Phaedra and Apollo have Birth Discussion as  they travel to  Augusta to deliver their full term baby baby.   Augusta is where Dr. Lue has his practice and he is the only Doctor that Phaedra will let near her vagina.  Is this how people with money do it?  They sit over tea and Lady Fingers and discuss the birth.  Even Dr. Lue becomes confused when Phaedra and Apollo discuss their habits as they prepare for their child.  Phaedra claims that she is staying up all night and then getting up early in the am and working out and then working a full day.  Not with that big full term belly.   They both seem pretty out of touch with reality and what it means when you become parents.   Phaedra is perturbed about how her life will change with the new baby.

Kandi celebrates her 34th Birthday at her store ‘Tags’ which is a discount clothing store.  Kandi is truly a hustler, she has her hands in many irons.  Lisa Wu, Sheree and Cynthia attend the celebration.  Sheree thinks that Kandi has some cute clothes although they are not for her.  Lisa  sure has been present alot lately.   Kim arrives with a large Kim Zolciak wig for Kandi that Derek is on hand to style for her.  It is a long flowing Kim wig for real.  Cynthia summed it up….it’s awful.  Kandi takes it off immediately and thinks that  it looks’ hookerish’.  Kandi would have liked the royalties for’ tardy for the party’.  I still am not understanding why Kandi is not saying these things to Kim.    Dwight shows up and defends Phaedra’s choice to have the baby early.  As Dwight and Kim debate Phaedra’s due date, Cynthis is stuck on the fact that she cannot believe that Kim used to be a nurse.  After he walks away, Kim says that Dwight is a lying Motha…… and he must be the Daddy since he got so upset about it.  The girls get into a discussion about Phaedra’s due date.

Nene arrives to see Karen Greer who is a connection at Channel 11 to see if she can hook her up with a PR/ Interviewing job.  She speaks with Karen’s boss Ellen Crook.  Ellen asks Nene to explain the blunder with Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Michael on ETonight.    Nene  tries to explain what happened and Ellen advises her to prove herself and not come in with a Diva Attitude.  Nene acts shocked that anyone would think that she has a ‘Diva Attitude’.  Nene would like to interview several stars like Monique or Tyler Perry and insinuates that she has an inside link.  It looks like she may have a chance at that job.  Name dropping goes a long way.

Phaedra arrives at the hospital  and she tells the admitting clerk that she doesn’t know how many weeks she is.  Well that is the first truthful statement that she has made about her delivery status.  Her delivery room reminds her of the projects. Phaedra’s Mom arrives and her and Apollo are there for support.  I’m cracking up at Phaedra being fully made up to deliver her baby.  Who does that?

Nene gets a call to come into Channel 11 and meet the team that she will be working with and discuss her new job.  In the meeting, we learn that Nene is getting a cubicle.  Nene is okay with this and She is willing to work.  Nene thinks that she can deliver an interview with Tyler Perry or another big celebrity.

 Kandi arrives at the hospital to visit Phaedra and we learn more about why the New Mommy is telling lies about how many weeks she is.  It appears that in Phaedra’s family, the girls must be married, before they get pregnant and I guess it is unacceptable for a Southern belle such as herself  to admit that she was fornicating.   When the Doctor comes in, he flat out tells everyone including Phaedra’s Mother that she is 40 weeks.  Hahahaha!  Phaedra is trying to worm her way out of it in front of her Mother.   By the way, her Mother doesn’t seem to care.  I’m sure she knew the truth anyway.

Sheree celebrates Kaleigh graduating from grade school and Kairo graduating from middle school.  Nene shows up and celebrates.  Sheree’s husband arrives to celebrate.  She is kind of pissed that Bob missed most of  her daughter’s graduation, but she tries to keep it under wraps.  Nene acknowledges how sad it is when families break up and they ome to terms in it.  Sheree is having a Spades party and they are having a girls night.  She is planning on inviting Dr. Tiy-E.  Nene tries to get more information about the good Doctor.  Sheree calls Nene a ‘Wuss’ for being prissy when they take to the bumpercars.  I know that her son is a little embarrassed, because she is screaming her head off.

Kim’s daughterAriana alerts Kim that her friend’s parents are having sex talks with them.  Kim appears to be concerned about this.  Why?  She is pretty open with her kids.  I’m sure that she has shared or shown her Daughter things that make the other girls’ sex talk look like a bedtime story.

Dr. Tiy-E arrives at Sheree’s home for the Spades party and she has rollers in her hair, but she thinks it is okay to open the door, because she thinks she is cute and he is early, so that is what he gets. Dr. Tiy-E offers to take the rollers out.  Sheree is still surprised at herself for inviting a man to her home who is so new to her life.  This is a big step.  Dr. Tiy-E  tries to get the 411 on who is coming.  Even if she wrote up a brief bio, she couldn’t t brief on who is coming. 

Lawrence arrives in hot pants.  Dr. Tiy.E is laughing hard (too hard) that Lawrence is giving him the side eye, because the jokes were not that funny.  Lisa and Ed come by as well with the usual suspects.  Dr. Tiy-E ask that they pray to bess the card games.  Seriously?  He was probably praying that he make it out of there alive.    Nene arrives last and she stops dead in her tracks when she sees Dr. Tiy-e.  She knows him and it is not in a good way.  Apparently, she did an event with the good Dr. before and he was a Consultant on Relationships on the  Ricki Lake episode.  Nene waits for the opportune moment to share the story with Sheree.

Sheree notes that Peter and Nene seem to have a great relationship, but she reasons that a Man that has a woman that looks like Cynthia would not have interest in a woman that looks like Nene (ouch). 

Kandi announces that Phaedra is full term as they all suspected.  She explains that Phaedra’s mother is very religious and the lies are to protect her families’ honor.   Everyone is happythat Phaedra got busted out by the Doctor. 

Nene tells Sheree that there was a huge scandal about the Good Doctor and the fact that he is a fake.  All of the girls remember it now and they start questioning him on his credentials.  They surround him like a pack of wolves.  Dr. Tiy-E doesn’t break a sweat.  He tries to clear up the confusion, but he makes it worse.  He says that he is a Marriage and Family Therapist and that he has a PHD.  He is not licensed as a Psychologist in Georgia, but apparently he is not a licensed Psychologist at all.   He does have a Doctorate  from an Online University.   His credibility is so out the door.   Now he is sweating.  Sheree feels like she has been bamboozled and she feels violated that she let him come to her home and embarrass her in front of her friends too.  It is so much easier to be embarrassed in private, much worse with an audience.  Especially this audience.

The show ends with Phaedra giving birth to her baby.  Phaedra reasons that childbirth is closing thing to death.  This girl is super dramatic.  More thoughts from Phaedra include that childbirth is not really beautiful, since there is a lot of blood,  pain is involved and it’s not really pretty.  When her bloody baby comes out, Phaedra says ‘oh gross’.   Her first thought about her baby is that he looks Chinese.  She starts to bond after the baby is clean and she can see how very cute he is.  God bless and protect that baby from his Mother’s Boughetto moments.  Phaedra proclaims that she is a renaissance woman  and she has it all.