Dennis Rodman can’t be explained.  It appears that Dennis called into Florida  Sports Talk Radio Station  ‘790 the Ticket’ for an interview.  During the course of the interview, it became apparent that Dennis was being intimate (and I use the word loosely) with his Woman Teresa.   Finally, the Interviewer asked, ‘What he and and Teresa were up to?’  Dennis replied, ‘She’s just sucking something.  Oh, sorry about that!  You said to keep it clean, right?’ 

I blame this on the Interviewer.  I mean really?  She told Dennis Rodman to keep it clean and she thought that he would?  What indication is there that He would ever keep anything clean?  He doesn’t even look clean.   From the looks of him, I would always assume that whatever he did would be XXX. 

I’m especially mad that I have to think about anyone doing anything sexual to Dennis Rodman.  That’s why I am sharing it with you, so I can transfer the image from my mind to yours.