Jennifer and Derek are Season 11’s Champions!  YES!  I was really worried for a while.

Here’s the Recap of the Show!

Jennifer, Kyle and Derek square off tonight for the coveted Mirrored Disco Ball!  Tom provides us with quite a dramatic start of the show.   I like Tom, he is one of the better Reality Show hosts.

The Stars and their Partners take the floor for a fun dance that makes everyone look pretty good.  Choreography by Jason Gilkenson.  Michael Bolton and Audrina Patridge aren’t in attendance.  Michael is performing in England and Audrina is sick.

Recap of last night:

Kyle and Lacey had an outstanding night for their final performance.  I still like Kyle’s ‘Freestyle’ for my favorite.  56 out of 60  33.33%

Jennifer and Derek stunned in both of their dances and earned 60 out of 60.     35.71 %

Bristol and Mark showed improvement in their jive, but the freestyle was mediocre.  52 out of 60.   30.95%

Tom and Brooke provided some feedback on how the votes are tallied.  We find out that Jennifer ruptured a disc  last night, but she is back after a visit to the Doctor.  What kind of meds is that Doctor giving her?  I need that when my back hurts!

Guest Performance

Christina Aguilera performs ‘Show Me How’ from her new Movie ‘Burlesque’.  Her voice is just so fabulously strong, it is ridiculous.  Video

Tom tells us that there are two final routines left for the Stars to complete their Scores.  Their first will be their favorite pick  and then a Cha Cha dance off.  Since these routines have already been scored.  The Judges will rank their performances.  The best Performance will receive a 10.  2nd best will receive a 9 and the last ranked dance will receive an 8.

Kyle  & Lacey:  They performed their ‘Tango’  to ‘If I had You’.  Len said that Kyle has such a great attitude and goes for the win.  He is an exciting dancer to watch.  Bruno feels he is a talented young man.  Stage animal.  And he is a Professional.  He predicts greatness.  Carrie Ann is glad that he chose the Tango.  They both bring a freshness to their performances.    (MAC-9), Carrie Ann-9, Len-8, Bruno-9=26  Video Video

Bristol & Mark:  They performed their ‘Tango’ to  ‘According to you’.   Definitely a better performance from Bristol.    Carrie Ann thought this was her favorite as it shows the strength she has shown and grown.  Len says that she is all neatness and precision.   (MAC-8) Carrie Ann-8, Len-9, Bruno-8-25  Video

Jennifer & Derek: They performed their ‘Viennesse Waltz’.  Jennifer excels again in this dance.  Lovely dance.  Standing O.  Carrie Ann thought this was a great choice.  Tonight’s performance showed a new wisdom.  She allowed the magic to happen.  Len says she is the complete package.  Bruno thought it was a beautifully danced Waltz.  (MAC-10) Carrie Ann-10, Len-10, Bruno-10 = 30  Video

Brooke reveals to the Dancers that they will be performing their Cha Cha Cha to  ‘Raise Your Glass’ by Pink for their dance off.  Kyle will dance 1st, Jennifer will dance 2nd and Bristol last for their solo spots.

The Eliminated Stars return to the show.

David ‘The Hoff’ provides us with some laughswith how he is coping with being eliminated first from DWTS and arrives to sing a rather interesting Hoffwatch song, before taking the floor with Kym Johnson.  He has been practicing.  Much better than I remember.  Video

Feedback from the Pros on why they deserve to be there.

Rick Fox and Kurt Warner score off against each other with their partners to ‘Eye of the Tiger’.  Video

Margaret Cho and Louis dance to ‘Copacobana’ and Florence Henderson and Corky join in.  Hmmm..         Video

Footage of the most dramatic moments of the Season.  So much drama.  Just Dance.  There’s no crying in baseball  dancing.

The Contestants’ Standings so far:

Jennifer and Derek: 90

Kyle and Lacey: 82

Bristol and Mark:  77

The Situation takes the floor for his comedy bit on the dance floor.  I have to laugh at the thought of him going on to a career in Politics.  His dancing to ‘I’m to sexy’ while he is shirtless is hilarious.  Video

More footage and we are reminded of how bad Chelsies’ decision to have Michael Bolton crawl out of a dog house.  Oh and and about Florence flashing her boobs…..

Brandy and Maks perform their outstanding ‘Quickstep’.  Video

Guest Performance

Christina Aguilera singing her beloved hit ‘Beautiful’.  Love this song!  Video

 Instant Cha Cha Cha             Video      

The Judges are pleased with all of  their performances. 

Kyle and Lacey give a crowd pleasing ChaCha Cha.  Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-10    28 out of 30

Jennifer and Derek are excellent again with this Dance.  Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-10  28 out of 30

Bristol and Mark do a decent job.  But Mark is dancing so well that he makes Bristol look stiffer.  I like the fun pants that her and Jennifer are wearing.   They help the dance movements flow.  Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-9= 27


Jennifer & Derek- 118

Kyle & Lacey- 110

Bristol & Mark- 104

The first Star voted out of the competition tonight and in 3rd place  is Bristol and MarkVideo

It is down to Jennifer & Derek and Kyle and Lacey!

Jennifer & Derek take the Trophy!  And they deserve it!  Congrats to them.  Nobody puts Baby in the Corner.  Video