It’s the Semi-Finals for DWTS and it down to our remaining four Contestants: Jennifer & Derek, Brandy & Maks, Bristol & Mark and Kyle & Lacey.

Tonight, the contestants will perform 2 routines.  There will be a Latin and a Ballroom round for the Stars to win our votes.

Brandy & Maks:  They danced the Paso Doble.   Last week, Maks was fighting mad at Carrie Ann’s critiques, so he knows that he has to control his anger this week.      Very Good movements.  Sharp and precise.  But I am not feeling the music.  It throws off the Paso for me.  Sadly, I’m not loving it, but I do like it.   Len thought they came out 100 percent tonight.   Alot of aggression and attack.  Bruno thought someone could get hurt.  Bruno thought that she danced like a fury at times that  she lost the finesse of the dance at times.  Carrie Ann thought the performance was amazingly passionate and that Brandy was so locked into her character;  Brandy did a great job.  Monica is there to cheer her pal Brandy on.  (MAC-8) Carrie Ann- 9   ,  Len-  9  ,   Bruno-   9= 27.  800.868.3406  Video

Jennifer & Derek:  They danced the Cha Cha Cha to ‘Mercy’.  I like Jennifer’s flirty and fun start interaction with the Judges.  I don’t know what kind of pain pills she is taking, because when she dances there is no indication that she is in any pain.   Can I just say that this Cha Cha Cha is so ridiculously fabulous?  Incredible Performance!   Bruno is out of his seat dancing and singing.  He feels that this Cha Cha was Luminious, vibrant and sexy.  Bruno like that  her  feet placement was  perfect and he thought that this Dance was executed perfectly.  Carrie Ann has been waiting all season to see Jennifer do a Cha Cha Cha and she did not disappoint her.  Len thought that she pulled it off very well, by combining good technique with a  high performance level.      (MAC-10 ) Carrie Ann- 10,  Len-10,   Bruno-10 =30   800.868.34 11  Video

Bristol and Mark:  They danced the Paso Doble.  Mark starts off by stating the obvious.  Yes, I believe that Bristol is where she is now in the competition because of whom her Mother is and the Tea Party.  Bristol believes that people are voting for her, because she is real and that the average person can relate to her struggle in the competition.  This is probably Bristol’s best dance, but she failed to get the character of the dance; she lacks the aggression that the Paso Doble requires.  Mark’s Choreography is incredibly strong tonight and he definitely showcased Bristol’s strengths.  Sarah and Todd are there to root for their Daughter.    Carrie Ann calls her over and gives her a hug.  She felt that she came out and nailed it.  She feels she is out of her shell.  Len feels that this was her best dance.  Bruno says that the little lamb has turned into a tigress. (MAC-8) Carrie  -9, Len-9, Bruno-9= 27   800.868.3407    Video

Kyle and Lacey:  They danced the Samba.  Hilarious!  Kyle starts off the dance Moonwalking.  I loved this performance.   Great choreography complimented by Kyle’s infectious personality and technique.  Go Kyle!  Standing O.  Len likes that there is no backstage drama with Kyle.  He just comes out and does it.  More bounce to the ounce with his bionic bum.  Great entertainment.  Bruno thinks he is a bouncing bundle of joy.  Irresistable.  No one does it better.  Carrie Ann thought he had some bounce, she hasn’t seen so much pelvis action in all 11 seasons.  He had it all.  Great performance with great technicality.   (MAC-10 ) Carrie Ann-  10,  Len-9, Bruno- 10  = 29  800.868.3403   Video

Round 2-  Family and friends of the Stars will provide Background information on the Contestants before the performance.

Brandy & Maks:   Background Info:  DWTS speaks to Brandy’s family and friends to get more information on what shaped her into the Entertainer that she is today.   They interviewed Whitney Houston, Kelly Rowland and Brandy’s Mom.  Brandy’s Father was the Choir Director and she grew up singing in the Church Choir.  DWTS is helping Brandy gain back her confidence after she has survived the uncertainty of poor album sales in her music career.  Brandy talks about the Fatal Car Accident that put her in a state of depression.   But through it all, she is a survivor.  DWTS is a rebirth for Brandy. 

