.  Something is fishy here.  All the girls have their eyebrows raised about the fact that Phaedra cannot give a solid due date.  It doesn’t add up to Sheree.  Phaedra points out that her Doctor will deliver the baby at 34 weeks.  Everyone knows  that Phaedra is lying.  Nene advises her to keep the baby in there until he is ready to come out.  Nene can’t believe that she can’t come up with a good lie and she is right, every woman from the Hood to the Burbs knows the due date of their baby.  They may not know who the Daddy is, but when the baby is coming, we all know!

They shift the confveration to Kandi’s show and the girls are shocked that she is so open  about sex in front of her Mother.  Through this conversation, Nene reveals that she doesn’t like oral sex.  Sheree like being in a relationship with an emotional bond before getting intimate.  Phaedra reveals that she is a closet freak which explains how she got Apollo.  Kandi reveals sex secrets and apparently it is a known fact that putting either  granulated and/or powdered sugar in their privates makes for good sex. 

Peter announces that Mr. Clean has arrived when Apollo gets there.  Apollo arrives with a  Gucci Diaper that he presents to Phaedra who is tickled pink that he is finally getting it right.  Sheree thinks it is tacky that he brought this gift to their get together, because he obviously saw her earlier in the day.  I can’t lie….I thought the same thing.  But, at least he is being thoughtful.

 Nene brings up the term cheating and directs it at the men.  Hmm…are we going to learn that Greg cheated on her?  Is that what this is about?   Kandi wants to know where that came  from (I’m with her).  Peter kind of has an over the top reaction to Nene’s question (is he hiding something?)  Peter decides to let Nene know that Cynthia has  been telling him that her and Greg have been having marital problems.  Nene doesn’t like sex that much, but she likes to receive.  Peter says ‘Maybe that is why shit is going on right now’.     Talk about out of the blue.  Cynthia is not amused.  This is not cool.  I agree with Nene, he completely crossed the line.  Nene says that her relationship has nothing to do with sex and she tries to explain the breakdown between her and Greg.  She is a little afraid to be out there alone without Greg, since he has taken care of her for so long.  Joyce speaks up and encourages Nene to live and give herself a chance to have a life.  Joyce reveals that she regrets that she wasted alot of time.  Nene feels a connection with her and is comforted by her words.  Joyce comes over to give Nene a supportive hug.

Am I the only person who thinks thatit is more than a little odd that Peter got into it with Nene?  I mean, Phaedra is the one who acted up with him, why pick on Nene? This doesn’t quite add up.  Now if he ripped Phaedra a new one, then okay.