I definitely was hoping that Rick Fox wouldn’t be the one sent home tonight, but it came to pass!  Rick Fox was eliminated.

Recap of the Show!

Last Night was one of the best Night of  Dancing Performances of the Season!  The 200th show was brought in in a Special Way.

The show opened with Team Apolo getting the nod to Repeat their Cha Cha Cha.

Team Apolo scored 27 points with their Team Dance

Team Kristi scored 24  points with their Team Dance


Brandy & Maks and Bristol & Mark are brought out for eliminations.

Brandy sizzled with her Fox Trot and earned a 64 rfor the night.  Safe

Bristol‘s  pleased the Judges, but they would like to see some life in her performances.  57 points earned.  Bristol cried after her scoring because she wants to go home.  Mark consoled her. They are in Jeopardy.

Special Awards will be presented throughout the show for Noted moments of the Competition.

Most Dramatic Moment Award:

Christian’s Arm Injury.  He managed to perform in spite of his pain.

Kate and Tony’s Fight.  She made Tony quit.

Misty May’s Injury.  I felt really bad for her.

Marie Osmond’s collapse.  Shhe hit the floor so hard, I was seriously worried aobut her.

Kelly’s wardrobe malfunciton.  She recovered nicely.

The winner is:  Marie Osmond.  Rightly so!  That fall was hella dramatic!  It was like  Peggy Sue Got Married on a Reality Show.

Guest Performance

Macy’s Dancers:   Cast of Mary Poppins performs  Video

Guest Performance:

Taylor Swift performs ‘Mine’  I like Taylor!  It has to be really powerful for her to know that she can crush her exes on any song when she wants to.

Best, Worst Dancers’ Award

Kenny Mayne oh wow.  I wasn’t watching back then.   He was really pretty horrible!

Master P. kinda moved like Frankenstein.  No, really!

Kate Gosselin.  She gets my vote.  Bruno called her a Super Bitch.

Steve Wozinak.  Hilarious!!!

Billy Ray Cyrus.  He was really trying.

And the winner is: Kenny Mayne.  Yes, he definitely was a Contender.  I probably picked Kate over him, because he is really likeable.


Brooke speaks back stage with Jennifer and Derek  & Rick and Cheryl.  Both of these couples deserve to advance.  I hope that America got it right.

Rick and Cheryl wowed in their fabulous Quick Step which earned their best performance    61  They are in jeopardy!

Jennifer and Derek (in spite of injuries) gave a powerful Tango.   64   They are safe.

Several Celebs including: John Legend and the Roots,  John O’Hurley, Sarah Palin, Shakira, Melissa Rykoft, Niecy Nash and other congratulate the show on their 200th Episode Anniversay.

Biggest Dancer Tranformation.Award

Derek Hough has perfect hair.  Richard simmon singing to Derek about his hair is priceless in this clip!

Tony’s teeth are sparkling.

Maks has changed his hair so much.

Mark went from Buff  to scrqany.

Louis looked like a skinny fabio, now he is

and the winner is: Louis Van Amstel!  Maks was really close!

Guest Performance

Rod Stewart sings a Standard ‘I get a kick out of you’.  He is opening in Las Vegas for 2 weeks.  Video

Best Judges Moments:

Carrie Ann- always is passionate with the contestants and she is often touched.

Len truly has a way with words and his Metaphors.

Bruno- he is so dramatic and so not PC that he gets my vote!


Kyle and Lacey Paso Doble was their best dance.    in Jeopardy

Kurt and Anna’s Performance was irrestible.  61   safe

Brooke speaks with the 3 couples that are in Jeopardy.  Bristol is missing home.  Rick feels that the Competition has been amazing.  Kyle says that whatever happens, happens.  Very True.

Guest Performance

Taylor Swift

Contestants shared their thoughts and feeling on how the handle the stress from being on the show.


Bristol is safe.  The shit just hit the fan.

SWTS clip

Final Eliminations

OMG!  They eliminated my Baby Daddy Rick Fox!

Kyle and Lacey advance to next week!

We are now down to our top 5 for next week.  I don’t know about you, but it is starting to look like Bristol will make it into the Finale.  I would just like to see more accuracy in terms of the elimnations.  I really think that each contestant should only be allowed 1 vote from each phone number and maybe the Judges’ votes should carry 60% of the vote and perhaps that would help.  It is so frustrating that  Season after Season, Die Hard DWTS’ Fans watch Favorite  win out over skill.