Sheree purchases an Aston Martin and  surprises her Daughters Tierra and Kaleigh with it.  Sheree reports that she is happy that right now in her life everything is finally about her.  I’m sorry, but I always felt in Sheree’s world everything was about her.  This is also nteresting, since this was filmed several months before, I believe that I read that this car was repossessed recently?   Anyway, Since she can’t dance, Sheree also surprises her daughters by informing them that she is participating in a local DWTS type charity event that will benefit Alzheimers local DWTS.   Sheree’s daughter is spot on when she asks if Sheree is just trying to impress Dr. Tiy.E.  That is what I was thinking, even though Sheree denies it, we know that is a huge part of her motivation.  She states that she  needs to raise 5,000 for the benefit.  Her daughter Kaliegh starts the car.  She is definitely her Mother’s child. 

Kim surprises her daughters, Parents and her Assistant Sweetie.  She shows them her renovated  office and her Daughter’s room.  Kim is truly narcicisstic, because in her office, the walls are full of various pictures of her.  Everything in the office is made of gold.  I know that she spent an awful lot of money, but it just looks really gawdy to me.  She  also decorated her youngest daughter Ariana’s room and she surprises her with this very girly room.  She says that it cost $60,000.  Really, they could have went to Target and not even spent $1,000 (really $500, I just added the extra, since she is fancy) and got the same results.  Brielle is not understanding why she is getting this special treatment.  Brielle’s room is $2,000 square feet, but she is unsatisfied with the old decor?  Really?  And she is complaining?    Kim makes her hug her sister and plans to update Brielle’s room.  If it were me, she would be looking at the same decor until she moved out.

Nene stops by Cynthia’s house to help Cynthia’s sister prepare for Peter’s plan to surprise Cynthia so he can propose to her.  Nice.  They are decorating the house with rose petals and candles.  Very Romantic, if the house were not filled with so many people.  Cynthia’s friends are there for the occasion and when s she returns from dinner.  Cynthia is really surprised and he gets down on his knees to propose.  Nene is disappointed that Cynthia didn’t have a bigger recation.  Cynthia reveals privately that she thought it should be more intimate and just the two of them.  Peter knows that Cynthis wasn’t happy with the scenario, but he doesn’t care, he did it his way.  Cynthia appreciates that Nene was able to help, inspite of her own situation.  Cynthia is at odds and she doesn’t know what to do.  Nene tells her to go upstairs and make passionate love to her Black Man.

Phaedra is packing her bags and preparing for  her hospital stay.  She starts in on how the baby is fully developed and that is why she is being induced.  Yawn….uh huh.  Sure Phe-Phe.  Phaedra’s friends are there supporting her and helping her pack.  I’m surprised to learn that Phaedra is breast feeding…oh wait, of course she is!  What else would a Southern Belle do?.  Her friends give her some insight into the Nurse’s role when she is in the hospital.  Oh wait, I should have known, these are friends for hire.  Phaedra is paying them to assist.  The ladies discuss the importance of a Belly Band.  Phaedra plans to use a 50 cent piece to push in her baby’s belly button, so that it doesn’t protrude. 

Sheree meets her dance instructor Derek to help prepare for her benefit with some much needed dance lessons.  Dancing Stars of Atlana Judge Michael  comes out to see how she is progressing.  They bring out a female Dancer to Dance with Derek, so she can Model for Sheree what she needs to be bringing to the Dance floor.  Sheree is irritated, because she feels that she was doing those moves. Sweetie, if you were doing those moves, then the female dancer would have never been called.  Period.

Kandi and her producition crew meet with Lawrence to practice new material.   Kandi has a song lined up for him and he is ready. The subject turns to Kim’s music career.   Lawrence voices what everyone is thinking, how can Kandi take someone with no vocal ability and make it into a hit record?   Kandi voices her frustrations with Kim.  Lawrence already knows about the situation and he tells Kandi that Kim told him that she didn’t like the new song.  This further irritates Kandi and now she is sure that she would like to focus on Lawrence since he has the potential to really develop into a real Artist.  I still don’t understand why Kandi hasn’t talked to Kim about Money and set a legal contract with her for her services.   Lawrence begins to practice and she feels that he will get a hit.  Kandi likes that his appreciative.

