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Check out Kanye West’s interview with Matt Lauer. There is some controversy about the way that the interview was conducted and Kanye was left feeling that he was misunderstood.     NYtimes writes:

In the interview, which runs about 20 minutes, Mr. West begins to talk about how he can empathize with Mr. Bush, saying that they have both been mischaracterized as racists. Mr. West explains that the tag was unfairly applied to him after the MTV Awards incident. As he answers, Mr. West is shown in a split screen with footage of the 2009 confrontation between him and Ms. Swift, and this clearly upsets him.

“Yo, how am I supposed to talk?” Mr. West says in the interview. “I’m hearing it while I’m trying to talk.”  When Mr. Lauer asks for the audio of the MTV footage to be turned down, Mr. West says, “Please don’t let that happen. It’s like ridiculous.”

Later, when Mr. West discusses how he feels it is “poetic justice” that both he and Mr. Bush were labeled as racists, footage from Mr. Lauer’s prime-time interview with Mr. Bush begins to play, and this visibly annoys Mr. West.    Mr. West is also seen asking someone off-camera, “Can we be quiet for a second?” as he tries to reply to a question about what he might say to Mr. Bush in a face-to-face conversation.

“I didn’t need you guys to prompt my emotions,” Mr. West tells Mr. Lauer. “I don’t need all the jazz.”

Mr. Lauer calmly explains that it is customary to use archival footage in television interviews, and he and Mr. West go on to finish their conversation.

Hmm…Any thoughts about this one?  Who was acting up here?  Matt Lauer or Kanye West?