DWTS is one week away from the semi-finals.  5 couples remain in the competition.  Tonight, the Stars will dance 2 dances: 1 Individual Dance and 1 Instant Dance.

Kyle and Lacey:  They danced the Viennese Waltz to ‘Breathe’.  In practice, Lacey tried to be strict with Kyle to show that he is serious.  Sorry Lacey, he thinks it is cute when she yells at him. K yle is still struggling to perfect his feet work.  This week, I have to give it to Kyle, he has definitely improved and I took him more seriously as a Young Man.  This was his best dance.  Len thought that he had good form  Last week, he was  a little bud, this week he is a  gorgeous orchid.  Bruno speaks for  everyone when he says that ‘ We are all charmed’.  He likes that he takes critcism and comes back better.   He commends Kyle for being a nice young man.  Carrie Ann proclaims that her crush is back on.   She love watching him and at times, it seemed like he was dancing on cloiuds.  (MAC-9),  Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-9= 27.  Video


The Judges discussed what the Instant Dance is.  For the first time, the Stars will be challenged by not knowing what music that they will dance to, although they will know what Dance they are to do.  The contestants find out 1/2 hour before they perform what their music will be.  This will put a whole new level of stress on them.  Any contestant who has difficulty adapting to music will be in trouble. 

Instant Dance Pick:   Kyle and Lacey will dance The Jive to ‘Good Golly Miss Molly’.

Jennifer and Derek.  They danced the Quickstep  to  ’Let’s face the Music and Dance’.  Jennifer struggled with her injuries through practice.  At this point, I am really thinking that she may have to drop out.  Derek called in a Doctor to check on Jennifer.  The Doctor reports tha has an inflamed Tendonitis.  Her Dad Joel Grey arrives to support her (and nab some votes for the older crowd) and he gives her  his blessing to dance.  After all that drama, she delivers a near perfect Quickstep.  Great Choreography.  Bruno thought it was like watching a vitnage Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire Routine.  Come on get happy!  Carrie Ann wasn’t expecting much after watching the package, but it was gorgeous & amazing.  Len thought the dance was perfect.  She faced the music and it was great.  (MAC-9)  Carrie Ann-9 ,Len-  9,  Bruno- 9  = 27   Video

Instant Dance Pick:  Jennifer picks ‘Waiting for a Girl Like You’ by Foreignor.  Jennifer says that she doesn’t know that song.  Really?  I understand Derek saying he doesn’t know it, but Jennifer?  I’m thinking that she must not reconize this song, because she has to have heard it at least a million times.  Seriously.

Kurt and Anna.  They danced The Waltz to ‘Take it to the Limit’.  Kurt compares this stage of the contest to Playoff time. One slip up and you go home.   know that Kurt worried about how slow this dance was, but this truly was his best dance.  He looked so graceful and at ease.  Carrie Ann thought he was like a Mature Ken Doll who can dance.  She sees his determination and effort he puts into everything that he does.  Len thought that the whole feeling of the dance was beautiful.  Bruno thinks that he lights up the room when he smiles and enjoys himself.  Obviously, there are people that are better than you,  (thanks), but very good.  (MAC-9)  Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, Bruno-8=24   Video

Instant Dance Pick:  Kurt picks Hella Good by No Doubt.  He has never heard this song before.  I’m sure that one is true.  I hope that they adapt well.

Bristol and Mark.  They danced the Tango.   Bristol  and Mark went to Alaska to see her family for support.  Tonight, Bristol definitely improved and the Tango suits her better.  But she is still very stiff and at  this point in the competition, I expect to see more skills.  Len thought it was clean and well done, but it lacked intensity.  He is looking forward to a full on peformance in the next dance.  Bruno thought she was mean and moody in this tango, but she needs to be a bad girl all the way through. He would like to see her bring the fire next dance.  Carrie Ann thought it was the most intensity that they have ever seen  from Bristol, but she wants to see more energy in her legs, because sometimes there is a little lackluster there.  (MAC-7), Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, Bruno-8= 24  Video

Instant Dance  Pick:  Bristol picked ‘ Mas Que Nada’ by The Black Eyed Peas for their Samba Dance.

