Brandy was eliminated tonight!

 Here’s the Recap!

I do agree that all of the Contestants gave their best performances of the Season last night.   Tonight, will decide who goes to the Finals.

Last Night’s Scoreboard

Jennifer and Derek – Perfect score of 60

Kyle and Lacey–  58 out of 60

Brandy and Maks57 out of 60

Bristol and Mark–  53 out of 60

Encore Performance

Brandy and Maks got the Nod to perform their Argentine Tango again.

Guest Performance

The Great Annie  Lennox performs ‘Universal Child’.  Beautiful     Video

Footage from the Contestants giving us more feedback on what they have endured and learned through the contest.


Jennifer and Derek earned perfect scores on both performances.  It would pretty much be impossible for them to get sent home.   They are safe!

Brooke speaks to the remaining Contestants about how they are feeling.  All 3 give feedback on what they are feeling at this pivotal moment.  Yes, we know, they are under pressure.  Get to it!  I really think elimination shows could be a half an hour.

Macy’s Star of Dance:  America chose Derek and Cheryl to perform this Retro dance with a  ‘Grease’ theme.  They dance to It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me.   Video

Guest performance

Annie Lennox perfroms ‘Little Bird’  Video

Now we get some footage from the Pros on what the Stars bring to the competition.  Yes….we know. 


Kyle and Lacey got their best scores of the season with both of their performances. 58 out of 60  They are Safe!

It just got serious!  It is down to Brandy and Bristol.  I just said a prayer that Bristol does not send Brandy home.  That would just be wrong on so many levels.

Guest Performance

Enrique Iglesias  performed ‘I like It’  Video

Brooke speaks backstage with the two safe couples so far: Jennifer and Derek & Kyle and Lacey.  Kyle says it best, it sucks that someone has to go home …..and they are both awesome.’


Bristol and Mark had their Season’s best night and their scores reflected that.  They are obviously in jeopardy, since we already have two safe couples.

Brandy and Maks had an excellent night and overall season.  Brandy humbly says that they deserve to be in the finals, because they have worked so hard.  That’s code for ‘we are so much better’.

Len though that Brandy has grown so much, she has been brilliant.

Bristol has had such a journey.  Not how she starts, but how she is finishing.

Tom makes his weekly statement that the last two are not necessarily the bottom 2.  That bothers me.  Put the bottom 2 in the  last 2.

I am so irritated and so very pissed off about the popularity contest that plays out each season.

Brandy is going home and Bristol is going to the Finals.  Even Derek and Lacey are looking like WTF???

Awww….Brandy is crying.  Damn…. and the Audience is booing…….loudly   Video

Really?  Really?  Really?