Kurt Warner was eliminated tonight!!!!  Shut the Front Door.

Here’s the Recap!

Tonight, we will learn who will be going to the Semi Finals.  I don’t feel like being angry tonight, so please let America get it right!

Kyle and Lacey got the nod to repeat their funtastic Jive.  Happy for them.


Kyle and Lacey’s performances   received high praise last night and he earned his highest scores of the season  56 out of 60Safe!

 Dance Center

Kenny Maine, Jerry Rice and Head Judge Len give their account of Kyle, Kurt and Bristol.  I always enjoy this, it is silly as it can get, but it always makes me laugh.

Guest Performance

Taio Cruz performs ‘Dynamite’  Video

Guest Performance

John Legend and The Roots Perform ‘Wake Up’  Video



Brooke speaks to Jennifer, Kurt and Brandy backstage.  I hope that the 3 of them go through tonight.  All 3 really deserve to advance. 

Kurt got frustrated that his hi with his 8’s from the judges last night and he let it be known that he wasnt’ happy.  48.  In Jeopardy

Jennifer struggled throught the rehearsal, but seems to be in no pain at all when she completely nails a routine.  Great night.  57.  Safe

Brooke speaks back stage with Bristol and Brandy.   Maks apologized for losing his cool last night.  He encourages Carrie Ann to do her job.

Guest Performance

Adorable talented Kids are introduced and they perform a Jive for us.  These kids rock!

Guest Performance

John Legend and the Roots perform Ordinary People


Dance Center

Jerry, Kenny and Len are back to give their take on Brandy and Jennifer Grey.  Their funniest ‘Real Talk’ comment  is that Jennifer is faking injuries to get votes.  Hilarious.  That’s what I was thinking.  Oh damn….why do Jerry and Kenny have on TuTu’s?  What’s with the make up that Jerry wears anyway during Dance Center.


Bristol gave her best performance last night and pleased the Judges.     47 out of 60   Mark is still trying to take responsibility for Bristol’s mistakes.

Brandy‘s passionate performance wowed the Judges and the Audience.  I’m still loving Maks for getting with Carrie Ann, but hopefully, Brandy doesn’t pay for it.  57 out of 60

Okay….Bristol and Mark are safe.  This has to stop.  The Judges are being so lenient with her and everyone knows that they would be harder on anyone else at this point of the competition.  I’m not getting it.  If Brandy goes home…. I’m not going to go there.

Final Results

Judges’ Feedback: Bruno says that if Kurt goes home tonight,  we will lose a real Gentleman who has Incredible Manners….it’s a Dance show Bruno. 

Judges’ Feedback: Carrie Anne feels that Brandy should be in the finals.  She is very strong and passionate.  Carrie Ann points out that she has always respected all of the dancers.

Brandy is safe and she will advance to the Semi-Finals.

Aww…Kurt is going home.  I didn’t want Brandy to go, but I definitely think that he should have been in the Semi Finals.   Video