Cynthia goes to try on Wedding Dresses.  She and her Sister Mallory & their Mother go to a Wedding Boutique although she makes it clear that she is only looking, since a high fashion model such as herself has to have it designed by her stylist.   Cynthis says that she is a little overwhelmed that the wedding is approcaching.  Really?  Like  how soon?  Cynthia’s Mom reveals that her Parents got married because she was pregnant, so she didn’t have a wedding.  Apparently, neither did Cynthia’s sister Mallory.  This wedding is important for all of them.   Cynthia tells her Mom that she always felt that she was stuck when she was growing up.  Her Stepfather was an Alcoholic and he was abusive to her Mother.  Cynthia talks about how her Stepfather put her out of the house after she attacked him for abusing her Mother.  Cynthia reveals that this has been the factor that made her against marriage and why she found it so difficult to take this big step.  Cynthia’s Mom says that is so proud of her girls. Things get too emotional, so Cynthia starts modeling dresses.   Cynthia can’t tell if any of the dresses are really beautiful or if it is just because she is a high fashion model that she is making them look good.  Really?  Who talks like this?

At Sheree’s  Dress Rhearsal, Sheree is surprised that they want her to wear her actual dress for the Dress Rehearsal.  Hello?  Dress Rehearsal.  She is also irritated that the Judge Michael ask her about if she found the correct shoes.  Sheree wants him to know that she is a busy woman and that this benefit is much more work than she had planned on.  Also, Sheree is confident that she is the bomb on the dance floor.  What she doesn’t know is that Michael is talking smack about her moves and thinks thas Sheree thinks that she is a Princess.  Lol.

On the day of the Contest, Sheree arrives with Lawrence and her crew.  Dr. Tiy.E is unable to make it, he is in  CA, but Sheree is confident that he will make a large contribution (don’t count on it).  Lawrence is trying to get his mack on with Sheree’s Dance instructor.  Derek is straight, Lawrence.  Sheree still needs $400 to reach her $5,000 goal.  She hopes that her friends will contribute the last of the money that she owes.  Kandi is coming, but she thinks that it is strange that Sheree didn’t ask for a contribution since it is a charity.

Sheree is such a Diva.  She want’s special treatment and she is irritated that she doens’t have a dressing room.  This is not DWTS, it is Dancing with Atlanta Stars.  Sorry Boo. 

All of the girls are there.  Nene comes with Gregg.  Interesting.  Her and Cynthia go to Sheree’s new Dressing room- the Women’s Restrooms.  There is tension between Nene and Gregg, so everyone has to be uncomfortable.  Personally, I don’t understand why she would bring him.  During the competition, Kim checks out Sheree’s competition Kroy Bierrman.   Kim is checking out his behind, literally. 

During the competition, Nene (in a sidebar)  comes out the blue and says that she loves Peter.  She likes his dark complexion and that he has alot of personality.  What??  Where did that come from?

 Kandi is trying to avoid contact with Kim who tries to make peace.  Kim has talked to the vocal coach Jan and she will start the vocal lessons.  She is signed up for 3 lessons.  Really?  More like 50.

All the girls decide to donate $20 to help Sheree reach her goal.  Kandi thinks that everyone is being cheap, but she goes along with the rest of her table.  Usually, she spends $500 at a Charity benefit.   She is right.  They are being cheap, but Sheree should have told them her expectations as well.   Sheree  (sidebar) doesn’t appreciate it, especially since she spent $1500 for them to be seated at their table.

Sheree and Derek perform a Rumba. The sidebars of the ladies are hilarious!   Kandi, Nene and Kim are bored with Sheree’s dancing and laughing at how bad they think she is.  In Sheree’s defense, the Rumba is my least favorite Ballroom dance, it is so slow and unexciting.   Sheree is oblivious and  feeling herself.  She thinks that she looks ‘Damn’ good’.  She scores 9’s from all of the Judges.  Cynthia thinks that the 9’s were a little high, because her dance wasn’t that great.  Kim gets at Kroy and her opening line is that he has a tight ass.  Kroy and Amber wins the competition and Kim feels that  there is no way that Sheree  could’ve win over Kroy’s ass. 

Look for next week to be revealing!  Nene knows Dr. Tiy-E, but not in a good way.  Phaedra will deliver her baby and she has a discussion with her Doctor about the mix up regarding her due date