So folks, it is down to Jennifer & Derek, Kyle & Lacey & Mark.  Who knows what will happen.  I certainly haven’t been able to pick the last few eliminations, so I can only open for the best.  The Stars will perform 2 dances tonight: The Redemption dance and the Freestyle.

Kyle & Lacey:  Their Redemption dance is the Foxtrot.  Kyle has captured our hearts through the season.  He knows that he must dance well this week, so he tells Lacey to push him to excel.  Len comes by to give Kyle some tips on improving his technique.   Kyle is grateful for the help. 

The Foxtrot stars out really slow, but there are some sexy moves in it.    I think that Kyle is really light on his feet and he is doing a great job.  He just looks like a baby dancing though.  Len says that the Foxtrot is the most demanding dance and that this time around was so much better than the first dance.  He has gone from messy messy to marvelous.   Bruno says he is sharp and slinky.  He showed a new level of ability.  When he has to deliver he does.  Carrie Ann likes him improvement.  She could tell that he was too focused on his technique and footwork and she enjoys seeing his usual showmanship.  (MAC-9) Carrie ann-9, Len-9 , Bruno-9 =27    Video

Bristol and Kyle:  Their redemption dance is the Jive.  Last time, she danced in a gorilla suit, so this is definitely the dance for her to improve on.  Bruno is the Judge to inspire her for her final performance. This dance is definitely better than her last jive.  For me, I like to see the high energy in the Jive and I just didn’t see it.  Mark puts on the Gorilla Mask.  Bruno felt that he pulled something out of her.  She came out and had a good time and we all enjoyed it.  Carrie Ann is amazed and she is more vibrant than ever.  Great Job.  Len says last time, she was a Gorilla, this time a Thriller.  Vast improvement.  Well Done.  (MAC-7),  Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-9= 27      Video     Video

Jennifer and Derek:  They danced the Paso Doble as their Redemption Dance.  Jennifer scored 2 perfect scores last week.  Carrie Ann came by to give support to Jennifer.  Of course, they deliver a perfect Dance with the perfect music!   Nobody puts Baby in the Corner.  Carrie Ann says that this is redemption!  She saw improvement in everything that they worked on.  Good job.  Len thought there was a lovely mix of aggression and expression.  Len is out of his seat and he give her a Standing O.  Wow!  Bruno goes on a rant…  is was an evening of sultry seville…..relentless pleasure…..doesn’t want this night to end.  Tom tells him that his compliments frighten the children.  (MAC-10) Carrie Ann-10, Len-10, Bruno-10 = 30  V ideo

Former Stars provide feedback on the necessity of excelling on the Free Style dance.  The freestyle dance is a huge indicator of who may win.

Kyle and Lacey:  They danced to ‘Tootsie Roll’.  Kyle is super excited about being the last man standing, but hesays that he thrives under pressure.  Yes!  Kyle delivered!  The Tootsie Roll was the perfect dance for him.  Excellent!  I’m team Kyle!  Len says the tootsie roll is one of his favorites.  He liked that Kyle came out and did what he enjoyed.  Great fun and he loved it.  Bruno is up dancing.  Explosive entertainment.  He loved it.  Carrie Ann the old fly girl loved it.  He is fresh Princh of DWTS.  He is dressed like Will from the Fresh Prince days.  Hahaa!  If you didn’t know before, yes, he wants this (MAC-10) Carrie Ann-10, Len-9, Bruno-10= 29  56 out of 60   Video

The Stars of  Skating With The Stars are in the House and make a plea for their show that will premiere after DWTS.

Bristol and Mark.  They danced to Cell Block Tango from ‘Chicago’.  Bristol has never seen Chicago, so she feels intimidated, but over the week, I’m thinking that she probably was able to watch it and get in tune with it.  This week, Bristol is feeling the effects of all the backlash from her continued advancement in the competition.  She keeps saying that everyone is a ‘Hater and hating on her’.  Whatever.  If you bring it, then no one will say anything negative.  I wasn’t feeling this.  It started off ambitiously with her in a cage being sassy, but then the dance just seemed like they were wrapping each other up in a long ribbon and then untying it over and over.  But there was very little dancing.  Bruno gives her credit for aiming high, because she has improvedduring the course of the competition,  but she has not  at the level  that this song requires.  Carrie Ann can’t believe that Bristol is dancing in a cage and she couldn’t have imagined her doing this.  She has had  such growth in the competition.  But this was a very ambition dance and it is hard to live up to.  Len said that he only looked at this as a performance and this was no disaster, he thought it was fantastic.   Really? (MAC-6Carrie Ann-8, Len- 9, Bruno- 8= 25   Really?   So what Len is saying is that that dance equaled what Kyle and Lacey did?  Really?    52 out of 60  Video

Jennifer and Derek.  They danced to ‘Do You Love Me’  from ‘Dirty Dancing’.  Baby is not playing tonight,  she starts off her dance holding a watermelon as if we didn’t know that they were cashing in on her Dirty Dancing Past.  That’s right!  Pull out all the tricks to combat this foolery of the Season.  There is so much going on in this dance that I loved.  Yes!  They receive a Standing O.  Carrie Ann thought it was amazing and perfect.  Len feels she has been consistent, persistent throughout the competion.  Bruno says that she is a great dancer.  2 dances at total different ends of the spectrum and both were brilliant.   (MAC-10)  All three Judges give perfect scores!  Jennifer and Derek earn  60 out of 60   Video  video

All of the Stars from Season 11 will return tomorrow.  I cannot wait to see them all perform for the last time this season.

 I am really hoping that America gets it right tonight.  But the things that I have read this past week have really irritated me.  It seems that Bristol Palin Supporters have been creating fake email addresses to sabotage the Contest and allow them to cast as many votes  for her as possible.  Mystery solved how Bristol keeps advancing.   It is supposed to be for fun and Talent, but there is cheating going on?  Really?

Please Vote tonight!