Kandi is hoping to really grow her Kandi Koated Entertainment and she is hoping to produce an openly Gay Artist and turn him into the next Rupaul.  The Artist that she has in mind  is Sheree’s Hair Dresser Lawrence!    It turns out that he has a fabulous voice and when he starts singing, we forget about the heals that he rocked when he came in.  Kandi shares a song ‘Closet Freak’ that she has in mind for him and he loves it.   Kim walks in  during the middle of their mini-jam session and she seems a little bothered by it.  Is that a  little hater-aide that we detect?  Kim doesn’t think that Lawrence will appeal to a big Audience.  Hmm… he can sing and that goes a long way!

Kandi shares  a tune that she is working on  for Kim, but Kim is not feeling it at all.  Kim doesn’t want to sing or rather she can’t sing, so she doesn’t like this song.  Kandi has purposely set the range of the song pretty high, to make Kim work for it this time.   Kim is whining and working Kandi’s nerves.  Oh Damn….Kim starts singing and now we really understand why she is so hesitant to sing all of the time.  All of Kandi’s production crew are giving her the side eye.  Listening to her,  I’m thinking that Kim  must be tone deaf.  Kandi tells her that she has a pitch problem and she suggest that she needs to go back to Jan, the vocal coach.  Kim isn’t feeling going back to see Jan.

Nene  is hoping that Brice would make some progress with the 90 day chance that she has given him to get his act together.  He is 30 days into this chance and he has not made any progress.  Now Brice would like Nene to put in a good word in for him with Peter.  She is hoping that he will be successful by the age of 25.  Hmmm…..she’s hoping, but the foundation hasn’t been laid.  He is a spoiled brat who hasn’t been made to do much in the past. 

Cynthia’s ex- Leon Robinson visits to see his daughter Noelle.   I have always been a fan of Leon, so it is nice to see that he is such an involved Father.  Cynthia reports that they have an amazing relationship, so she is able to talk to him about  all of her intimate secrets and feeling.  She shares with Leon that her and Peter are contemplating marriage.   Leon likes Peter and he doesn’t want her to run him off.   Since,  he  knows her better than anyone else, He gives her some solid advice about how to try to keep her relationship.    

Phaedra is visited by former’ Destiny Child’ Member Latavia Roberson.   She sees Latavia as having the potential  to really  have a comeback and she would like to develop her. What exactly does Phaedra do?  This sounds like Public Relations, so I am a little confused.   Latavia admits that she started drinking after the Destiny Child scandal and she got a DWI.  Phaedra stars wiping tears…..what the hell?  If I was her client, I would be pissed, she really came off as insincere and/or a Bad Actress.

Nene go out for a drink  with Kim and they discuss their relationships.  Nene and Greg are really having Problems.  Nene would really like some support and she is slightly irritated that Kim is comparing her relationship with  Greg to her adultureous relationship with Big Poppa.  Nene is also amazed that Kim cannot stop talking about herself for longer than 2 minutes.  Her marriage may be ending and Kim wants to talk about Big Poppa and her new Record track.  No surprise here, Kim is really into herself.

Kim, Sweetie and the Kids go to her Storage Units.  She decides to have a Garage Sale since she has 4  units filled with things that she doesn’t use and she pays about $10,000 a year in fees..  What is all of this crap?  Kim is delusional and she thinks that she will make alot of money from this sale.  Kim wants to sell her items at the high prices that she purchased them for.  Newsflash, people want deals at a Garage sale.  They don’t care that you paid hella money for your cherished possessions.  Real talk.  Kim’s Dad comes out to help and he understands what garage sales are about.   He’s selling every thing at Garage sale prices and Kim is pissed about it.   10353.000 Kim is pissed about that her garage sale earned 10,53

Nene and Cynthia arrive at the sale.   Nene and Dad strike a deal for $1800 for a Bedroom set.  Nene seems satisfied with this price,  I don’t even want to pay $200 for anything at a Garage sale.   Phaedra also ‘happens by’ the garage sell.  Phaedra wonders  if  Kim needs money, because who sells their belongings in the parking lot of the Storage Place?  The girls take a break and they talk as they look at Kim’s old year book.  They discuss Phaedra’s birth and due date again.    Phaedra continues to insult the ladies intelligence, by saying that she will be induced during her 7th month.  I don’t know what is the deal with Phaedra continually to lie about her due date.  She says that the baby is 8lbs @ 7 months?  Right.  I’m with Nene, no one cares if she got pregnant, before she got married.  She is taking this ‘The Southern Belle’ thing way too far.  No one cares that she got married, because she was pregnant.

Cynthia and Peter have a talk about what marriage means for them.  Peter doesn’t want to be ‘the old guy’ getting married.  Cynthis tells him it is too late for that  (ouch).  Peter is dedicated, obligated and situated.  He wants to surprise her with a ring one day.  He is ready.

Kim visits with Sheree who tells her about Dr. Tiy-E and her suspicions that he doesn’t have any money.  What’s even worse is that he is staying at the Holiday Inn.  At this point, Kim knows that Dr. Tiy-E is not the one for Sheree.

Kandi and Kim Discuss the new song.  Kim finally tells her that she doesn’t like it.  Kandi  thinks that Kim is full of herself, since she doesn’t have any experience and she can’t sing.  Kandi tells her that she needs her to take voice lessons.  Kim knows that her fans expect a certain quality from her and she would like for Kandi to deliver a hit.  I think that it is strange that Kandi is not putting her terms on the table for what she expects to be paid.  After ‘Tardy for the Party’ hit and she wasn’t paid for it, it just seems like she make it plain what her expectations are in terms of payment.

Nene and her sons interact with their Chef.  We see more about how limited Brice is, he really needs the basics to help get him on the right track.  I honestly think that he could benefit from working at McDonalds.  Nene tells  Brice that  Peter and Cynthia are coming over, so he basically needs to sell himself and get a job.  When they arrive, Nene is all receptive and hugging Peter.  I still find this strange that Nene never got mad at Peter for him putting her on blast last week.  Greg is there and things seem tense.  Peter tells an uninterested Brice about the sacrifices that he made to get to where he is.  Cynthia tries to play up Gregg to Nene, because she is hoping that they make it as a couple.  Nene puts Gregg down in response to Cynthia’s compliments and he overhears it.  When Greg reacts to Nene’s comments, they begin to argue.   Cynthia is uncomfortable from witnessing Greg and Nene argument.

Peter begins to talk to Brice again about starting to change his ways.  Out of the blue,  Nene changes the subject and switches the conversation to relationships.   Nene thinks that she is a great communicator, because she likes to talk and Brice shuts down.  She probably should stop putting her hands on his face and finally she slaps his mouth to shut him up when he tries to speak.  Wow…  That was hella disrespectful. She just slapped her Husband’s mouth on TV.  They aren’t going to make it.   There are so many areas that they need to work on.  I wonder if they can find a Therapist who can get Gregg to talk  and Nene to listen?

Nene insist on having this conversation with an audience.  Gregg leaves the room to play pool.  Nene announces that she is going to divorce Greg.  Nene shows Cynthia that her and Gregg sleep separately.  Nene drops hints that Gregg has cheated on her and it devastated her.