They danced the Argentine Tango.   Very entertaining Tango that is very calculated.  Brandy and Maks are concentrating so hard, there passion level is not as high as usual.  But great execution and technicality.  Len thought that her  execution and her lines were great.  He thought that she created great atmosphere.  Bruno thought it was full of flavor.  Great emotional depth.  He loved the way she extended her body.  Stunning.  Carrie Ann thought that any trouble in the earlier dance is gone.  This was Amazing.  Ridiculous.  She Loved it.  (MAC-9 ) Carrie Ann- 10,  Len- 10 , Bruno-10 =  Perfect score of 30.  57 out of 60!   800.868.3406   Video

Jennifer & Derek:  Jennifer followed in her Father Joel Grey’s footsteps and was drawn into the Entertainment.    Kenny Ortega, Tracy Pollan, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jennifer’s husband. her Mother and Father provided background information.    Before Dirty Dancing, Jennifer and her then boyfriend Matthew Broderick were involved in a terrible fatal car accident where a Woman and her Daughter died.     She has had neck injuries ever since then.  She had a surgery to get her ready to perform in DWTS.  Her family is so very proud of her journey on the show.  I’m proud of Baby too.  

They danced the Waltz.  Beautiful, gorgeous and graceful performance.  I loved it!  Len thought this was a gem of a Waltz. She danced with ease.  Quality of dance is stunning.  Carrie Ann feels that she trusted the moment and it was one of the most beautiful things she has ever seen.  Len says be still his beating heart.  Quiet.  Poignant.  If he is dreaming, do not wake him up.  This (dance) was lovely.   (MAC-10 ) Carrie Ann- 10,  Len-10,   Bruno- 10  =30  60 out of 60      800.868.3411  Video

Bristol & Mark:    Sarah, Todd and a friend provide background.  Bristol was a Golden Child growing up.   In Jr. High school, she played football and she appeared to be pretty athletic.  They talked about the experience of Bristol’s pregnancy.  Bristol said that she felt that she was really scrutinized and that people had a really low opinions of her and assumed that she must be promiscuous.  Interesting, I never thought that about her, I just thought she was a Teen who got pregnant.  I didn’t have any negative thoughts about her.  I did feel that she was used as a pawn by the Party during the election process.  Anyhoo, aFter she gave birth to Tripp, she decided to speak about her experience and the importance of  abstinence.  She decided to do DWTS and reclaim herself. 

They danced the Waltz.  We see alot of improvement in Bristol tonight, but there still is not alot of emotion.    Carrie Ann felt like she drifted out, becasue it is harder to create emotion in a Waltz.  She acknowledges that Bristol has come so far.  Len thought there was a vulnerability to her dance.  He thought it was beautiful.  Bruno liked the way she approached it. There was a  Haunting quality to it.  She has really had a journey on DWTS.  He is happy to see her here.  (MAC-7  ) Carrie Ann-8,  Len-9,   Bruno-9 =  26   53 out of 60  800.868.3407   Video

Kyle and Lacey:     Kyle is from Atlanta,  Georgia.  Kyle’s brother, Mother, Louis Gossett Jr. and Kevin Frazier provided information about his journey.  He was signed up with a talent agency when he was 8.  After an agent suggested that  the family needed to relocate to pursue Kyle and his brother’s Careers.  The family moved to Los Angeles.   That is when he landed the role on ‘That’s so Rave’n and then on his own show ‘Cory’s in the House ‘.

They danced the Argentine Tango.  They are dancing to Jai Ho from Slum Dog Millionaire.  Great music and great technique.  Kyle does the lift for Lacey that he struggle with in practice.  Excellent performance. I think that Lacey allowed herself to dance longer than Kyle at Moments.  He should be taking the bulk of the performance.  Len says that he is a Star.  In 11 seasons, he doesn’t think anyone has performed with so much intensity.  Bruno loves that he switches in an out of drama.  No matter what happens, he is Season 11 Mr. Charisma.  Carrie Ann thinks that he reminds her of Emmitt Smith who came out and killed it in the end.  (MAC- 10), Carrie Ann-10, Len-9, Bruno-10=29      58 out of 60     800.868.3403    Video