Brandy and Maks.  They danced the Waltz .  Brandy is on a high for getting a 10 and high praise from Len.  She is also fretting about how uncertainty the contest is.  She feels that her and Maks are true parters now.  I thought that Brandy really did an excellent job tonight.  She will have to work on her facial expressions when she spins around, she tends to look too intense, but lovely dance.  Bruno thought that her performance was exquisite and that she was completely immersed in the dance.  Carrie Ann thought that the emotional quality is riveting, but she would like to see her watch her neck.   Len said that he was overwhelmed by the entire dance.      (Mac-10), ca-9, Len-10, Bruno-10 =29  Video

Instant Dance Pick:  Brandy picked Teenage Dream by Katy Perry.

Kyle and Lacey,  They danced the Jive.  In their practice, Lacey found that one of Kyle’s biggest problems is staying focused, so Steve-O came by to be the biggest distraction in the world and Kyle learned what the word focus really means.  Their jive was extremely Energetic. I wasn’t t0o crazy with the way that the dance started.   I didn’t get him running accross the length of the floor.  Len would have liked a little more finess here and there.    Good performance, but at times it was a little wild and wacky.  Bruno said that this dance was at the top of the board for energy and that his  timing was  unbelievable.  Bruno loved every step of it.  Carrie ann thought it was the most fun that she has had.  She found it hard to believe that it was an instant dance. ( MAC- 8)  Carrie ann-10, Len-9, Bruno-10=29  56 out of 60   800- 868.3403  Video

Jennifer and Derek.  They danced a Rumba.  Jennifer has to totally trust her partner to pull this one off.  When I watch Jennifer dance it is hard to believe that she is in all of that pain, because she just flows.  Great Rumba.  Bruno thought it was breathtaking,  Sexy, superb.  Flawless.  Carrie Ann agreed.  She thought that they captured the moment.  She thought it was beautiful to watch Jennifer  reclaim her power.  Len loves the variation of the dance and tonight, they have witnessed  great dancing.  (MAC-9)  Carrie Ann-10, Len-10, Bruno-10=30   57  out of 60   800- 868.3411  Video

Kurt and Anna  danced the Cha Cha Cha.  They  have a lot of pressure on them after Kyle’s scores.   Kurt’s kids came by to give him some support.   Cute. I really enjoyed Kurt tonight!  He totally got hiis groove on and shook what his Mama gave him.  The beginning was a little shaky, but once he adapted to the song, it was on!  Good Job.   Carrie Ann thought that he nailed the musicality.  She thought that he was  is in his element.  She also noted that Kurt had some new sex appeal going on tonight.  Carrie Ann gives him 2 snaps up.   Len thought well done.  he thinks that the instant pic helped him fully focus on the dance instead of worrying about keeping time to a particular song.  Bruno thoughtt he came out let loose and loved that  he went for it, because thats what they want to see.  (MAC-9), Carrie Ann-8, len-8, bruno-8=24  48  out of 60   800- 868.3406  Video  Kurt was really frustrated that he  hasn’t earned higher than an 8 and he is giving it all that he’s got.

Bristol and Mark danced The Samba.   Mark worries about her inexperience in performing affecting her in the instant dance.  Out of all of the Contestants, I definitely think that she struggled the hardest tonight.  She never seemed to get the rhythm.   Len said this is the most difficult latin dance to peform to and he thought overall she handled it well. He would like to see  more in the feet and  less shoulders.  Bruno said some things were excellent.  but at times she lost it.  Mark tries to take responsibilities for the mistakes, but come on……we know it’s  not Mark that is missing the beat.    Carrie Ann  thought that she just didn’t connect to the music.  The musicality came in and out and she was often off the beat.  (MAC-6)  Carrie Ann-7, Len-8, Bruno-8=23  47 out of 60.    800- 868.3407    Video

Brandy and Maks danced the Cha Cha Cha.  Maks hopes that Brandy will come out and enjoy herself like she does in practice.  They have truly grown in this partnership.  Brandy is right, they do seem like they have been dancing together for a much longer time than the competition.  Bruno loved the whole thing.  Carrie Ann was a little annoyed that they took so long to start to dance.  She had criticism  for the choreography.  Maks and Carrie Ann kind of got into it, he was really irritated with her critiques.  Len  would have liked to see the dance start right away, since this is a Instant dance.  Len thought the dance was full of flair and rhythm.  The Judges are interesting to me.  They loved when Kyle wasted time running across the floor, but they sweat Maks on this B.S……Really?  (MAC-10)  Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-10=28   for a grand total of   57 out of 60   800- 868.3406   Video Scores